Locating the Accelerator Micro Switch in Club Car Golf Carts

A microswitch is a kind of mechanical or electrical switch. Its primary function is to regulate the electricity flow in a circuit. These devices are found in various products, from household appliances to electric automobiles.

Club Car accelerator micro switch is mainly found right below the seats, beneath the mat, or next to the accelerator pedal. Also, you may find it attached to the pedal bracket or accelerator cable. But, the location of this switch may change based on different models and design architecture.

Throughout this article, we will discuss their location in detail, with their replacement process and maintenance procedure. So, continue reading to understand more about them.

Locating the Accelerator Micro Switch

What Is An Accelerator Micro Switch On A Club Car Golf Cart?

An accelerator micro switch is a tiny switch that is installed on the accelerator pedal assembly of a Club Car golf cart and activated when the accelerator pedal is depressed. 

Depending on where the accelerator pedal is positioned, this switch is in charge of communicating to the cart’s microcontroller how much energy to deliver to the motor. 

Mainly, the pedal signals the micro switch, which turns on and gives the cart motor power so it can start running. It also aids in the management of the cart’s speed.

However, in a gas-operated cart, this signal will activate the gas engine and maintain it in an efficient and seamless operating state while you are driving.

The golf cart wouldn’t be capable of maneuvering or functioning correctly alone without an acceleration micro switch. 

The majority of manufacturers, such as Club Car, EZGO, and Yamaha, have expanded the use of micro switches in their golf carts in an attempt to make them lighter.

Compared to conventional mechanical or electrical switches, microswitches have several advantages.

Microswitches can regulate an electrical circuit with extremely fine precision. They can withstand extreme voltages and currents alone without being damaged.

Where Is The Accelerator Micro Switch On Club Car?

The precise location of an acceleration micro switch may vary depending on the type and generation of the Club Car golf cart. Still, most of them are usually located close to the accelerator pedal mechanism.

The assembly is typically placed close to the club cart’s footwell and connected to the throttle cable, which controls the vehicle’s speed.

In fact, it’s recommended that you check the owner’s manual or get guidance from a specialist if you’re having trouble locating the micro accelerator switch on a Club Car golf cart.

Not yet discovered? You can also find it by following the below-mentioned procedure.

Accelerator Cable Following Method:

A long, thin wire known as an accelerator cable connects the motor controller to the accelerator pedal. You can easily find the accelerator microswitch by following the accelerator cord from the pedal to the motor controller.

This switch isn’t microscopic, so it can be viewed, replaced, maintained, and repaired with a visual inspection without needing specific microscopic instruments. In most circumstances, these switches are pretty powerful and rarely cause problems. 

Basically, most of the Club Car accelerator micro switch is located in the same places. Still, here are some of the well-known models and their accelerator microswitch locations. 

Model NameAccelerator Micro Switch Location
Club Car PrecedentLocated close to the assembly of the accelerator pedal.  
Club Car OnwardLocated close to the assembly of the accelerator pedal.  
Club Car CarryallLocated close to the assembly of the accelerator pedal.  
Club Car VillagerLocated close to the assembly of the accelerator pedal.  
Club Car TransporterLocated close to the assembly of the accelerator pedal.  
Club Car XRTLocated close to the assembly of the accelerator pedal.  

How To Replace A Club Car Accelerator Micro Switch?

Changing this microswitch is not a very challenging task. If you carefully follow the step-by-step instructions, you may finish this process without trouble.

Step 1: Gather the required equipment

Gather the required equipment

You must first collect all the required tools. This comes with pliers, a new replacement switch, safety tape, and screwdrivers.

Step 2: Locate the switch

Locate the switch

Next, disconnect the battery cable. Then find the accelerator microswitch. Earlier, we described the location of the switch.

Step 3: Take out the whole pedal part

Take out the whole pedal part

After that, find the screws that attach the accelerator pedal to the cart’s floor and gently remove these screws using a screwdriver. Now carefully remove the entire pedal part from the cart.

Step 4: Disconnect the wires from the switch

Disconnect the wires from the switch

Next, disconnect the wire that connects the accelerator pedal to the switch. To detach it, simply pull the wiring firmly away from the pedal’s rear where it is linked.

Step 5: Remove the switch

Remove the switch

After the wire has been detached, gently remove the defective switch. Typically, this switch is attached to the cart’s floor with screws. You must take these screws out with a screwdriver.

Step 6: Install the new switch

Install the new switch

Now, you have to remove the switch from the cart by carefully lifting it from its mounting. Next, carefully install the replacement micro switch. To install it, just set it up where the last one was. Then, using the screwdriver, tighten the new switch.

Step 7: Connect all wires

Connect all wires

Lastly, reattach the wire and battery connections that you had previously disconnected. Here, be careful when reconnecting them because if you connect them incorrectly, the switch may be blown or destroyed.

Step 8: Test the switch

Test the switch

When the new switch has been inserted, reinstall the protective cover that was pulled to uncover the micro switch. Now, test the micro switch’s functionality by turning the cart ON. It should now operate properly. 

However, after following the procedure, if you discover that your club car accelerator isn’t functioning properly, you may have made a mistake during the replacement process. Alternatively, there could be another issue with your cart.

Some Tips For Keeping Club Car Accelerator Micro Switch In Peak Condition

An accelerator micro switch, a typical mechanical part on club cars, is essential to the smooth operation of this vehicle. 

Though the service life of this switch is normally longer, if we regularly perform the following minor maintenance tasks, it’s possible that the switch will be more dependable.

Here are some tips you should follow to maintain your club car accelerator micro switch in peak condition:

Daily observation

You should examine it every two and three months to determine whether the external part has been damaged. If you find any, try to fix them to avoid more complications.

Proper Maintenance

Cleaning and lubricating the micro switch regularly may assist in maintaining it in good shape and increase its lifespan.

Avoid Exposure to Extreme Heat or Cold

This switch has a few sensitive components. So, the internal components of this switch might be harmed by any severe temperatures. So make an effort to maintain it in a climate-controlled space.

Keep it away from moisture

Keep water or moisture away from the micro switch because it may harm internal components and produce rusting on the metal plates.

Use OEM grade replacement unit

When fixing or replacing the existing one, always utilize high-quality replacement parts.

Avoid overusing

Every microswitch has a limited life span, and after that, it loses its actual performance. So, try to avoid using the accelerator excessively.

Keep the voltage stable

The switch’s internal components will be permanently harmed if it is exposed to unstable voltage for an extended period of time. As a result, circuit voltage stability is essential.


You may still have questions after reading this article. We tried to cover the most frequently asked questions in this area. Let’s have a look at the answer to these questions.

Is It Possible To Drive A Golf Cart With A Faulty Accelerator Micro Switch?

Yes, you can drive a golf cart with a faulty accelerator micro switch, but it can be risky because you won’t be able to control the speed of your cart.

How Long Does It Take To Replace A Faulty Club Car Accelerator Micro Switch?

Basically, replacing a defective accelerator microswitch on a club cart would take about an hour. But this isn’t always the exact time to finish this operation. It depends on many other factors.

What is the Cost Of A Faulty Club Car Accelerator Micro Switch?

The typical replacement cost is between $20 and $100 or more. Actually, these micro switch replacement costs are mostly dependent on the model, generation, and parts availability of the cart. 

How Long Does A Club Car Accelerator Micro Switch Last?

Club car accelerator microswitches often have a lifespan of several years with proper care. In reality, several variables, such as usage, maintenance, and environment, affect the lifespan of this switch.


There you have it. Hopefully, you get the location. Remember that there are several different kinds of microswitches available on the market. 

So, when buying one, ensure that it matches your previous one. Otherwise, it won’t work properly. 

Lastly, always take action for any kind of error and abnormal behavior in your club car. because a minor issue could cause severe damage.

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