Dynamic Gold 105 Vs Modus 105: Iron Shafts Comparison

Dynamic Gold 105 and Nippon Modus 105 are one of the best iron shafts available in the market. Additionally, they have many similar specs; thus, you can be confused while choosing between them. So, what is the difference between Dynamic Gold 105 Vs Modus 105?

Despite having many similarities, they also have many differences between them. The launch is the main difference between the Dynamic Gold 105 and the Nippon Modus 105. The Gold 105 has a mid-low launch compared to a low launch offered by the Modus 105. 

So, if you are confused about which shaft you should buy, we are here to help you compare all the differences between them.

Dynamic Gold 105 Vs Nippon Modus 105: Iron Shafts Comparison

Overview Of Dynamic Gold 105 Golf Shaft

The tour-caliber, ultra-lightweight True Temper Dynamic Gold 105 shaft is meant to be a shaft of the finest quality.

Furthermore, with a mid-low launch, this shaft gives golfers the same identical sensation as other shafts in the Dynamic Gold series. 

Players benefit from this sturdy shaft which is designed to be simpler to swing. This makes it possible to have absolute control and accuracy.

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Overview Of Nippon Modus3 105 Golf Shaft

For players who want lower-weight shafts, the Nippon Modus 3 Tour 105 shaft broadens the Modus portfolio. The performance is reliable and really clean. 

These shafts provide a low launch and mid-flight trajectory for the ball. Moreover, of all Nippon Shafts, the Nippon Modus 3 Tour 105 has the smoothest feel.

Dynamic Gold 105 Vs Modus 105: Quick Comparison Table

Below is our comparison table; we will list all the important differences between these two shafts, which will help you make your decision.

Dynamic Gold 105 Vs Modus 105: Quick Comparison Table

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What Are The Differences Between Dynamic Gold 105 and Modus 105 shafts?

We have already seen the basic differences between these two shafts, but for a more precise comparison, we must talk about these differences in detail. Thus, down below, we will break these facts fully.


Dynamic Gold 105 vs Nippon modus Launch

The launch is the first and most crucial difference between the Nippon Modus 3 and Dynamic Gold 105. The ball’s initial path with respect to the ground is known as its launch. 

Both of these shafts have a slightly different launch, though. The Modus 105 has a low launch, whereas the Dynamic Gold has a mid-low launch.

The low launch design generally aids players with quicker swings in neutralizing the ball’s trajectory for the most possible distance. 

While the low launch is preferred for golf, the mid-low launch will give you a bit less distance than the low launch.

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Another difference between these two shafts is the choice of variable weight between them.

Weight is more like a preference for any golfer, but heavier weights do play a role in increasing the carry distance of the ball. 

More muscles get activated when playing with heavier shafts, resulting in better shots. However, it might be difficult for beginners to play with a heavier shaft.

The Dynamic Gold 105 offers six different weight options, with the heaviest weight being 109 grams.

But on the other hand, the Nippon Modus 105 offers three different weight options, with the heaviest one being 112 grams. 

So, if you are looking for a heavier shaft, then the Nippon Modus 105 shaft might be your better choice.


Torque is a factor that is often avoided while selecting golf shafts but pro golfers also pay attention to the torque.

The level of force that a steel golf shaft can generate when turned is known as its torque.

Depending on the kind and size of the shaft, this varies. In general, golfers who swing the ball faster will prefer golf shafts with less torque.

The Nippon Modus 105 has torque in the range of 1.5-1.9 degrees, depending on the type of flex you get.

Whereas the torque Dynamic Gold 105 has 1.9 degrees of torque in almost all the flex they offer.

So, if you prefer a shaft with lower torque, then the Modus 105 is a good choice, but if you are okay with higher torque, then both the Modus 105 and Dynamic Gold 105 can be suitable. 

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Dynamic Gold 105 or Modus 105: Which Golf Shaft To choose?

When you play with both the Dynamic Gold 105 and Nippon Modus 3 105 shafts, you will realize they have a huge number of similarities.

So, choosing a clear winner is not possible, but still, depending on your style of play, the choice will vary.

If you are looking for a heavier golf shaft with low launch and torque, then the Nippon Modus 105 is the better choice.

Due to the low launch and heavier weight, you will be able to increase the carry distance.

On the other hand, if you need a lower-weighing shaft with a mid-low launch, then the Dynamic Golf 105 is a good choice.

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Are there any differences between dynamic gold and natural gold? By now you should know clearly about this. However, this faqs section below will further clarify any more confusion.

Are Dynamic Gold 105 and Modus 105 both beginner friendly Shafts?

Both Dynamic Gold 105 and Modus 105 are beginner friendly shafts. Both of these shafts are very durable and provide the player with accuracy and precision.
Additionally, they are offered in different flex options, so beginners can easily choose the shaft according to their choice. 

Is Dynamic Gold 105 and Nippon Modus 105 the easiest golf driver to hit straight?

As both of these drivers are designed to be beginner friendly, they are pretty much easier to hit straight shots.
The overall design of these shafts is balanced and feels great on the hand, which will help you have better control and precision to play straight shots.

Are Dynamic Gold 105 and Modus 105 worth the money?

Both of these shafts are premium shafts and made from superior material, which ensures durability, precision, and improved performance.
Under the hand of the right player, they can be easily listed as the best iron steel shafts available in the market. Hence they are worth every penny you are paying for them.

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