10 EZGO EX1 Engine Problems and Fixes

An engine is possibly the most important part of a vehicle. When it becomes faulty, the whole vehicle will start malfunctioning. So, if you own an EZ GO with EX1 gas engine, you may often encounter EZGO EX1 engine problems. 

It is better to have knowledge about those possible engine issues so you can easily handle them in future. Engine misfiring, stalling, overheating, oil leaks are usually the most common engine issues on EZGO. 

Let’s find out what causes these problems and how to get rid of them. 

10 EZGO EX1 Engine Problems

What are The EZ-GO EX1 Engine Problems?

Suddenly, if your EZGO EX1 golf cart stops functioning, it’s important to look for the symptoms of an erratic engine. Most of the time, engine problems are responsible for the malfunctions of your cart. Here’re some of the most common EX1 engine problems: 

Engine won’t start or misfiring 

Engine won't start or misfiring 

This could be the most common problem found on an EZ-GO EX1 engine. Due to defective ignition components, such as ignition coils, ignition wires, or spark plugs, the engine won’t start at all or starts misfiring. 

Fuel Delivery Issues

Fuel Delivery Issues

An ideal mixture of fuel and air is needed for the proper combustion on an EX1 engine. But it can be hampered due to a clogged fuel filter, or a faulty fuel pump and lead to poor engine performance on your EZGO. 

Carburetor Faults

Carburetor Faults

Another common issue found on an EX1 engine is the problem with the carburetor. The carburetor is prone to be dirty and even clogged over time. It will affect proper fuel mixing and cause engine performance issues. 



Overheating is the problem that most of the EZ GO owners face. Usually, it occurs due to insufficient coolant or a faulty cooling system on the cart. 

Damaged radiator, broken plugs, faulty engine thermostat and a blooming head gasket are also responsible for an overheated EX1 engine. Overheating the engine can lead to major engine damages, such as stalling, reduced engine power, and steaming. 

Oil Leaks

Oil Leaks

Oil leaks are very common on all kinds of golf carts available there. On an EX1 EZGO golf cart engine, it can be found in various places including gaskets, oil pan, or seals. 

If the leaks are not fixed, they can result in reduced oil level and possible engine damages. 

Smoke or Steam

Smoke or Steam

A smoking engine is another one of the most possible engine damages found on an EZGO golf cart. It happens because of certain things like damaged rings or cylinders, worn out gaskets, crankcase, and using the wrong grade of engine oil. 

Exhaust System Issues

Exhaust System Issues 

Any problem with the exhaust system can lead to various engine issues on your EZGO EX1. There could be issues like exhaust leaks, or clogged mufflers that can cause poor engine performance and efficiency. 

Electrical System Issues

Electrical System Issues

Electrical system issues are also very common on EX1 engines. On your EZGO, you may often encounter faulty sensors, malfunctioning control modules, or wiring issues that can affect the engine performance and cause starting issues. 

Timing Belt or Chain Problems

Timing Belt or Chain Problems

The timing belt or chain on your EZGO EX1 can cause various engine problems if it becomes loose, stretches, or breaks. In this case, the possible engine malfunctions will include engine misfiring, reduced power, or even engine failure. 

Abnormal Sounds

Abnormal Sounds

Sometimes, you may hear unusual noises from the engine that is usually giving you warnings. These noises probably indicate worn out timing belt, bad starter, or other potential engine issues. 

How to Troubleshoot and Fix EX1 Gas Engine Problems on EZGO?

Fixing an EX1 engine issue on an EZGO golf cart will depend on the specific problem you’ve encountered. However, here we’ve listed some general steps you can follow to troubleshoot and diagnose common EZGO engine problems: 

Look for fuel issues 

Start by checking the fuel system on your EZGO EX1 golf cart. Make sure there is enough fuel in the fuel tank and it is flowing properly. 

Also, look for clogs, debris, or leaks in the fuel lines, fuel filter, fuel pump, and carburetor. Clean or replace any of these parts if needed. 

On average, it will cost between $90 and $275 (including parts and labor) to replace any part of the fuel system. The labor cost will vary nationwide. 

Check the ignition system 

If there’s no problem with the fuel system, inspect the ignition system for any sign of damage or wear. Specially, check the spark plugs, ignition wires and coils. 

These parts are prone to wear out easily. So, check and replace if any component is faulty. Also, ensure that the spark plugs are properly tightened and gapped. 

If you need to replace the spark plug on your EZGO, the cost is expected between $56 and $250. A set of spark plugs will cost between $16 and $100, where the labor cost will vary from $40 to $145. 

Inspect the battery 

Next, check the battery on your EX1 EZ GO and make sure it is fully charged and in good condition. Also, inspect the battery terminals and connections for any debris, clogs or loose connection. 

If everything is alright till now, then check the voltage to see if the battery is supplying adequate power to the cart. Clean the battery terminals and replace the battery as necessary. 

Generally, the replacement cost of an EZGO EX1 battery is between $75 and $220. It will vary depending on the model of your cart and the type of battery it has. 

Check for cooling system issues 

Now check the coolant system, if there’s no issue with the battery. Inspect the coolant level and add more coolant if there’s a low coolant level than required. 

Besides, check the radiator  and cooling fan for any clogs, leaks or any kind of damage. Replace the thermostat, radiator, or the water pump if needed. 

Fix oil leaks 

Oil leaks are highly responsible for the engine issues on an EZGO EX1 engine. So, check the engine for oil leaks and diagnose the source. Inspect the gaskets, seals, and other components that are responsible for the problem. 

Replace the faulty components if found. Also, check the oil level and make sure it has a proper oil level. 

Address timing belt issues 

Next, inspect the timing belt on your EZGO EX1 to see if it is loosen or damaged. If you find the belt is faulty, adjust it or replace it as necessary. 

On average the cost of replacing a faulty timing belt on golf carts will be between $500 and $1000. Here you should expect to pay around $250 to $450 for the labor cost.

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Inspect the electrical system 

Finally, check the electrical system on your golf cart that can also cause EX1 engine problems on an EZGO. test the sensors, control modules, and wiring for loose connections, bend wiring, or faulty components. Repair or replace the damaged parts as needed.


Gas engine problems on an EZ GO can be a bit confusing when getting to know it. So, here we have listed some of the most common queries regarding the topic. 

What causes an EZ GO EX1 engine to go bad? 

An EX1 engine goes bad when it overheats and burns out the wirings and other components inside. One important cause of engine burnout is when you continuously press the pedal or drive hard. 

How long does a tank of gas engine last? 

Usually, the tank of gas engine golf carts comes with 4 to 5 gallons of fuel. With this fuel, it will be able to cover 100 to 180 miles on average. 

Should an EZ GO EX1 idle? 

No, an EZ GO with gasoline engine won’t idle. Because it is required to be quiet when a golfer is about to hit the ball. So, when someone puts the brake, the cart stops and also the engine stops. 


The above EX1 gas engine problems tell you what kind of problems you’re going to face if you’re going to drive an EZ GO with that engine. 

But depending on the issue, enough DIY knowledge, right parts, and a bit of time, you can simply fix the problem. 

However, it’s better to protect the engine from such issues by forming the regular EZGO golf cart maintenance . 

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