Ping G400 vs. G400 Max Driver| A Comparative Analysis

As a beginner golfer, choosing between G400 and G400 Max is challenging because it is not easy to find the differences. Sometimes the professionals are also in a dilemma between both drivers. But honestly, these drivers are different in many ways. 

The significant differences are G400 has a 445 cc head size and is suitable for mid-handicappers. In comparison, the G400 max has a 460 cc head size and is perfect for high handicappers. 

However, we have researched these drivers and made a comparison and differences. We hope our debate on these Ping drivers will help you to find a suitable match. 

Overview Of Ping G400 Driver

Ping launched the golf driver in 2017. It offers thinner aerodynamics with a streamlined shape that decreases drag to resist fluid between the ball and the ground. 

Nonetheless, the G400 comes with a T9S+ forged face for promoting ball speed and robust build quality. This driver includes a profound CG location for perfect shots. 

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Overview Of Ping G400 Max Driver

Ping introduced the Max driver in 2018. This driver has tungsten weighting and high density. Moreover, it includes rib architecture for intense frequencies. 

Also, it offers solid turbulators and good ball velocity. The driver provides T9S forged face and a new pattern for producing straight shots and friction. 

Ping G400 vs G400 Max: Quick Comparison table

To find the perfect golf driver, the best thing you can do is to compare these drivers. We have compared all basics and features of both drivers in the table. 

FeaturesPing G400Ping G400 Max
Loft angle9° and 10.5°9° and 10.5°
Head volume445cc460cc
Length45.75 inches45.75 inches 
MaterialTitanium Titanium 
Lie angle59°58°
ForgivenessMOI over 9,000 cmMOI over 9,900 cm
Backspin2390 RPM 2520 RPM 
Shaft flexAdjustable Adjustable 
Swing speed162.1 to 153.9 mph161.7 to 156.6 mph
CompatibilityMid-handicap playersHigh-handicap players 
Weight265 grams 271 grams 
Swing weightD3D3

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What Are The Differences Between Ping G400 and G400 Max Driver?

As these drivers belong to the same brand, you might think all features are similar. But both drivers have differences, like lie angle, weight, design, performance, compatibility, and head volume. Let’s dig into the differences. 

Head Volume

The G400 has a head size of 445 CC that minimizes spin rate and provides low launch capacity in fast swing speed.   

Whereas the G400 Max includes 460 cc head volume. It ensures extraordinary forgiveness and steady distance and is best for off-center strikes. 

Thus, the difference between both head sizes is almost 15 CC; in this way, G400 Max has better forgiving capacity and speed.

Lie Angle

Ping G400 Max comes with 58°, producing straight and medium ball speeds. It can be a good choice for new players.

On the other hand, G400 offers 59°, good ball speed, and accurate shots. And the G400 Max is suitable for high-quality players. 

Build Quality

Both drivers provide the best technology and the highest playability. Also, these are made of Titanium, one of the best golf driver materials. 

Still, the G400 Max comes with a more advanced build quality than G400 because they upgraded its frequency, distance, and spin rate.

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Ping G400 comes with a solid and easy-to-use design. Along with that, you can use it while training and practicing. But it won’t be perfect for regular playing sessions or competitions.

In comparison, the G400 Max includes a durable design. You can also use it without hassle. 

Moreover, it has the most robust design of Ping drivers. Choosing this driver can make your competition easier because it has the most comfortable grip. 


Most tour players use the G400 Max and recommend it for professionals because it ensures solid performance.

Luckily, it balances the ball flight. Its impressive ball spin, flight, energy, and far traveling distance make it different from other drivers. 

Furthermore,  the G400 offers slow performance and can’t travel far distances. Practicing with this golf driver can be easy and steady, but it’s not a good choice for tournaments or PGA tours. 


The G400 has an MOI (‘moment of inertia’) capacity of over 9000 grams per square centimeter. In comparison, the G400 Max includes MOI readings of more than 9900 grams per square centimeter. 

Ping G400 forgives enough to increase twisting resistance and promote ball energy and good performance.

But the G400 Max offers the highest resistance power and flawless energy to keep your shots steady and accurate. 

Swing Speed

When it comes to swing speed, G400 has 162.1 to 153.9 mph, and G400 Max offers 161.7 to 156.6 mph. 

The lower the swing speed is, the further your ball can travel. Here, the G400 Max can reach far distances at a low rate, whereas the G400 can travel a short distance at high speed.

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To be honest, the G400 Max has been designed for high handicappers, ranging from 19 to 20.

Moreover, G400 has been made for mid-handicappers, who can play in the range of 9 to 18.


Ping G400 provides a 2390 rate per minute. Whereas the G400 Max has a 2520 rate per minute, it can go through the air effortlessly and reach near the hole.

In the case of backspin, the G400 has lower backspin, which means it can be challenging to go with the average landing angle. Also, it won’t be easier to get closer to the hole.


When it comes to weight, the G400 is 265 grams, and the G400 Max is 271 grams. Though the G400 Max is only 6 grams heavier than the G400, it makes a noticeable difference. 

This way, the G400 Max is heavyweight and produces excellent ball speed and flight. Ping G400 comes with a lighter weight to produce average flight and speed. 

Ping G400 and G400 Max: Which Golf driver To choose?

If you are a beginner or mid-handicapping player, then Ping G400 is the best one for you because it has low backspin and high swing speed. These features help to promote ball speed and improve playability. 

In comparison, Ping G400 Max is a perfect choice for professionals and experts. Also, the high handicappers can choose it for the excellent backspin, better swing control, and further distance travel.  

Both golf drivers have better features but are made for different players.

All in all, the G400 Max is good for high-ranking and expert players because it needs skilled golfers to handle high backspin and large head volume. The G400 is suitable for mid-ranking and new players.

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When buying these drivers, you might think of some unanswered questions you can find anywhere. Let us answer the intriguing questions.

Is the Ping G400 driver suitable for beginners?

Yes. It has a beginner-friendly driver and features low back ball spin, good forgiveness, also great ball speed control. All these features help new players to improve their playability.  

Are the G400 and G400 Max drivers durable?

Yes. These Ping drivers are durable. However, they are made of titanium with premium air, rust, and water resistance. They can last for 3 to 5 years if you store them carefully.  

How good is the Ping 400 Max driver?

The Ping 400 Max is an incredible ball flight and speed. Also, it comes with high forgiveness and a straightforward launching trajectory. This driver is well-known for its all-around swing performance.

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