TaylorMade SIM2 vs. Titleist TSI3: Which Driver Would Be a Better Choice?

Drivers are not the same as Irons, and you need to consider a few different things when buying a driver. Two of the most popular drivers in the market are Sim2 and Tsi3. So, finding the best one can be confusing. Thus what is the difference between Taylormade sim2 vs Titleist Tsi3?

One of the main differences between Taylormade Sim 2 and Titleist Tsi3 is that Tsi3 has an adjustable weighting compared to non adjustable weighting in Sim2.

So if you are confused about which driver to buy, we are here to discuss all the differences between these two drivers. Keep on reading to know more.

TaylorMade SIM2 vs. Titleist TSI3
TaylorMade SIM2 vs. Titleist TSI3

Taylormade Sim2 Vs Titleist Tsi3: Comparison Table

In our comparison table below, we will discuss all the quick differences between the Sim2 and Tsi3 drivers. 

CriteriaTaylormade Sim2Titleist Tsi3
WeightNon Adjustable Adjustable
SoundLess than Tsi3louder
Length45.75 inches45 inches
Loft 8,9,10.5 degree8,9,10 degree
Swing speed113.2 mph100 mph
Carry distance281-294 yards258 yards
Launch angle13.3 degree13.4 degree

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What Are The Differences Between Taylormade Sim2 and Titleist Tsi3?

By now, you already know the basic differences between these two drivers in our comparison table above. But it is essential to understand the differences in complete detail before you choose the best driver for yourself.


One of the key differences between these two drivers is that the Titleist Tsi3 comes with an adjustable weight compared to the non adjustable weight of Sim2.

With the Tsi3 driver, you can fine-tune your swinging technique thanks to the changeable CG weight that takes into consideration balanced, heel, and toe strikes. 

An adjustable driver, where you may place additional weight on the clubhead’s heel to produce a more significant draw bias, will help you straighten out those strokes if you struggle with slicing off the tee.

The Sim2, on the other hand, has a set mass that can enable the ball to go to a greater distance.


Sound doesn’t technically affect the overall performance of your gameplay, and it’s more of a preference. When talking about sound, the Tsi3 has a more powerful sound. 

The hit has a roaring mid-bass tone and is somewhat louder than usual at the center.

In contrast, the Sim2 driver produces a less loud sound than the Tsi3 driver. You will hear a semi “crack” at impact and experience feedback on your hands.

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The length of both the Titleist Tsi3 and Taylormade Sim2 is nearly identical. However, the overall length of the Tsi3 is a bit longer than the Sim2.

Generally speaking, the possibility for improved distance increases with the length of your golf driver. 

Similarly, you are likely to develop more precision and accuracy the shorter you go. Therefore, every inch that is put into your driver shaft will lead to a boost in club head speed of approximately 1 mile per hour.

So, the Tsi3, due to its longer length, provides a longer carry distance compared to the Sim2 driver. 

Swing Speed

Another important factor when choosing a driver is the swing speed. The Taylormade Sim2 has a higher swing speed than the Titleist Tsi3.

This rapid speed is a result of the head’s construction and the hollow the SpeedPocket creates, which enables the face to bend more. 

With such a quick swing, the SIM2 appeared to have greater spin control, which naturally led to the improved total distance.

In contrast, the Tsi3 has a slower swing speed, but because of this, amateurs will be able to manage them better.

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Launch angle

For a given club head speed, a positive attack angle improves launch angle and decreases spin, resulting in more distance Plus spin.

Sim2 and Tsi3 have virtually comparable launch angles, while Tsi3 has a slightly greater angle.

The ball hits the ground more quickly, the lower the launch angle. Therefore, you may anticipate that Sim2 will move a little bit closer to the ground than Tsi3.

Carry Distance

The ball’s carry is the distance it travels in the air. Sim2 has a greater advantage over Tsi3 in terms of carrying distance due to its greater carry distance. 

Driver’s capacity to translate clubhead speed into ball speed results in the distance. The Sim2 can quickly provide a longer carry distance because of its swing speed and high launch angle. 

However, Tsi3 has a lesser carry distance while having a more significant launch angle than SIm2 due to its lower speed.

Taylormade Sim2 or Titleist Tsi3: Which One should you choose?

Taylormade Sim2 and the Titleist Tsi3 both are excellent golf clubs in terms of overall performance. However, you must choose the one which best serves your requirements.

Now, if you want a driver who has more carry distance because of its flat face design and low weight, the Sim2 is the best choice for you. Due to its low weight, it is also a better choice for beginners.

On the other hand, if you want the full customization option over your driver, then the Tsi3 is an excellent choice. It offers adjustable weight, and you will find more loft options.

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Down below, we will talk about all the Faqs which might be wandering around your head after reading our guide so far.

Is Taylormade Sim2 faster than Titleist Tsi3?

The Taylormade Sim2 has a higher swing speed than the Titleist Tsi3. This high swing speed is due to the low weight of the Sim2 and the flat-face design. Additionally, the longer length of the driver also plays a vital role in the faster speed.

Are SIm2 and Tsi3 beginner-friendly drivers?

Both SIm2 and Tsi3 are beginner-friendly drivers, and they are used by both pros and amateurs.
However, beginners will feel more comfortable playing with the Sim2 driver as it comes with a low weight which makes it easier to control for amateur players.

Are Tsi3 and Sim2 both weight adjustable?

Unlike the previous models of the Sim, the Sim2 is not weight adjustable. In comparison, Tsi3 is weight adjustable which gives the option to customize the driver in any way the player wants to. Adding extra weights can ensure the golfer hits straighter shots.

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