5 Royal EV Golf Cart Problems & How To Solve Them

When it comes to enjoying a leisurely round of golf or cruising around a picturesque estate, the Royal EV Golf Cart has long been a symbol of luxury and convenience. However, even in the world of opulent electric vehicles, issues can arise.

The common Royal EV Golf Cart problems are the damaged recharging option, out-of-power batteries, less effective ignition, etc. Apart from these, there are a few other problems that several Royal EV users have faced recently. 

Using electric golf carts can make your time on golf courses more efficient and enjoyable. However, some issues with golf carts can put you in trouble anytime. That’s why we’re explaining today what are the problems you face by using Royal EVs and how to deal with them. 

Royal EV Golf Cart Problems

Common Royal EV Golf Cart Problems

The most common issue with any electric golf cart is the low battery performance. 

Apart from it, there are several other problems that you can face while riding your Royal EV on a golf course. Below are the 5 most complained issue 

  • Car is denying recharge
  • Battery not giving power
  • Car won’t start suddenly
  • Ignition becomes less powerful
  • Acceleration isn’t under control

How To Troubleshoot Royal EV Golf Cart Problems? 

Now, let’s ease your problem by giving you a thorough troubleshooting guide so that you can identify the actual Royal EV golf cart problems you’re facing and eradicate them by yourself. 

1. Try recharging the batteries

Try recharging the batteries

Most of the time, the Royal EV carts won’t start due to a lack of energy. It can be an issue related to the sockets you use to recharge your car batteries. 

The Royal EV carts have recharge ports near the battery compartments. With the car, you might get an adapter and socket to recharge as well. Here’s how to check the status of the charger, port, and socket

First of all, take a volt meter and check the wall sockets or power plug sets. Compare the reading with the requirement of the golf car. Batteries. 

If the reading is below expectation, you better change the socket with the help of an electrician. But if the reading is zero, then you can solve the issue by changing the circuit breaker only. 

After that, try using the original or OEM wires and adapters to connect and see whether the charger can recharge the batteries or not. 

When you see the batteries aren’t getting recharged yet, carefully check the charging set along with the charging port of the car. 

There should be some damaged wires or broken pins. In this case, you can only replace the damaged item with an OEM version. 

2. Check the battery health

Sometimes, you can see the battery performance is fading gradually. Along with that, the batteries might even fail to hold the recharged power for the required time. These issues won’t let the car start or power any feature at all. 

After checking the charging system, try to remember how old your cart batteries are. According to some experts, Royal EV batteries can last for around 5 years. 

So, you better consider replacing the batteries that have been aging nearly 5 years or more. Take a voltmeter and see which batteries have lost their efficiency. Then, replace the worn-out batteries. 

3. Thoroughly see the wires and battery terminals

wires and battery terminals

If the batteries aren’t old enough, yet the cart isn’t getting powered, the wiring is surely at fault. 

Because of incomplete or loose connections, the batteries aren’t able to transfer energy to the engine and other components. 

At the beginning of this stage, check the amount of water in the batteries. There should be enough water in each battery to perform well. 

You can also try changing the water of the batteries to see whether the car works or not. 

Then, disconnect all the wires reaching batteries and relevant to the power source. Take some time in checking them and see the ports where they get connected. 

If any ports have become rusty, clean them up. And, change the damaged wires immediately. Lastly, connect all the wires accordingly and try starting the car. You can also watch the video below for better understanding.  

4. Put the key and see the solenoid status


When you see the car batteries are all okay but the engine isn’t starting, you can think of checking the solenoid closely. 

One can be sure of solenoid issues when the car isn’t giving a small sound (like clicking the switch) on twisting the key or pressing the engine button, but other functions like media and lights are working properly. 

In this case, either the contact plate is corroded due to overuse or the wires have become loose primarily. 

So, check the components of the solenoid first and replace anything that’s corroded or damaged. 

After repairing the components, put some pressure on the pedal and try starting the engine. If it’s still not working, check the solenoid coil and replace it for being damaged or aged. 

5. Check the ignition system

Check the ignition system

After checking both batteries and the solenoid, it’s time to see whether the ignition system has any fault or not. 

Due to overuse, ignition switches (electric switch or key insert), wires, or related parts can lose optimal efficiency. In this case, you better replace them, rather than repairing them again. 

Firstly, check how fast the ignition switch responds. If it responds late, or you need to press the switch hard several times, bring out the switch and switch wires. 

If the switch seems dull, replace it. Otherwise, you can put the switch back by connecting the wires properly. 

But when the ignition switch is not the issue, you need to check the other ignition components. If any of them seems unable to perform, simply replace them. 

6. Manually test the Gas Pedal

Manually test the Gas Pedal

The gas pedal is also known as the accelerator. The riskiest issue with electric golf carts like Royal EVs is the out-of-control acceleration. 

When you see the carts starting well but behaving oddly during acceleration or pressing the gas pedal, you should stop using the car and quickly troubleshoot. 

Use a setup and place the cart tires above the ground. Then, press the gas pedal. If you need to press the gas pedal harder than usual for the required speed, clean the gas pedal area to prevent jamming. 

After that, bring out the speed controller and potentiometer from the cart body. Press the gas again and see the performance of them closely. Replace them if required. 

7. Call for experts’ help

Even after going through all the 6 troubleshooting steps above, some problems might still remain. In that case, no DIY tips or tricks would come handy. 

You better call the local dealer of Royal EV to book a servicing visit or call an expert mechanic from a nearby garage. Hopefully, all issues related to your golf cart will be solved after this. 


Now, it’s time to answer some of your frequently asked questions on the Royal EV and its possible issues. 

Is it bad to keep Royal EV charging all the time when idle?

There’s nothing to worry about even if your golf cart stays connected to the charger in the garage. The safety mode can understand when the cart’s fully charged and disable the charging mode itself. 

What type of batteries do Royal EV Crown golf cars use?

The Royal EV Crown lineup uses 72V lithium batteries that require very low maintenance. These rechargeable batteries can also get charged faster than normal models. 

How to avoid rollover with Royal EV golf carts?

To avoid rollover using golf carts, you must slow down while driving over a downward slope. Also, you better not speed up when you are taking any turns. 

Final Thoughts

No matter which brand of electric golf cart you choose, there would be some obvious problems after a certain time if you don’t perform regular maintenance. 

Thus, you better take care of your golf cart properly so that no problem arises in the future. 

And if you’re already facing any issues, then don’t worry, today’s discussion has almost everything you need to know.

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