Top 8 Most Expensive Golf Carts You Can Own!

Most expensive golf carts can cost tens of thousands of dollars! And amongst them, Garia remains one of the most expensive golf brands in the world! Some Garia golf carts are well over $40,000! 

Golf itself is an expensive sport mainly because of the pieces of equipment. And a good golf cart may not cost that much, but luxury has a price! 

So, in today’s article, we’ll cover some of the world’s most luxurious and expensive golf carts!

Top 8 Most Expensive Golf Carts You Can Own

8 Most Expensive Golf Carts in The World

Some of the world’s most expensive golf carts get their price due to their exotic outlook or family name. Like the Ferrari F5! 

However, many of these golf carts offer luxury alongside state-of-the-art modern tech! 

Many of these golf carts are also made for a golf court and public streets! Some of these carts have the option to switch between both driving modes. 

Lastly, as prices can go low and high all the time, this list isn’t in a ranking order but instead contains some beautiful and interesting carts! So, here are the world’s most expensive golf carts: 

1. The Ferrari F5

The Ferrari F5

If red is the way to go, the Ferrari F5 is the golf cart to have! Rocking the iconic red colors and having a similar livery to a general Ferraris, the Ferrari F5 is one of the most exotic carts on this list! 

The cart can go up to 24 miles per hour! And the fast ride is made comfortable with tan leather seats. 

It may offer little for a golf cart, but it is extremely cool! The price ranges from $23,000-25,000!  

2. La Benz

La Benz

If you’re not a Ferrari guy, you may like the La Benz inspired by the classic Mercedes Benz. 

This golf cart is best known for its six-seater features, allowing you and your friends to ride in style. 

The golf cart has a classy look with a tinted windshield, custom rims, and cup holders! This iconic cart will cost you almost $16,000! 

3. The Cadillac Escalade

Cadillac Escalade

Keeping up with the inspiration theme, let’s talk about the Cadillac Escalade. This iconic golf cart is the best of the bunch so far in terms of specifications and looks. 

The Cadillac Escalade focuses on luxury as this car’s price is almost $14,000! 

With self-adjusting hydraulics, the car offers you comfortable rides even on the bumpiest grounds. 

While the ride may be comfortable, it’s not the fastest, as the cart only goes up to 19 MPH! But the overall outlook of this classic cart is sharp and luxurious. 

4. The Classic

The Classic

The classic is a must-have golf cart if you love vintage and luxury! This beautiful golf cart focuses mainly on its vintage outlook. 

With a beautiful red livery, red-painted leather seats, pop-out headlights, and custom-made chrome wheels, this golf cart looks like something straight out of a ’70s film! The golf cart is priced at $22,000. 

5. The Brooklyn

The Brooklyn

The Brooklyn is a golf cart inspired by the iconic Bentleys. And the golf cart certainly doesn’t disappoint with its luxurious look and feel. 

This cart will cost you a staggering $17,000! But the price may vary depending on the custom features. 

The Brooklyn is one of the few golf carts that allow the buyer to choose optional features, such as the steering wheel type, dashboard systems, and the paint job! 

6. Rolls Royce Phantom- Royal Limo

Rolls Royce Phantom- Royal Limo

When talking about luxury, the Rolls Royce is always mentioned. And even when it comes to luxury golf carts, a Rolls Royce Limo can’t go bad! 

A beautiful Rolls Royce-inspired livery, custom grills, and leather seating made for six makes this cart the ultimate luxury ride! 

The Rolls Royce Phantom Limo comes at $25,449. 

7. The Hummer H3 6-Pack Limo

The Hummer H3 6-Pack Limo

Another luxury limo-inspired golf cart is the Hummer H3 6-pack. Inspired by the classic Hummer H3 SUV, the Hummer has a strong livery with seating made for six. 

The golf cart also has a great sound system to entertain all your guests. The cart comes for $22,000+! 

This cart is a must-have for Hummer lovers for ultimate convenience and luxury!

8. The Garia Collection

The Garia Collection

Lastly, let’s talk about the most expensive and luxurious golf carts. The Garia golf carts are modern, slick, offer great specifications, but most importantly, they are worth their price. 

Ranging from $40,000-80,000, these carts are currently at the top of the food chain. 

The Garia is so forward that many don’t even call it a “cart” but instead prefer referring to it as a “car.” 

It makes more sense when you look into the specifications! This luxury golf cart has leather seats, built-in coolers, a sound system, touchscreen cart controls, indicators, and so much more! 

More expensive models have more features, but every model feels luxurious and sharp! 

This iconic brand of carts is also street-legal, so you and your friends can ride the streets of LA in style! 

Why Are Luxury Golf Carts So Expensive? 

Most luxury golf carts are expensive due to their brand or features. If you see our list of the most expensive golf carts, you’ll notice many of them are inspired by luxury car brands. 

The name “luxury” doesn’t always refer to comfort. In terms of carts and cars in general, most prefer having a Ferrari-themed golf cart just because of the Ferrari name. So, luxury brand-inspired golf carts are always seen to be quite expensive. 

But for many golf carts, such as the Garia, even though very expensive, it offers great service. 

The golf cart is expensive due to its state-of-the-art design and tech. This golf cart will make your experience a lot better! 

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Frequently Asked Questions 

To round up today’s topic, here are some frequently asked questions. These questions will help you remove any further confusion! 

Are expensive golf carts worth it? 

Most luxury golf carts are not made for the general public as the prices are quite high, and the maintenance is even more expensive. From a luxury point of view, luxury golf carts are worth it! However, for general use, more affordable options are better. 

Are luxury golf carts available in gas? 

Most golf carts are run using batteries, and the market for gas golf carts is very narrow. Electric cars, carts, and even bicycles are preferred for the betterment of the environment. So, finding a luxury golf cart that runs on gas won’t be easy to find. 

What is the best luxury golf cart in the world? 

The best luxury golf cart in the world is the Garia golf cart. These golf carts are very expensive but come with some incredible features. From built-in coolers to touch-screen cart controls, they have it all. 


While most luxury golf carts may not offer enough for you to consider their price, they aren’t made for the general public. 

These carts may rarely be seen on a real golf ground but are common in Hollywood lobbies. 

But if you are looking to invest, these are some of the best both in features and price!


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