What Are the Most Common Issues With EZGo Gas Golf Carts?

Golf carts are an essential part of any golf course, and E-Z-Go gas golf carts are among the top choice for golfers. However, like other golf carts, they can also have some issues. So, you might wonder what the most common issues with E-Z-Go gas golf carts are.

Stuck accelerator pedals, E-Z-Go cart not starting, and a clogged carburetor are some of the most common problems E-Z-Go gas golf carts face. However, do not worry, as all of these issues are easily solvable. 

So, if you own an E-Z-Go gas golf cart, it is essential for you to know about all these problems and how you can fix them. We are here to help you understand all these issues. Keep on reading to learn more.

Most Common Issues With EZGo Gas Golf Carts

What are the most common problems with E-Z-Go gas golf carts? 

The E-Z-Go gas golf carts are reliable, but just like any other golf carts, they can also suffer from some issues in the long run. Down below, we will list all the common problems.

  • Stuck Accelerator pedals
  • Clogged carburetor 
  • The golf cart is not starting
  • E-z-Go doesn’t move
  • Ignition issues 
  • Faulty spark plugs
  • E-Z-Go losing power

How to troubleshoot and fix common E-Z-Go gas golf carts problems

By now, you already know about the common problems E-Z-Go gas golf carts face. However, troubleshooting the issues requires more knowledge about the subject, which will help you to solve these problems more efficiently.

Stuck Accelerator Pedals


The secret to a comfortable ride on the golf course is a golf cart accelerator pedal. By pressing down on this little but crucial slider or knob attached to the golf cart’s handlebars, you can speed up the cart to your preferred pace. The golf cart would be stuck and trapped in neutral without the accelerator pedal. 

So, the accelerator pedal is an important part that shouldn’t be ignored when you’re driving your golf cart. People often overlook this accelerator pedal and forget to maintain it properly, which can lead to it getting stuck over time.

It is pretty easy to fix the accelerator pedal; if you find it to be stuck, you can use some oil to grease it up. Moreover, you can also replace the accelerator pedal, which can cost between $25.50-$39.90.

Clogged Carburetor 

Clogged Carburetor 

For gas-operated golf carts, carburetors play a crucial role in regulating the air and fuel mixture that enters the engine cylinders. This exact control makes sure that the gasoline is burnt accurately and effectively, which is necessary for the engine to operate as ignited.

The carburetor properly combines air and fuel before sending it to the combustor. Any issues with the carburetor can lead to problems with starting the golf cart, poor acceleration, and decreased fuel efficiency. 

A clogged carburetor can happen when thick fuel gets stuck inside it. To fix a clogged carburetor, you should open it up and clean all the components inside it to remove any blockages. If the problem still doesn’t get fixed, you should replace the whole carburetor.

The golf cart is not starting. 

Solenoids in golf carts play an important role in starting your cart. The club car gas golf cart’s solenoid is a wire coil in the shape of a cylinder that transports electricity to the motor. 

So, when this gets damaged, the motor cannot receive the necessary power required for starting. When you try to start the golf cart, you won’t hear any clicking sound suggesting that the solenoid is damaged.

If the solenoid of your E-Z-GO gas golf cart is damaged, you will need to replace it with a new one. The replacement process is a bit complicated, and you should hire a professional mechanic for the work.

E-Z-Go doesn’t move

E-Z-Go doesn't move

Another common problem faced by E-Z-Go gas golf carts is that your cart doesn’t move. It can happen due to many reasons like a bad battery or worn out drive belt. There can also be issues with the forward/backward switch. 

When the battery gets bad, it cannot provide power to the engine, which is essential for the E-Z-Go golf cart to start. Additionally, engine accessories won’t be able to rotate at the correct speed if the drive belt is broken or worn out. As a result, your golf cart cannot move.

So, when this happens, you must check your battery and replace it if needed. Also, check if the drive belt is broken or worn out and needs any replacement. 

Ignition Issues

Regular use might harm your golf cart’s ignition switch and lead to problems. Moreover, there may be concerns with the ignition switch’s wiring. 

Wires may also loosen over time from wear and use, which interferes with the ignition system’s ability to receive power properly and results in problems with your golf cart.

You should also check the motor if you hear any whining noises from inside. 

Well, fixing ignition issues by yourself is not an easy task, and the best option is to consult a professional mechanic to check the whole system and fix anything which is needed.

Faulty Spark plugs

Spark plugs play a crucial role in the proper functioning of gas-operated golf carts. They are in charge of igniting the fuel mix in the combustor and igniting the engine by creating the electrical spark.

If the spark plugs become damaged or worn out, it can negatively impact the combustion process, resulting in difficult or problematic starts for your E_Z_Go cart.

No matter how well you maintain your golf carts, the spark plugs will get worn out with them, and hence you will need to change them at least once a year.

E-Z-Go losing power

When you are driving your E-Z-Go, and you notice that it is losing power continuously or your cart is slowing down, then it can be due to a bad battery. 

When the battery gets old or damaged, it loses charge and can no longer power your golf cart’s engine or other components properly. This is when these types of problems start to occur. 

The fix to this problem is to replace your battery with a new one, and you can do the replacement yourself. 

Tips to avoid E-Z-Go gas golf carts common problems 

 E-Z-Go gas golf carts

Follow these tips below to ensure the smooth performance of your E-Z-Go gas golf cart without any issues for a long time. Keep on reading to know more. 

Use high-quality fuels 

Make sure to use high-quality fuels and gasoline and avoid using ethanol-based fuels.

Clean the air filter and fuel filter.

The air filters and fuel filters can get clogged up due to dust and debris. So regularly clean these filters or replace them if you cannot clean them.

Check the tire pressure regularly.

If the tire pressure becomes too low, then it puts extra pressure on the engine, which can cause engine malfunctions. So, always maintain the required tire pressure level.

Change the spark plugs

All manufacturers recommend replacing the gas golf cart’s spark plugs at least once a year to ensure the engine’s proper functioning.


These FAQs below are written to help you clear all your confusion regarding our today’s discussion. Read this section properly; it will help you understand the topic more clearly.

What causes Gas golf carts to lose power?

Slow or “dead” batteries are one of the most typical golf cart battery-related issues. A dependable battery power source is necessary. Hence, as the battery ages, it could lose power, which may cause your gas golf cart to slow down.

How to understand that my E-Z-Go golf cart solenoid is bad?

The most obvious symptom of a failing solenoid is when your golf cart won’t start whenever you turn the key. When the ignition system is malfunctioning, the solenoid won’t make any clicking sound.

Can I drive my E-Z-Go gas golf cart without a solenoid?

No, the solenoid is necessary for the golf to operate correctly. Golf carts frequently start and stop due to their function. The solenoid has a lot of work to perform every time the tires rotate.


Proper maintenance is the key to avoiding problems in all golf carts, not just E-Z-Go gas golf carts. If you maintain these carts regularly, then you can prevent many problems in the first place.

However, even if any of these issues mentioned above occur in your golf cart, they are pretty easy to fix. We believe by now; you already know how to do it without much hassle. 

Another thing you must keep in mind is that fixing some of these issues by yourself is a bit complex. So you should hire a mechanic to avoid damaging your golf cart. 

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