Ping G400 Max Vs G425 Max: Which Golf Driver to Choose?

Have you been looking for an excellent driver to hit the maximum distance out of the golf shot? Ping’s G400 and G425 Max drivers might be the best drivers for you. Would you like to know more about these Ping drivers?

The main difference between the Ping G400 Max and Ping G425 Max drivers is the total distances. The G425 Max can shoot the ball away further than the Ping G400 Max. Plus, G425 Max is also able to produce more consistent shots.

There are more variables present between these two Ping drivers. If you wish to learn more about them, continue reading. Here we will tell you which driver is the best one for you.

Ping G400 Max Vs G425 Max

Overview Of Ping G400 Max Driver:

Looking into the build, the Ping G400 Max uses a more extensive construction compared to the G400. 

Ping uses multiple materials to construct the 460cc club head, with high-density tungsten as the notable material.

Being sold at a retail price of $450, the Ping G400 Max offers an aerodynamic design.

The domed-shaped club head cuts down air resistance significantly, increasing the swing speed.

When the testing numbers are measured, the driver’s overall performance is decent but could have been improved.

Overview Of Ping G425 Max Driver: 

Another driver of the Ping G series is the Ping G425 Max driver. Its build focuses on increasing the moment of inertia and center of gravity. Ping uses the help of 26-gram tungsten to lower the center of gravity.

Packed with multiple technologies, the Ping G425 Max is offered at a retail price of $600. 

The DragonFly technology is taken into consideration by G425 Max as well and used to create the clubhead’s dome shape. 

This boosts the driver’s performance by increasing the swing and ball speed. 

Ping G400 Max Vs G425 Max Driver: Quick Comparison Table

Now that you have been briefed about both the Ping drivers, it is time to see their differences. In this part, we have presented a comparison table to illustrate and highlight their variations.

Quick Comparison Table

What Are the Differences Between the Ping G400 Max and Ping G425 Max Drivers?

To determine which driver is superior to the other, you need to know their comparison in detail and how they might impact the performance. Let’s find out.

Shaft Options

Shaft Options

Both Ping G400 Max and G425 Max provide golfers with multiple shaft options. Ping G425 Max has 7 shaft options, compared to Ping G400 Max’s 6 options.

Almost all shaft options provide different flex options, from X-stiff to Soft-Regular. This also applies to the launch angle that ranges from Low to High.

Feel, and Sound

Ping G400 Max Driver succeeds in terms of feel and sound than the Ping G425 Max Driver. G400 sounds fantastic and gives a deep sound that cannot be found with the G425 Max Driver.

The main reason for this deep sound is the forged titanium used in the G400 Max Driver. 

This forged titanium is much lighter than any standard titanium. The titanium face also produces satisfying shots at squaring impact.



The Ping G425 Max driver hits longer than the Ping G400 Max driver, around 20 yards. When the drivers were tested, Ping G400 Max averaged a total distance of 300 yards.

Whereas Ping G425 Max averaged a total whooping distance of 320 yards. The massive spike in the distance occurs due to the precision forged face. 

This causes the ball to be struck with incredibly high speed and thus reach further distances.

The technology used

Ping G425 Max used better technologies to upgrade its playability and workability. However, this does not mean that the technology used in Ping G400 Max is terrible.

The unique technologies used in Ping G425 Max are the Internal Dragonfly, Precision Forged face, and Internal Ribbing. This cumulation of all of these technologies helps perform better.

Consistency of the shot/ Ball speed

G400 Max’s pattern
Source: Ping

The dispersion pattern of Ping G400 Max and Ping G425 Max is something to be noted for. 

G400 Max’s pattern is much broader and more diverse and covers a large vertical and horizontal area.

This is not the case for the Ping G425 Max driver. The dispersion pattern is much smaller vertically. 

A smaller dispersion pattern clearly indicates how accurate this driver is made to be.

Ping G400 Max vs. G425 Max Driver: Which Golf Driver To Choose?

Finally, we will be unveiling the fact that Ping driver is the better one of the two. 

After carefully observing and analyzing all the factors, we discovered that Ping’s G425 Max driver is the better.

Why is that? Ping integrated all the knowledge they could take from the G400 Max driver into their G425 Max driver series. 

This caused the driver to be forgiving, easy to handle, and also able to hit long, consistent shots.

The only drawback is that the Ping G425 is relatively expensive. Hence, if you have the budget, we suggest the Ping G425.


We believe that this article has answered most of your questions. Even still, we have arranged a FAQ section for you to answer your queries further.

Which Golf Driver Is More Beginner-Friendly: Ping G400 Max Or Ping G425 Max Driver?

The Ping G425 Max driver is more beginner-friendly than the Ping G400 Max Driver. G425 is designed for golfers with high handicapped, making it the best option for beginners to start their golfing journey with.

Which Golf Driver Has A Higher Spin Rate: Ping G400 Max Or Ping G425 Max Driver?

Ping G400 Max has a higher spin rate than the Ping G425 Max driver. On average, the spin rate of the G400 Max is around 2500 rpm with a 450 rpm deviation. For G425 Max, it is around 1800 rpm with a deviation of 200 rpm.

Which Golf Driver Produces Straight Shots: Ping G400 Max Or Ping G425 Max Driver?

Ping G425 Max driver produces more straight and consistent shots than the Ping G400 Max driver. The shots with G425 Max are much closer and have a slight deviation value compared to the G400 Max.

Which Is More Expensive: Ping G400 Max Or The Ping G425 Max Driver?

The Ping G425 Max is more costly than the Ping G400 Max driver. The Ping G425 Max driver is charged 600 dollars, whereas the G400 Max is charged 450 dollars only. 
The G400 Max driver could be your best option if you are looking for a cheaper driver.

Where Can You Buy The Drivers, The Ping G400 Max Or The Ping G425 Max Driver?

You can easily purchase the Ping G400 Max and Ping G425 Max driver from the official website of Ping golf. 
The drivers can also be bought from online shopping websites like Amazon, eBay, etc. However, be extra cautious when purchasing from any websites besides Ping.

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