Club Car Tempo Vs. Precedent: Compare for Your Ideal Fit

Your ability to play golf might be influenced by a golf cart. Therefore, you must choose the right one. Club Car is renowned for producing high-quality golf carts. Two of their best products are the Club Car Tempo and Club Car Precedent, but which one is best for you?

The main difference between these two golf carts is the shape of their front bumper. The front bumper of the club car tempo is more angular, whereas the club car precedent has a curvier front bumper. 

We will dive deeper and discuss more differences between club car tempo and Precedent. If you plan to buy one of these golf carts, keep reading. This article will help you make a decision.  

Club Car Tempo Vs. Precedent

Overview of Club Car Tempo

Made for both gasoline and electric systems, the Club Car Tempo offers state-of-the-art automotive design.

The electric powertrain removes the need for diesel fuel and your worries about carbon footprints too! 

With 3.3 horsepower, a top speed of 15mph, and a range of 50 miles, this EV is more than just a gimmick. 

The GPS connectivity options speak for manufacturers’ engineering maturity. Equipped with the best battery packs in the market, the vehicle’s longevity is checked.

The compact, lightweight design, self-adjusting brakes, and rearview mirror make parking in tight spots easier.

You can customize the car to your needed accessories like windshield or taillight in different colors.

A smooth, user-friendly dashboard and onboard diagnostics will make you feel like a captain. 

Overview Of Club Car Precedent 

If sitting is an issue for you, then you have the Precedent. It offers seating for up to 4 passengers. Unlike the Tempo, it’s all-electric. They come in two submodels that they call “Champion” or “Professional.” 

This golf cart’s rust-free aluminum frame is designed for endurance while keeping you cruising in style around the coast.

The “Professional” model boasts a sleek square steering wheel center. In contrast, the “Champion” model has a classic round steering wheel center.

With its molded seamless vinyl seat, you’ll be comfortable all day. No Pain in the back. Conquer any high golf course terrain with its 4.5-inch ground clearance as a cakewalk. 

Club Car Tempo Vs Precedent: Comparison Table

While the Precedent is all-electric, the Club Car Tempo comes in electric and gasoline variants. For more check out the table below:

FeatureTempo ElectricTempo PetrolPrecedent
EngineN/AOHC, 429 cc, single cylinderN/A
Horsepower3.3hp14 hp14 hp
FactorsClub Car TempoPrecedent
Top Speed15mph19 mph
BrakesSelf-adjusting, rear wheel mechanical drumDual rear wheel self-adjusting brakes with cast iron drums 
SteeringSelf-compensating double reduction helical rack & pinionSelf-adjusting rack and pinion
Ground Clearance4.5 inch4.5 inch
FrameLadder-style aluminum box beamAluminum

What Are The Differences Between Club Car Tempo And Club Car Precedent?

The core difference between these two lies in its design, built quality, and many other relevant aspects. Let’s check them out in detail.


Tempo And Club Car Precedent

While the Precedent has a more circular bumper, the Club car tempo has a more aggressive appearance with a more angular bumper. Its 2-passenger capacity and USB port it’s perfect for individuals or couples. 

With a 4-passenger seating capacity, the Precedent is an excellent option for families or groups of friends. The panels are made of a bendable and flexible material that will bend when hit.

This cart has an enclosed battery compartment, which means less corrosion and staining from battery acid spills.

Built Quality

Frames are made of aluminum in both carts, making them lightweight and easy to move.

Built Quality

The body of the Precedent is made of flexible molded plastic, making it resistant to impact and wear. A comfortable ride is guaranteed thanks to molded seamless vinyl seats.

Tempo Built Quality

Variations Offered

The Club Car Tempo is offered in Electric and Gasoline variants. Because of this, there are slight differences between these two.

It has a single-cylinder OHC, a 429 cc engine on the gasoline car, and a 6.0 gal fuel tank. In contrast, there’s no engine in the electric vehicle at all. No fuel tank. No governor gourd either. 

The electric car has a 48 VDC 13.5 amp DC high-frequency solid-state charger, and gasoline cars don’t need a charger. The electric car offers. 

  • 7-speed settings: 5-15 mph. 
  • 2 acceleration settings:  Traditional and Aggressive.
  • 3 pedal-up braking modes: none, mild, and aggressive. 

Apart from these, here are the similarities:

Club Car Tempo And Club Car Precedent similarities


The club car tempo features proven engineering, durability, and a distinctive modern automotive design.

This cart speeds up to 15 mph, 3.3 HP in the electric model and 14 HP in the gasoline car, ground clearance of 4.5 in, and powerful batteries give you the most comfortable ride! 

On the other hand, the Precedent speeds up to 19 mph and thrives on high terrain climb with its 14 HP engine.

Steering on both of these is self-adjusting. Tempo offers rear wheel mechanical drum braking while the Precedent offers dual rear wheel cast iron drums and a single brake pedal. 

Club Car Tempo or Precedent: Which Golf Cart Should You Get?

By now, you are aware of their main differences, outlined in this article. It’s time to decide which Club Car Tempo or Precedent is best for you.

The Tempo might be a good option if you’re searching for a small vehicle that is easy to maneuver in tight spaces. 

On the other hand, the Precedent might be a better choice if you want a slightly bigger vehicle with more features and options. It’s up to you to decide, as both are customizable.

Club Car offers both cars in electric and gasoline, so there’s sure to be one that fits your budget and lifestyle. You know the facts; the decision is yours.

Frequently Asked Questions

If you’ve come this far with us then surely your curious mind has some questions. To make it easier to pick between Precedent and Tempo, let’s go through some common queries people have in different matrices:

How long would the battery last on the Club Car Tempo?

The new AC Li-Ion battery system for Club Car Precedent allows for 36+ holes on one charge, minimal maintenance and 50% electricity cost savings. It’s an upgrade from flooded lead-acid batteries.

How can I make my Tempo Faster?

You can add new tires, or add more torque to your golf cart, upgrade your golf cart’s motor or use a higher-powered golf cart battery. Another way is replacing shocks with new ones.

How Can I Tell if My Club Car Is a Tempo or Precedent?

Check the serial number. This can be found under the dash on the passenger’s side. The model code is the first two letters of the serial number. If it’s a PH, you have a Precedent. If it is a BN, it’s a Tempo.

How do I adjust the governor in a club car’s tempo?

You can adjust it using the adjustment screws you’ll find at the lower front of the motor leveled as “governor.” Turn clockwise to speed up and counterclockwise to reduce the engine speed.

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