Adjusting EZGo Brakes On Your Cart: Everything You Must Know

To adjust the EZGo Cart brakes, you need to carry out a series of functions. It would start with finding and rotating the adjustment screw, including testing the brake pedals. The process would end with testing the effectiveness of brakes on flat surfaces. 

Adjusting EZGo Brakes On Your Cart: Everything You Must Know. Improper brake adjustment harms your safety. We’ll take you through a comprehensive guide regarding EZGo brake adjustments. Therefore, let us begin!

Adjusting EZGo Brakes On Your Cart

Why Is Adjusting Your EZGo Brakes Important?

The efficiency of the braking system is crucial while you drive your golf cart. It affects the braking performance and compromises your safety while riding. That said, it’s not limited to performance and safety issues.

Here are some of the factors for which you need to adjust your EZGo brakes:

Decreased Stopping Ability  

Decreased Stopping Ability  
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Brakes stop being functional is a huge indication of existing faults. One of those faults is when your EZGo brakes delay stopping the cart. 

In such cases, even if you keep thrusting the paddle, there will be delays in stoppage.

As a result, moving around with the EZGo carts in public will always be risky in crowds or on the slopes.

Uneven Break Wears

Uneven Break Wears
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The piston failing to engage properly causes uneven brake wear, impacting the braking output. 

It is one of the root causes of untimely brake pad failure. You must need brake pad replacements in the case of such occurrences.

Grinding Sound 

Grinding Sound 

There are often instances of grinding or squealing sound when you apply brakes. It is the outcome when there are misaligned brake pads or excessive wearing. 

EZGo golf cart brakes aren’t free from this, and any such sounds mean brake replacement or a need for new alignment. 

Inconsistent Braking

Inconsistent Braking

The cart may exhibit uneven braking when the EZGo brakes are faulty. During these issues, situations like jerky rides make it tough to control the cart. As a result, you’ll often need help to maneuver the golf cart.

How To Check If Your EZGo’s Brakes Need Adjustment? 

Figuring out the need for adjustment is crucial before going for a fix. It is important because it will help you decide whether to adjust or replace the brakes. That said, here are some of the directives to check if EZGo brakes need adjustment. 

  • Place the cart on a flat surface and turn it’s motor off
  • Find out the brake pedal and press it firmly 
  • Notice whether the brake is functioning and engaging with the cart smoothly 
  • If your cart stops after covering distance, the brake needs adjustment 
  • Release the pedal and notice whether your cart is rolling freely
  • No resistance even after releasing the paddle means the EZGo golf cart brakes must need adjustments

Tools And Parts Needed To Adjust EZGo Brakes  

After detecting the need for brake adjustment, you must gather all the required tools. It is an essential process as selecting the right tool saves time and makes the adjustment efficient.

Below here are the essential tools for adjusting EZGo golf cart brakes:

  • Hydraulic Jack
  • Socket Wrench 
  • Spanner Sets
  • Adjustable Wrench
  • Wheel Chocks

How To Adjust EZGo Brakes On Your Golf Cart? 

The EZGo golf cart has a unique drum brake system, which needs proper alignment for expected functioning. 

But while adjusting the total system, you must consider two aspects of brake adjustments. We’ll be discussing those in the sections below:

Adjusting Rear Drum Brakes On Your EZGo 

Firstly, adjusting the rear drum brakes on EZGo Carts should be the priority. Check out the step-by-step process below for a better understanding:

  • Step-1: Ensure that the golf cart doesn’t roll by block placement near the rear wheels
  • Step-2: Find out the adjusting screws located on the back of the brake drum
  • Step-3: Tighten or loosen the adjusting screws by rotating clockwise/anticlockwise 
  • Step-4: Try adjusting the brake shoes until you notice a drag while the wheel is spinning
  • Step-5: Redo the steps on the other brakes
  • Step-6: Figure whether brakes are giving the desired outcome by releasing the parking brake 

Adjusting The Front Disk Brakes On Your EZGo

After handling the rear drum brakes, you should take steps to align the front disk brakes in your EZGo cart. The steps in these process are described below:

  • Step-1: Make your EZGo cart stable by leveling it with the ground
  • Step-2: Make the adjusting bolt visible by removing of rubber plug from the brake calipers 
  • Step-3: Rotate adjusting bolts on either side to tighten or loosen them
  • Step-4: Try to align the brake pads until you notice the slight drag 
  • Step-5: Use a similar approach on the other side of the cart and release the brakes to see whether they are functioning correctly 

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Unadjusted EZGo cart brakes require immediate fixing, but the approaches for fixing may confuse you. We have answered some of the common queries to help you understand those. Let us have a look at those.

Is there a reset button on the EZGO golf cart?

The reset button in the EZGO golf cart is located around the main battery supply. It’s small and red and always has a cover over it.

How long do golf cart brakes last?

A golf cart brake can usually last between 1.5-2 years. However, a lot of internal and external factors will have an impact on the lasting duration.

What are the indications of bad golf cart brakes?

When your golf cart brakes are bad, initially, it will make a grinding sound. Furthermore, you’ll notice reduced stopping power, increased braking distance etc.

Final Thoughts

Functioning brakes are necessary for your safety in your Ezgo cart and the cart’s performance.

In this regard, you must take the proper approach for aligning front and rear drum brakes.

We hope that helps your case, and if there is any need for clarification, please let us know.


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