Callaway Epic Flash vs. Sub Zero: Which Driver Wins?

Throughout the years, Callaway has introduced us to great drivers, so we understand why it’s tough to choose between Callaway Epic Flash And Sub Zero, as the two are receiving praise for their performance. Fear not! Because we’re here to solve your confusion.

The main difference between Epic Flash and Sub Zero is that Sub Zero is designed for lower-handicap players, and Epic Flash is for mid to high-handicap players. This core difference comes with other variances like performance, sound, feel, adjustability, and technology.

Do you know what’s interesting? We have compared every factor of these two drivers so you can buy the driver you need without spending much time choosing the right one. So, what are we waiting for? Let’s jump right in to help you with the solution.

Callaway Epic Flash vs. Sub Zero

Overview of Callaway Epic Flash Driver

Callaway’s first Flash Face, with a new version of jailbreak technology and a lighter carbon fabric- the Epic Flash has been getting critics’ praiseworthy reviews since its release on 1 February 2019.

Epic Flash Driver was created for more speed and distance, but it ended up being forgiving as well.

That’s why golfers are enthusiastic about using this golf driver and how it allows golfers to have a higher launch for balls.

It even received 20 stars out of 20 in the Golf Digest hot list, which sets the bar too high for Epic Flash Driver. So, without delay, let’s see what the raving is about.

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Overview of Callaway Mavrik Sub Zero Drivers

When Callaway declared Sub Zero a game-changer technology, they were serious because Sub Zero is living up to that hype.

Epic Flash and Sub Zero were released on the same date, but Callaway went for a lower spin and higher launch power with Sub Zero.

They even added a different weight system to balance the center of gravity for better performance.

Now the question remains, What makes Sub Zero unique if Callaway has already introduced us to many good drivers? Well, to clear up the wind, here are the pros and cons of Sub Zero.

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Callaway Epic Flash Vs Sub Zero: Quick comparison

You must wonder if both drivers have so many benefits to offer. Then which one should you go for?

To clear out your confusion and help you make a decision, let’s take a glance at the differences between Epic Flash and Sub Zero –

Basis of differenceEpic FlashSub Zero
SubstanceIt’s made from 595C Super Aged Forged Titanium & a new type of T2C Triaxial Carbon Made with Titanium frame and carbon composite panels
TechnologyFlash Face and Jail Break technology with AIAI and Machine learning with unique Flash Face
Price pointHighHigher than Epic Flash
Lie Angle5856.5
ForgivenessHighLower than Epic Flash because of less spin
Launch AngleHighLow
Feel and SoundA modest crack sound; not hollow or loudLouder metallic tone 
WeightA 16g moveable weight14g and 2g
Head Volume460cc460cc
Player HandicapIdeal option for mid to high handicap playersMainly designed for low-handicap players
FlexRegularLight, Regular, Stiff, X-stiff

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What Are The Differences Between Callaway Epic Flash and Sub Zero Driver?

Now that you know what Epic flash and Sub Zero offer and the key differences, you must be pondering how to decide which is better, Right?

Don’t worry! I’ve compared every aspect you need to know to choose which one you should pick.

Design and Look

Whether it’s Epic Flash or Sub Zero- both the golf drivers stand out for their unique color combination of black, green, and yellow.

Callaway Epic Flash

But Callaway has tried experimenting with the Sub Zero look by not using the same old look as Epic Flash.

Instead of Green and white pinstripes, they have gone for solid green and bold yellow lines. And it makes Sub Zero look more appealing.

Moreover, Sub Zero is distinctively smaller than Epic Flash in size. Because of being smaller, Sub Zero tends to be more feasible for lower handicap golfers.


Epic Flash and Sub Zero offer different performance features. If you’re a golfer who wants more forgiveness, a higher trajectory, and to cover more distance, then Epic Flash is the right choice.

But if you want a more fierce ball fighting with a lower spin rate, only think a little and go for Sub Zero. Sub Zero provides players with the total control they need to play golf.

Sound and Experience

Sound and Experience

New players sometimes need help understanding how drivers and how they hit the ball can make you feel good about the game.

That’s why they sometimes choose Epic Flash to cover more distance and forgiveness.

Whereas for professionals, the experience is as significant as the game. So, Sub Zero gives a better feel than Epic Flash.

And the logic behind that is Sub Zero delivers feedback to the players about whether they are playing right or wrong. If they need to improve. And as mentioned before, Sub Zeros are more workable.

As far as the sound is concerned, Epic Flash makes more of a soothing sound that’s not loud or silent. 

Golfer Handicap

We want our scores to be higher in the real world. However, in the golfers’ world, the lower the handicap, the better the golfer you are.

Sub Zero is designed for lower-handicap players, whereas Epic Flash is designed for mid to high-handicap players.

Epic Flash makes the ball too easy to hit with its jailbreak, AI, Flash Face technology, and forgiveness. And this takes away the opportunity for a golfer to increase his utility and potential.

Sub Zero also has unique technology and adjustability. Still, it doesn’t take away your potential but helps you grow as a player by giving constant feedback and increasing.


In both golf drivers, you can set to hit a ball right, left, low, or high however you want. The hosel even lets you change the loft.

Epic Flash has a 16g moveable weight, which players can shift to hone their ball flight. Sub Zero has two weight systems. So, you can effortlessly optimize the ball flight while controlling lower spins.

Many golfers don’t appreciate how the sweet spot of the Epic Flash is closer to the heel, making it difficult for them to play. There is no problem like this in Sub Zero.



Callaway used Machine learning and AI to create the new Flash Face in the Epic Flash Drivers. They designed this to discover the finest face design to improve ball speed whenever players hit it with the drivers.

Though the Flash Face technology is the same for both drivers, Callaway used the latest and final design for Sub Zero after running several designs on supercomputers. That is why Sub Zero has more elevation in the center.

Now, you can guess why players don’t complain about the sweet spot of Sub Zero, like Epic Flash.

Callaway Epic Flash or Sub Zero: Which Golf Driver to Choose?

If you’re still reading this article, you want to know the answer. Which one is the real deal? As both the drivers are designed for two different types of players, it is hard to choose.

We already know Epic Flash can provide more forgiveness and distance. And Sub Zero controls ball flight and maintains a lower spin rate. So, If you must choose one, I think Sub Zero is the one you should go for. Because-

Sub Zero is designed for lower-handicap players, professionals will choose Sub Zero over Epic Flash. But even if you’re new on the field, Sub Zero will allow you to hone your potential by giving constant feedback and increasing workability.

Despite having the same technology, the finest version, you can find on Sub Zero. Moreover, Sub Zero is smaller in size, and it has a more modern look.

I hope this will help you to choose the best golf driver. Let us know in the comment which one is your favorite. Happy Golfing!


No matter which golf driver you choose, people tend to have more queries about the drivers they buy or don’t. Here are answers to more questions that people frequently want to know about.

Are Epic Flash and Sub Zero beginner-friendly drivers?

Sub Zero is designed for lower handicap players, whereas Epic Flash is for mid to high-level golfers. So if you compare them, Epic Flash is more beginner friendly. However, if you want to improve yourself, you can choose Sub Zero, but it’s definitely for more skilled players.

Epic Flash or Sub Zero, which one creates more spin?

Epic Flash creates more spin than Sub Zero. Sub Zero is one of the golf’s lowest-spinning driver heads. Because Sub Zero is created to increase workability.

Are Epic Flash and Sub Zero the most accessible golf driver to hit straight?

As low-spin golf balls go straight than higher-spinning balls, it is natural that Sub Zero is the most accessible golf driver to hit straight than Epic Flash.

Between Epic Flash and Sub Zero, which one is more forgiving?

The lower spin rate of Sub Zero makes it less forgiving than Epic Flash. Epic flash provides more distance and forgiveness.

Do Epic Flash and Sub Zero provide feedback?

Only Sub Zero provides feedback for players on whether they are playing well or badly or if they need to improve. That’s why professional players prefer Sub Zero more.

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