How to Measure Driver Shaft Length with and Without Head?

The tee shot is the most exciting moment for any golfer. The whole credit goes to the golfer’s skill and accuracy. But, a golf driver is a silent weapon behind flighting a golf ball high.

A pro golfer can add more glamour to the game if he has a driver with a perfect length shaft in his hand. A shaft with an ideal length is unavoidable if someone wants to have full control of the accurate swing. 

In this post, we are going to describe how you can get to know shaft length by applying the USGA method.  

How to Measure Driver Shaft Length With and Without Head

Why Should You Measure Driver Shaft Length?

A common belief of beginners is that golf clubs come with the perfect measurement. But, their thought changes over time.

If you ask an experienced golfer, he will explain how important it is to hit a high drive with a perfect length shaft. 

A longer flight is always better and visually pleasing. However, you cannot apply your golfing talent properly if you choose the wrong sized shaft.

Shafts usually don’t match everyone’s height. Hitting the ball with a too short or too long shaft comparing your height will make you uncomfortable. 

This discomfort will force you to struggle and affect your natural skills in the game. It can interrupt in predicting the distance and making the right swing action.

One of the best ways to avoid such obstacles is to understand the right shaft length for you and pick one accordingly.

What is The Ideal Length of A Driver Shaft?

There is no direct reply to this query. Shafts with 45.5-inch length are commonly available in retail shops. Golfers buy the long piece and cut off a few portions of it according to their height.

In the case of the average ideal length, we can have an idea from the industry-standard length of shafts. It is found that 45-inch is the average preferred shaft length for men. In opposition, 44-inch shafts are claimed to be the ideal length for female golfers.

Professional golfers always increase and decrease the shaft length to discover the perfect height of their clubs. They claim it improves their performance. But, if you are a fan of a professional golfer, you don’t have to follow him blindly during choosing the right-sized shaft. Your body height will pick out the right length automatically. Take some ideas from the following chart which is generally recommended.

Your heightWrist to floorClub length
Less than 6’8”Less than 42”Add 2”
6’6” to 6’8”41” to 42”Add 1.5”
6’4” to 6’6”40” to 41”Add 1”
6’2” to 6’4”38.5” to 40”Add 0.5”
6’1” to 6’2”37” to 38.5”Add 0.25”
5’7” to 6’1”34” to 37”Standard length
5’4” to 5’7”32” to 34”Remove 0.25”
5’2” to 5’4”29” to 34”Remove 0.5”
5’ to 5’2”27” to 29”Remove 1”
4’10” to 5’25” to 27”Remove 1.5”
Less than 4’10”Less than 25”Remove 2”

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If this chart makes you curious enough to measure your golf shaft, let us explain in detail. The USGA method, introduced by the United States Golf Association, is a practical way to measure a shaft length. 

You will need:

  • A Shaft ruler or
  • A 48-inch flat ruler.

The shaft ruler is expensive comparing the flat ruler. It is particularly designed for golf club makers to measure the shaft length. But, both of them will provide the same outcome.

How to Measure Driver Shaft Length Without the Head?

Measuring driver shaft length without the head is easy as pie. Since it is a solid piece of rod, you can easily find out the length using a measurement tape or a flat ruler. Here are the steps to follow:

Step 1: Put the shaft in the vertical position and take a measuring tape or a flat ruler. 

Step 2: Place the measuring tape or the ruler at the tip and check out the opposite edge of the shaft. 

When you find out the appropriate length of the shaft for you and fix the length accordingly, it should improve your swing for sure. 

How to Measure Driver Shaft Length With the Head?

If you have a shaft ruler, follow these steps to measure driver shaft length with head. There are two ways to do it:

1st Way To Measure Driver Shaft Length With Head

Step 1: Put the driver on the shaft ruler and make sure its heel touches the lie angle gauge.

Step 2: Adjust the lie angle gauge so that the sole of the driver touches the surface of the angle gauge parallelly. The opposite side of the angle gauge should create a conical form that is less than 90 degrees. This is crucial and the basis of the USGA method. 

Step 3: Go to the edge of the grip and check out where the end reaches. 

2nd Way To Measure Driver Shaft Length With Head

You can also measure the length of a driver shaft using a flat ruler this way:

Step 1: Take a 48-inch flat scale and hold it behind the driver parallelly. Keep both of them touched. 

Step 2: Stoop both of them slowly until the sole of the driver’s head touches the ground equivalently. In most cases, you need to keep the ruler and the driver together at a 45-degree angle. 

Step 3: Go to the end of the grip and notice where it reaches the ruler.

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