Riviera Country Club Membership Cost: A Look at the Price of Exclusivity

Riviera Country Club membership cost varies depending on the various types of membership plans. The initial cost can be $200000 to $300000. Moreover, each member has to pay annual dues per year to continue their membership.

Along with this fixed cost, there are some additional charges too. This will be applied while enjoying any extra amenities from the club including food and beverages, pool, etc.

So, the club membership cost depends on the packages that you want to buy. To explore it in detail, let’s see all of their membership options and facilities.

Riviera Country Club Membership Cost

Types Of Membership Riviera Country Club Offer

Riviera country club offers several membership types including associate member to member for a particular facility. Moreover,  younger and senior citizens have different membership options.

  • Golf: A member under golf privilege will be able to enjoy playing golf. But he/she will be restricted from tennis facilities.
  • Tennis: Under this membership option, one can enjoy playing tennis in the club. But there will be no facilities to play golf.
  • Golf-Tennis: As the name suggests, this membership includes the privilege of playing both golf and tennis.
  • Junior: People under the age of 30 can join Riviera country club under this membership option. This is for a senior member’s spouse or a child who can enjoy all facilities just like his parents.
  • Club Social: This membership provides limited facilities for golf and tennis playing. But the member can participate in all types of gatherings and social events arranged by the club

Cost of Riviera Country Club Membership 

The cost of membership in Riviera country club can vary depending on what type of membership one is willing to have. 

The initial cost can be around $2,50,000 and the annual dues around $40000. Well, let’s discuss the cost in detail.

For Golf facility

Riviera country club has all modern golf facilities and lessons. You can find them on their websites

For full golf equity, the members have to pay an initial charge of $1,85,000. In addition to it, the members also have to pay annual dues which is around $24500.

For Junior membership

Junior membership cost a little lower than the full golf equity. The initiation cost is $30000 and the annual membership dues are about $5000 per year.

For social dining members

Even if a member doesn’t want to play golf or be a Junior member, he/she can be a social member of the club and enjoy fine dining facilities. 

For five-star dining amenities, a swimming pool, and other benefits, one has to pay $10000 initially and then $3000 as annual dues.

Facilities A Member Gets From Riviera Country Club

Along with the golf-playing facilities, the club also offers many other amenities to its members.

The benefits that you’ll get as a member are literally value for money. Here’s what you can enjoy by being a member of Riviera country club.

  • The club offers five-star dining facilities for the members and the guests. Any members are welcome to enjoy the food along with their family by providing the required charges.
  • Members can swim in the high-end swimming pool of the club.
  • Drinks and beverages are offered by the club.
  • Various lessons, clinical facilities, and golf carts will be provided by the club.
  • Depending on the type of membership, one can play golf, tennis, or both. However, it’s worth mentioning that many of these amenities may cost extra.

How To Become A Member At Riviera Country Club?

Even if you manage to afford the excessive cost of Riviera Country Club, you can’t be a member of this club on your own. 

According to the rules of the club membership, you must qualify for the following parameters. 


To become a member of Riviera country club, one must have two sponsors who are already a member of the club. 

Moreover, the sponsors must be a member for at least one year. Otherwise, the sponsorships won’t be granted.

Letter of recommendation

The sponsors must certify that they know you for a minimum of three years. They’re also questioned about the applicant’s character, personal credentials, etc. 

Furthermore, they also have to attend to five critical questions about the applicant’s characteristics to prove that they’re well-known to each other.

Review and payment

The letter of recommendation and the report from the sponsors will be then sent to the membership committee. 

They’ll review the application and the answers thoroughly. Then if everything seems okay, the Board of Governors will approve it. 

Finally, after making the necessary payment, one can be a member of the Riviera Country Club. 

Can You Play Golf At Riviera Country Club Without A Membership

Yes! You can play golf at Riviera country club without being a member of the club. There are different ways, which obviously are not so easy and need a plethora of money too. Let’s explore the ways now.

Invitation from a member

If you know any current members of the club, you can get access to it. There are about 1500 members in the club and all you need is one invitation from any of the members. 

You can check their policy for welcoming guests at their official site. There are many people out there who are open to sending invitations too. 

However, you have to pay the green fee of $350 excluding the tips or cuddy fee.

Sponsor charity

By buying charity sponsorships, you can get access to play golf at Riviera country club. The cost will be around $2000 to $4500.

The amenities that will be provided in this offer can vary. Anyways, you must check regularly to find out when they’re accepting sponsorships.

Participating in PGA

Anyone with sufficient money can participate in almost all PGA tournaments. 

You have to be updated about the tournament details and requirements and thus you can apply for a spot in the event. 

This may cost $5000 but you’ll get a chance to play at Riviera country club without being a member of it.

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Riviera country club is extremely elegant and maintains strict rules and regulations. Let’s explore some of the interesting facts about this club that you must know.

What are the extra costs of Riviera Country Club?

The extra cost of Riviera Country Club includes dining and entertainment, swimming pool facilities, caddies, and a golf cart. Moreover, bringing any guest attending any social events or annual meeting will also cost an extra charge.

Who are the members of Riviera Country Club?

Mostly Hollywood celebrities, prominent CEOs, and high-profile public figures become members of Riviera country club. Some of the most popular figures in this club include Peter Falk, Dean Martin, Walt Disney, Jack Ging, etc.

How many members does Riviera Country Club have?

Riviera country club has around 1500 listed regular members. This number is extensively higher compared to other clubs or courses in California. Riviera is always one of the top choices for high-profile people. In fact, many celebrities remain on the waiting list for a while to get a membership from the club.

Final words

Becoming a member of Riviera country club is not only a matter of money. Rather, you must maintain a high lifestyle and have a strong network to get access to this club. 

However, if you’re struggling to apply for a sponsorship because of sponsors, you can contact the club authority and they will contact you with some members who may help you.

Reference: https://countryclubprices.com/riviera-country-club-membership-cost/

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