How To Perform Club Car OBC Bypass In Easiest Way?

To OBC bypass your Club Car golf cart, you will need to find the 12 gauge black wire that is connected to the charger receptacle and connect it to the battery 6 negative terminal.  

The Club Car is one of the most famous golf carts out there but the OBC can sometimes cause issues with charging which can be a massive problem. So, when this happens you will need to bypass the OBC. 

How To Perform Club Car OBC Bypass In Easiest Way?

What is OBC Bypass In Club Car?

The On-Board Computer, or OBC, in a Club Car golf cart is in charge of overseeing and controlling the procedure for charging the cart’s batteries. The OBC monitors the battery charge and guards against either overcharging or undercharging.

However, sometimes you may need to eliminate this OBC from your Club Car which is known as OBC bypass. 

In the bypass process you will either bypass the OBC which means it stays in your cart but doesn’t have any function or you completely remove it from the charging circuit

This alteration enables a direct link between the charger and the battery pack. Thus, as a result the charger can directly charge the batteries without needing any signal from the OBC.

How To Bypass Club Car OBC Properly?

How To Bypass Club Car OBC Properly

Bypassing the Club Car OBC doesn’t take long but the process is technical as it involves lots of wires and connections.

Any misconnection and you can end up damaging the whole charging circuit. So, you must be very careful in following the steps.

Step 1: Open the plastic cover

Open the plastic cover
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First, open the plastic cover in your club car and access the battery and charger connections.

Step 2: Remove batteries

Remove batteries
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You will find 6 batteries inside the cover, remove the wires of the two middle batteries and remove them. 

You will need a socket wrench to remove these bolts. After removing the batteries you will see the panel that has OBC installed. 

Step 3: Find two 12 gauge wires

Find two 12 gauge wires
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Open the bolts holding the panel and pull it down, you will see two 12 gauge black wires connected at the back of the OBC. 

One wire will go all the way to the battery negative terminal on the controller and another will be connected to the charger receptacle. 

Step 3: Bypass the OBC

Bypass the OBC
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The black wire which is connected to the charger receptacle; unplug it and connect it to the battery 6 negative terminal using a ring terminal on it. 

After bypassing the OBC, place back all the batteries that you have removed previously and plug all the wires back in place.

Why Should you Do Club Car OBC Bypass?

Bypassing OBC on a Club Car is a bit of a difficult process, so it is common for you to think why you should even Bypass it in the first place. But, it comes with some advantages which we will discuss below.

You can use any charger you want 

This is probably the biggest advantage of bypassing the OBC. If you wish to use a new charger for your Club Car in case your older charger is damaged, you can’t unless you bypass the OBC.

A non-OEM charger won’t be able to detect the battery bank voltage and won’t begin charging in Club Car models manufactured in 2006 and after if the OBC is not bypassed.

You also won’t be able to use the OEM chargers even in older models without bypassing as rather than using its own charging profile, the linked charger is going to stick to the OBC’s instructions.

Problematic OBC

Sometimes, the OBC can malfunction and start to cause problems with charging. You can replace the OBC with a new one but that will be an expensive fix. 

Thus, rather than fixing it you can just bypass it and keep charging your Club Car like before.

Extend the battery life

Often it can be seen that aftermarket chargers can improve and extend the battery life of your club car. So, in order to use these chargers you will need to bypass the OBC.

Tips To Prevent Problems When Bypassing Club Car OBC 

Working with any electrical connections requires proper skills and knowledge. These tips below will help you bypass the OBC easily without any trouble.

  • Get a circuit diagram for your Club Car mode and study the connections properly before performing OBC bypass.
  • Turn off your Club Car and remove any chargers before accessing the internals.
  • Do not pull off any wires as it can damage the wires which can lead to electric shocks.

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If you do not properly bypass the OBC on your Club Car, you can end up damaging the whole circuit along with the batteries. So, you need to properly understand the whole procedure. Keep on reading the FAQs below to know more.

Will It Void My Warranty If I Bypass The OBC In My Club Car?

Yes, generally it voids the warranty if you bypass the OBC in your Club Car. It also voids warranty if you attempt to modify any electrical system on your cart. So, the best option is to contact the dealership and be sure before performing any modification. 

Is It Possible To Revert The OBC Bypass?

Reverting an OBC bypass in a Club Car is quite easy as you will just need to replug the 12 gauge black wire that you have previously opened and connected with the battery terminal.

Will Charging Efficiency Be Improved In My Club Car Through An OBC Bypass?

If the OBC was malfunctioning and causing issues in the charging system, then it will improve after bypassing the OBC. However, it can also happen due to issues in the battery and the charger so you will need to troubleshoot these components also.


OBC bypassing can fix a lot of charging issues on your Club Car especially if the OBC is malfunctioning. 

However, it is important to be very careful while doing these as any wrong step can completely damage the electrical circuit on your golf cart.

Additionally, also make sure to follow all safety precautions when working with the electrical circuits.


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