Trojan Lithium Golf Cart Batteries [Everything You Should Know]

In the midst of the latest high performing batteries, Trojan lithium batteries have completely revolutionized the industry of golf cart batteries. Among the users, golf cart fleeting managers and manufacturers, trojan lithium batteries have become the topmost choice. 

Gone are the days of using lead acid batteries for golf carts. Now, using the trojan lithium golf cart batteries provide 15% more distance coverage, faster charging and amazing off road durability. 

We will show you exactly why you should choose Trojan lithium batteries for your golf cart in this guide. You can learn how to select the correct batteries for your cart as well.

Trojan Lithium Golf Cart Batteries

8 Reasons To Choose Trojan Lithium Batteries As Your Golf Cart Batteries 

Trojan lithium batteries have been a trusted and reliable choice in the golf cart battery industry. There are a few good reasons for the fame these batteries have gained. 

We have showcased all of the advantages and reasons to choose Trojan lithium batteries as your golf cart batteries.

#1- Long Lifespan

Long Lifespan

Compared to the lead acid batteries, Trojan lithium batteries consist of a longer lifespan. These batteries feature advanced technologies in their build which helps in achieving a long life for the batteries. 

Every battery has a specific amount of charge cycle. After the charge cycle is used up, the lifespan of the battery decreases immensely. 

Trojan lithium batteries consist of more charge cycles than the other ones. These batteries can provide three times more charge cycles than an average golf cart battery.

The exclusive design of the battery provides protection against damage which can reduce the lifespan of it.

#2- Incredible Range

Incredible Range

A key feature of the Trojan lithium battery is the amazing amount of range and distance it can cover. 

These batteries can go up to 15% farther than other GC2 lithium-ion batteries. The dashboard battery gauge clearly shows the amount of distance you can cover with the batteries. 

Just a 3 lithium battery connection can cover 45 to 60 mileage on a single charge. Lead acid batteries could only go 25 miles so it is a huge upgrade. It can vary a bit due to the terrain or load of the cart.

#3- Zero Maintenance

Zero Maintenance

Usually, in order to preserve the battery, frequent cleaning and maintenance is necessary. 

The other batteries have corrosive acid and internal buildups which need to be cleaned on a regular basis. Fortunately, Trojan lithium batteries require none of that. 

These batteries don’t have those corrosive acids, rather they have protected cells for maintenance. There are no acid drips, corrosion or charging fumes in these batteries. 

So, they don’t require any water maintenance rituals or cleaning. The advanced battery management system closely monitors and maintains the health of the batteries.

#4- Fast Charging

Fast Charging

Trojan lithium batteries have a higher discharge rate and faster charging. Normal lead acid batteries take 8-10 hours to charge. Wherese, trojan lithium batteries will only take 4 hours to achieve a full charge.

This fast and flexible charging is compatible with most brand chargers in the market. 

The increased charge holding of the battery gives more power and provides high performance of the batteries. The battery life can be monitored via the battery gauge.

#5- High Durability

High Durability

Trojan lithium batteries are designed to endure rough bumps and terrains. As a result, they are highly durable for a long time. 

These batteries are tested for off road performance and vibrations in the SAE standard.

Trojan lithium batteries are 2 or 3 times more durable than the average lead acid batteries. 

The hard polyurethane outer case protects the batteries from heat, cold, vibrations, wear and tear. There is an 8 year warranty for the durability of these batteries. 

#6- Guaranteed Safety

Before putting them out in the market, Trojan lithium batteries are tested vehemently for more than 100k hours. 

All the independent and global agencies like UL, SAE, ETL, FCC, CE give the green flag to these batteries for safety performance. 

The additional safety feature comes with the build of the most stable lithium formulas (LFP) in these. 

Every battery is monitored by a system and protected from short circuiting or overheating at any moment. It gives the customers highest reliability and safety guarantee.

#7- Eco-Friendly

Trojan lithium batteries usually resort to AGM technology. This technology works to get rid of harmful materials and minimizes the pollution. The battery cycle makes it easier for these to be recycled. 

Therefore, the waste level is greatly reduced. These are the most eco-friendly batteries in the industry right now.

#8- Lightweight Batteries

Trojan lithium batteries help reduce the weight of the golf cart by a long margin. These lightweight batteries make the entire golf cart feel less in weight.

As a result, the speed of the cart increases and the motion is smooth while driving. Reduced weight of the golf cart will put less strain on the batteries.

So, the energy and power will be saved a lot. Consequently, one charge cycle will provide a long time service with highest quality.

What to consider when choosing lithium-ion batteries

If you have decided to use Trojan lithium battery for your golf cart, it is a great choice. 

However, there are various types of models out there and you must choose the one suitable for your requirements. The things you should consider while selecting your trojan lithium batteries are:

Battery Voltage

Battery Voltage

Before buying the battery, inspect the required battery voltage of your golf cart. Check the manual for the necessary amount of voltage. It can be 6V, 8V or 12V so select the lithium battery accordingly.

Consider The Range

Always ensure that the battery you choose provides you the longest amount of range. 

Check the battery in real life and then measure the range of the particular trojan lithium battery. Choose the one that shows the highest range in the real life test.

Check The Battery Management System

Trojan lithium batteries feature a smart battery management system which protects them from damage. It ensures all the battery components run smoothly. 

So, you should choose batteries that consist of a BMW with multiple levels of safety redundancy.

The BMS should have the ability to operate within a controller area network to connect to the chargers and the cart. Moreover, BMS needs to pair up with a battery charge indicator.

Purchase From A Reputable Manufacturer

Nowadays, many startups sell trojan lithium batteries without proper experience and warranty. 

You need to be sure of the manufacturer before making such an expensive purchase. 

Check the manufacturer or dealer background and how long they have been in the business. Do a thorough research on their product and user reviews. 


You must know the answer to these common questions regarding the Trojan lithium batteries on golf carts. This will help during the purchase of the batteries.

How Much Does A Trojan Lithium Battery Cost?

A Trojan Lithium Battery costs around $1240. It is the manufacturer’s suggested retail price of the battery of 48V. These are quite expensive batteries which you can find at your local dealer or manufacturer. 

Is There A Maximum Temperature To Discharge The Trojan Lithium Battery?

The maximum temperature to discharge the battery is 60°C and the minimum temperature is -20°C. Trojan lithium battery discharge goes on between the temperature range of 14°F (-10°C) and 131°F (55°C).

What Are The Disadvantages Of Trojan Lithium Batteries In Golf Carts?

The disadvantages of Trojan lithium batteries in golf carts are the expensive price and the risk of explosion. If the cells overheat, it possesses the risks of an explosion. They also need frequent charges. 

What Is The Lifespan Of A Trojan Lithium Golf Cart Battery?

The lifespan of a Trojan lithium golf cart battery is between 7 to 10 years. It lasts remarkably longer as the other lead acid batteries only last 4 years. So, it has a long lifespan of minimum 8 years.


Due to the excellent services and features, Trojan lithium batteries have taken over 80% of the USA’s golf cart battery market.

With a long lifespan and reliable feature, these batteries will give you the highest performance.

The peak quality of these batteries come from the six trojan lithium manufacturer plants around the world.

These deep cycle batteries have brought about revolutionary changes in the world of golf cart batteries.

So, select the type of trojan lithium battery you need and enjoy your golfing experience to the fullest without any worries.

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