Ultimate Guide on EZGo TXT 48v Golf Cart Speed Upgrade

If you have an EZGO txt 48v Golf cart, you might have faced the decreasing speed problem over time. In that case, speeding up your Cart might have become an urgent need for you.  

Several ways are available to upgrade the speed of your Ezgo TXT 48V Golf Cart. Cleaning the engine, Upgrading the motor, upgrading the speed controller, reducing weight, upgrading the battery, and using bigger tires are a few of the speeding up techniques for your Cart.

However, if you need to upgrade the speed of your Cart, then just go through this article. It will provide you with some effective Ezgo TXT t 48V speed upgrade processes and their probable costs. 

EZGO TXT 48v Speed Upgrade

What Can You Upgrade On Ezgo TXT 48V To Increase Speed?

Your major concerns are the components directly or indirectly involved in speeding up or speeding down your Cart.

If you can upgrade all those components or at least a few of them, your Cart will get an upgraded speed. Furthermore, dirt and over-weighted materials also create speed reduction. 

Hence, a list of these components you can upgrade to speed up your Cart is as follows.

  • Reducing weight
  • Upgrading the motor
  • Upgrading the speed controller
  • Upgrading the battery
  • Upgrading to bigger tires

Ezgo TXT 48V Speed Upgrade

To speed up your Ezgo Txt 48v Golf Cart, you must identify the exact problem and give the correct solution. You can try the simplest problems and apply the solution.

If that doesn’t speed up your Cart, then apply another one. A few of the speed upgrade strategies are described below. Simple solution strategies are mentioned first.

Reducing the weight

Every Golf Cart has a maximum weight-bearing capacity. An average max capacity for a Golf Cart is 1000 lbs. If you carry more weight than the maximum, your Cart might slow down.

The solution to this problem is to reduce the weight you are carrying. Furthermore, follow the maximum passenger number each time you start your Cart.  

It will not cost anything to reduce your weight from the Cart.

Upgrade the Motor

Another speed upgrading process is to upgrade your motor. In most cases, the cart motor loses its efficiency over time.

For this reason, the motor can not give the speed it used to provide initially. Hence, it becomes very urgent to change the motor. 

You can change to different motors of the same category. For example, you may choose the 2010-Up EZGO TXT – 48v AMD Shunt Motor and 2010-Up EZGO TXT 48v – Advanced Motor for your Cart.

The price of the motors varies from place to place and store to store. However, a standard price ranges from $802 to $917.

Upgrading the speed controller

You can also upgrade the speed controller of your Cart. Sometimes the program installed in it has to be reprogrammed.

Speed controller kit includes High-Speed Motor, 500 Amp SEPEX Curtis Controller, Complete Wiring Harness, 4G Complete Cable Set, HD Solenoid, Street/Turf Switch, etc. 

Hence, upgrade the controller with the kit. Furthermore, reprogram the software if needed. This will help to increase the speed of your Cart. 

EZ-GO TXT 48V High-Speed Motor-Controller Kit will cost $1675.  

Upgrade the Battery

The battery is another important component of your Cart. A good quality battery is a major factor in the speed of your Cart.

Moreover, the 48V golf cart is the latest version with a battery of 48 volts. So, you don’t have many options to upgrade the battery voltage to 48v. 

However, you can buy a new battery with better quality to upgrade the battery of your Ezgo txt 48v Cart.

In addition, you need to change the battery if you find the existing one is not working properly or inefficiently. 

An Ezgo txt 48V battery with 50-100 Ah will cost from $2400 to $5000.

Upgrading to Bigger Tire

Upgrading to a bigger tire is another simple way to speed up your Cart. This process is also economical.

If you can increase the diameter of the tire, then it will have a bigger circumference. Thus, with the same motor rotation, your Cart will move more.

Hence, you have to choose a tire which is bigger (diameter) than the present one.

But be careful to choose a tire so that it does not get stuck with the upper tire cover of the Cart.

The average price of a tire is 70$. Furthermore, the price of a full set of four wheels ranges from $200 – $500

Maintenance Tips To Make Ezgo TXT 48V Golf Cart Go Faster

No matter how many upgrades you make to your Cart, it will again slow down if you do not do proper maintenance.

Hence, it is very much necessary to do proper servicing to keep your Ezgo txt 48V golf cart. 

However, here are a few of the maintenance tips you can follow to keep your Cart going faster. 

  • clean your cart engine parts regularly. Often cart users forget to clean it. Consequently, dirt gets stuck with parts, and the engine gets slow. 
  • do not carry extra weight. This gives pressure on the motor, and its efficiency reduces. 
  • always keep the speed controller with an updated program. And lastly, keep your tires under proper pressure every time you start your journey. 

Hopefully, these tips will help you to keep your Cart faster.

Frequently Asked questions (FAQs)

Here are some quick answer that some EZGO TXT users ask, you may also have a look to have a better idea.

What year did EZGO TXT go to 48 volts?

Ezgo txt 48V went to 48V in the year 2008.

How fast can an Ezgo 48V Golf cart go?

Depending on the capacity and engine condition Ezgo 48V Golf cart can move 12 MPH to 35 MPH.

How long does a 48-volt golf cart last on a full charge?

48V Golf cart can run between 45 to 90 minutes with a full battery charge.

How long should 48-volt golf cart batteries last?

Although it depends on the use and maintenance, it can last 6-10 years for private use. And for other professional use, its range is 4-6 years.


You have to understand that your Cart is a machine. Although it doesn’t work like humans, it needs maintenance, and its parts have lifespans. If you use your Cart roughly without proper maintenance, then no doubt your Cart will speed down daily. Furthermore, the engine parts will not work after some time. 

Hence, don’t get packed or upset if your Cart is not giving you the proper speed up. It’s completely natural for a machine to provide low efficiency over time.  Moreover, if you want your Cart to give you long-term service efficiently, use them softly and gently.

In addition, clean the parts regularly with proper servicing and maintenance. Even if you have a problem, try this article’s solutions. Hopefully, you will have a nice time with your Golf Cart.

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