AC vs. DC Golf Cart: Which One Is Better and Why?

Battery-operated golf carts are the most popular propulsion motors: DC (Direct Current) and AC (Alternating Current) motors. Now most golfers become confused as both AC and DC motors are electrically operated and work almost identically.

An AC and DC motor, however, differs while producing torques, RPMs, top speed, and, importantly, the price for the control setup. Besides, there are more performance and durability-based differences for which it is important to know AC vs DC golf cart comparison.

This article includes an in-depth head-to-head comparison between AC and DC motor performance on golf carts which shall help you judge fairly after reading thoroughly.

AC Vs. DC Golf Cart
AC Vs. DC Golf Cart

Overview of AC Golf Cart

AC motor golf cart is reputed for producing high speed at variable torque. Therefore you will have better control over the RPMs of the golf cart with an AC motor. Moreover, golf carts with AC motors have better braking and accelerating simultaneously.

It’s easy to change the speed of Golf carts with AC motors because it is done simply by changing the incoming frequency from the control unit. Hence, AC golf carts are suitable for long-time support and durability.

However, AC motor assembly and spare parts are far more expensive, which makes it not worth golf carts. But for higher weight compatibility and fast movement, AC golf carts work suitably.

Overview of DC Golf Cart

DC or Direct current motors are more suitable for small-scale golf carts and cover a shorter distance on the ground. Since DC golf carts can produce higher torques at lower RPM, it is suitable for slightly bumpy roads and sudden elevations.

Golf carts with DC motors are more popular among seasonal golfers because they can deliver exactly what a golfer requires. A steady and smooth ride with stable control and braking system on-road and off-road.

But, the brush and commutator wear off easily in DC golf carts. Hence the maintenance and service charges are extra that you need to pay from time to time.

AC Vs. DC Golf Cart: Comparison Table

The following table shows a relative comparison between AC and DC golf carts for quick judgment.

FactorsDC Golf CartAC Golf Cart
TorqueHigh Torque Low Torque
Initial accelerationSlow acceleration Fast Acceleration
Top speedLower speedHigher Speed
RPMsStable RPMVariable RPM
DurabilityModerately durableVery durable
MaintenanceHigh maintenance requirementLow maintenance requirement 
PriceBudget friendlyExpensive 

What Are The Differences Between AC and DC Golf Cart?

While getting your hands on a golf cart, it is important to understand the differences between AC and DC golf carts in depth.

Torque Production

DC motors in golf carts use non-variable frequency for the propulsion. Thus, it produces more torque. That is why DC golf carts are more suitable for quick movement on elevated and shorter distanced terrains.

The AC golf carts use variable frequency and so cannot develop high torque initially. Hence it is better for the long run.

Total RPM

DC motors are comparatively weaker than AC motors. In DC motors the RPM is limited to a certain point. Hence it fails to produce much power if needed.

An AC motor uses variable electrical frequency and it is able to generate high RPMs very early. That’s why AC golf carts triumph in quick and efficient power generation.

Top Speed

Since DC golf carts produce more torque, it fails in developing speed. On average DC golf carts with recommended weight can generate speeds of 10mph.

The AC golf carts might not have high initial torque, but it slowly produces high speed at a certain RPM. Therefore movement becomes swift on the golf course.


In terms of effectiveness, AC motor golf carts work better than DC golf carts. AC golf carts easily pass uphill and downhill regions with sufficient speed and braking.

Moreover, it does not lack power because of the variable RPMs. Hence, AC golf carts are suitable for most ground types and terrains.

Besides, AC golf carts can tackle heavy payload due to enhanced power of the motor which is missing in DC golf carts.

Durability and Maintenance

In DC golf carts, there are brushes and commutators present in the motor. These components are prone to getting worn and torn after a certain period.

Therefore, DC golf carts require regular servicing and maintenance to avoid permanent damage. An AC golf cart includes a brushless motor.

This means there is a minimal possibility of the motor getting worn out from time to time.

AC or DC Golf Cart: Which One Worth It?

AC and DC golf carts come with some specific advantages and disadvantages. It depends upon the user’s demand and playing style to ensure its worth.

If you are a seasonal player and do not visit courses on a regular basis, the DC golf cart is suitable for you. It gives you sufficient power, average speed and good weight compatibility. Besides, DC golf carts are very budget friendly.

On the contrary, the AC golf carts are better for regular and competitive golfers. It allows them to move swiftly from one place to another.

No investment is required for the moto adjustment or replacement. Although the price is way much higher than DC golf carts, it is worth getting it.


To know more about AC and DC golf cart differences, the following questionnaires from the users could be helpful.

Which is better: AC or DC golf carts?

AC golf carts are better than DC golf carts for many reasons. Its performance, effectiveness, durability, low maintenance, high speed and variable RPMs make it more usable than DC golf carts.

Which golf cart lasts longer AC or DC?

AC golf carts use brushless motors. As a result, there is no internal friction in the motor during propulsion. Therefore, AC motors are less prone to getting worn and torn over time.
Moreover, an AC motor requires minimal maintenance and works better for a long time. Thus, AC golf carts last longer than DC golf carts.

Which one is better: 48-volt or 72-volt golf carts?

48-volt golf carts are moderately better for daily usage. It produces decent power and torque compared to 36-volt golf carts.
But in comparison with 72-volt, the resultant performance is lower. Whereas, 72-volt golf carts are expensive to maintain for a long time.

Are Yamaha golf carts AC or DC?

Nowadays, most Yamaha golf carts are produced based upon AC motors. Hence these golf cart’s performance is top notch and runs smoothly for a long time. The AC golf carts are worthy of handling uphills and downhill regions.


In modern times, the type of AC golf cart is getting higher than DC golf carts. Apart from torque and price, AC golf carts triumph over DC golf carts in most aspects.

However, if you occasionally visit the golf course with an intention of entertaining the game, the DC golf carts are better. Although the maintenance rate is higher for DC golf carts, the longevity depends upon the driving style of the user.

We hope you find this article informative and helps you to make a fair judgment while choosing a golf cart for yourself.

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