How to Fix EZGo RXV Motor Brake Problems? [Easy Solution]

Are you facing problems with the brakes on your EZGO RXV, and you don’t know what to do? Do not get frustrated, as we are here to help you fix the brakes on your RXV in no time.

The motor brake on the RXV is notorious for its brake failures. Not only that, but if your brake pedal is stuck or if the brake has been dragging, it is time for your brakes to be replaced. All you have to do is- put the cart in tow mode, take the tires off, and replace it with a new one.

Now it might sound complicated, but don’t worry. Follow the instructions in this article step by step as we cover all the problems and help you find easy solutions.

How To Fix EZ Go RXV Motor Brake Problems
How To Fix EZ Go RXV Motor Brake Problems

What Are The Symptoms Of EZ Go RXV Motor Brake Problems?

The brakes on your EZGO RXV will deteriorate with time. So it is essential to know when to replace the brakes to avoid brake fails and have a hassle-free driving experience. The list of symptoms that indicate motor brake problems is as follows:

  •  Squealing Sound on Braking
  •  Shuddering Feelings on the Brake Pedal
  •  Brakes do not hold your cart in place after taking the keys off

What Causes EZ Go RXV Motor Brake Problems?

The root cause of brake problems on the EZ Go RXV can vary according to usage. The different causes have been listed below:

General Causes

It is normal for your RXV brakes to go bad with time. This can be due to friction, the formation of dust, or even physical damage caused by the bumps on the road.


The formation of rust also has to be kept in mind. The motor brakes are made up of semi-metallic materials prone to rust.

For this, clean your brakes every once in a while. Do not let your cart sit too long between runs, as this will again lead to the formation of rust.

Other Cause

It is natural for your brakes to deteriorate with time. However, it is to be kept in mind that the brakes on your RXV should go more than a year without any problems before needing to be replaced.

How To Fix EZ Go RXV Motor Brake Problems?

Fixing your RXV brake problem is relatively easy. Firstly, what we have to do is spot the problem. If your brake is not releasing or giving a shuddering feeling on the brake pedals, giving it a good clean will hopefully do the trick.

However, if it is severe, like having frequent brake failures or the brake being unable to hold your cart in place even after parking and taking the keys off, it is nothing but time for you to replace the brake. 

Below, the steps are given for both cleaning and replacement. So buckle up, grab your toolkit, and follow the steps below to find your RXV fixed in no time!

Tools needed

  • Jack-lift
  • 10mm Ratchet or
  • Electric Wrench
  • Screwdrivers

Detaching the Brake

Whether you are heading for a clean or a replacement, taking the brake off the motor is always the first thing to do. The steps below will guide you to taking the brake off easily, all by yourself. 

Step 1: Putting the RXV in Tow Mode

Start by taking off the passenger seats to access the battery compartment. The Run-Tow Switch can be found there on the battery. Simply push the switch to the Tow side.

Step 2: Unplugging the Brake

Take the jack and place it right where the suspension is. Use the jack to lift the cart’s left side so we can access the motor brake.

Now that the rear wheel is off the ground, take off the motor access cover, which is located at the rear end of the cart. Remove the two screws and lift the cover from the bottom.

After removing the cover, what you see inside is the motor. The brake is attached to the left side of it. The cable (also known as the factory harness) is now on top of the brake. Remove this cable by unclipping it.

Step 3: Removing the Brake

Start by taking off the left rear wheel. This allows us to utilize the space as the motor brake is right behind that wheel.

Once done, we will remove the three 10mm bolts on the side of the motor brake to take it off.

So, take the wrench and, through the motor access, remove the bolt on the upper side of the motor brake.

The remaining two bolts are located at the lower side of the motor brake. So, access the space through the rear wheel to unbolt it.

Now that the bolts are off, use the motor access and pull off the brake from the motor. The brake is quite heavy, so ensure you pull it with both hands, and the brake will slide off with ease.

In the case of cleaning the brake:

Blow any collected dust and loose debris off the shoes with an aerosol brake part cleaner. Once that’s finished, apply WD-40 to a clean towel and wipe any moving parts from the disk of the brake.

In the case of replacing the brake:

If you are having any major issues such as brake failures and malfunctioning brake, it is advised that you follow the steps below and replace your brake. 

Step 1: Installing the New Brake

Now that most of the work is done, we will grab the new brake and install it from the rear motor access. The easiest way is to put it on end, sticking out of the motor, and rotate it until it pops in.

After the new brake is set in place, grab the bolt and place it on top. You will need to have your plug facing upward. Now, rotate the motor until the bolt pops in and hand-thread it to hold it in place. 

Step 2: Powering up the New Brake

Repeat the process for the other bolts and wrench them in. Then check whether the brake has been attached tightly.

Now that the brakes are done, connect the factory harness to the brake and plug it in. Put the motor cover back on, and you are good to go. 


There is a chance that the brake you bought is defective. To check whether you have a defective brake, keep the cart in neutral and tow mode. Then try to push it if you are facing drag or resistance while pushing it.

How Serious Are The EZ Go RXV Motor Brake Problems?

As we have said earlier, having issues with the motor brake on your EZ Go RXV can be serious. There is a chance of it causing brake failures, which may result in accidents. 

On the other hand, having motor brake problems can trouble you in scenarios where you have to tow the car.

Imagine losing power to your cart and being unable to tow it. So, it is highly advised that you fix the issues with your motor brake as soon as possible.

How Much Does It Cost To Fix EZ Go RXV Motor Brake Problems?

To calculate the cost of a brake replacement, we would need to consider the price of the new brake and the mechanic’s cost.

Price of Parts

Brakes for the EZ Go RXV are available online. According to our research, the average cost of a new brake for the RXV is about $140-$160.

Mechanic Cost

It is hard to tell the exact mechanic cost as this can change due to the region. However, a good approximation would be $50 or less, which seems like a reasonable charge for a brake replacement.

However, if you want to save up on the mechanic’s cost, you can simply follow this article for the steps given above to help you get the job done.


It is normal for the brake to deteriorate with time. However, if you are facing EZGO RXV Motor Brake problems, it is highly advised that you give it the proper attention and change your brakes.

If you have not been able to gather the courage to change it yourself, don’t worry. Changing the brakes on your EZ Go RXV is as easy as any task! If needed, give this article another proper read and grab your toolbox.

Replacing the brakes will take you only about an hour. And once done, we wish you a safe and wonderful ride ahead.

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