Titleist SM7 vs. SM8: Find the Perfect Wedge for You

Wedges are the most reliable option for chipping the golf ball to perfection. These are good for playing shots in the sand and help in the sharp rise in the ball’s flight. Having said that, the Titleist SM7 and SM8 are some of the finest options, yet they have their differences. 

The core difference between these two wedges is the center of gravity. Titleist Vokey SM8 comes with a better forward CG that helps it have 7% more MOI than SM7.

But that’s not all. Some other factors differentiate these wedges, which we will discuss in this SM7 Vs. SM8 writeup. Therefore, stay with us till the end of this article. 

Overview of SM7 Wedge

The Titleist Vokey SM7 is one of the genuine wedges that give the chance to score clubs with accuracy. It comes up with all those features that give golfers the maximum opportunity of club scoring.

It has an incredible outlook and comes with the brushed steel and black version. Moreover, it has a design that comes with lovely detailing.

The feel of the wedge is excellent, and it ensures maximum spin control compared to its previous versions.

Most importantly, it comes with parallel face textures, which enables an improved shot dispersion and also helps in maximizing spin.

The center of gravity is dependent mainly on the loft types. Moreover, there will be a lot of variations to choose from, and these wedges provide a decent range of shots compared to their contemporaries.

Overview of SM8 Wedge

The main attraction of this version is the improved center of gravity. It is what makes it stand out from Titleist SM7.

This wedge from Titleist comes with six grind options offering much versatility to the player in his gameplay.

Also, it comes up with four different finishes, enabling the player to choose from many styling options.

The stability and the control that this wedge provides are superb and unprecedented. Players will have a crisp feeling while hitting shorter chips with a club having this wedge. Also, the sound and feel of the shots will be very appealing. 

When it comes to the center of gravity, this wedge tries to project it forwards. And that results in a higher MOI. Moreover, the consistent center of gravity makes it a prospective option.

SM7 Vs. SM8: Comparison Chart

The Titleist Vokey SM8 is just the upgraded version of the SM7. Therefore, there are similarities and dissimilarities in their parts. Here, the comparison chart below shows the correct portrayal:

FlexS200Regular, Stiff, X-Stiff
Length35” – 35.75”35.75” – 35”
Grind Types66
Loft46, 48, 50, 52, 54, 56, 58, 60, 6246, 48, 50, 52, 54, 56, 58, 60, 62

What are the differences between SM7 and SM8 wedges?

Both the Titleist SM7 and SM8 wedges come with differences and similarities. The core difference involves the center of gravity. Here is the list of those differences below:

Center of Gravity

The CG, or center of gravity, is crucial when selecting golf clubs and wedges. It influences the ball’s spin, launches, trajectory, and also forgiveness. That said, it plays a significant role in maintaining the club’s stability and wedge.

Between the CG of both these wedges, the Vokey SM8 has the edge over the SM7. The CG was on the lower side for the Titleist wedges for previous models. But with the SM8, that wasn’t an issue.

Titleist added a hosel on this wedge model, making it possible to move the CG forward. It eventually resulted in the increase of MOI to 7% more than that of SM7.

Moreover, the increase in MOI played a big part in increasing the forgiveness of the wedge. There is also a tungsten weight on the club head. As a result, the shots’ forgiveness will increase on both sides.


The finish on the wedge mainly plays a part in the overall outlook and touches. It also has a lot to do with how the wedges will feel in the longer run.

Choosing the wedge with the right finish depends on the player’s preference. However, it is crucial to know the long-lastingness of each type of finish. 

In between the SM7 and SM8, the Vokey SM7 comes with two types of finishes. Whereas with the SM8, you will have four different options.

Given the greater number of finishes available on SM8, it has finishes that are long-lasting compared to SM7.


In the case of golf wedges, some options would be forgiving enough to improve the gameplay. Generally, forgiveness means a shape or design that reduces the chances of poor shots.

A wedge that is forgiving is equipped with a larger face. And between the SM8 and SM7, the first one is the most forgiving option. That said, the SM8 is one of the most forgiving wedges in the entire Vokey series of wedges.

In comparison, the SM7 might be more forgiving compared to the SM5 or SM6. But it falls short of SM8 in this regard.

Ball Speed

The ball speed varies in the case of both these wedges depending on the loft. Generally, apart from one or two exceptions, the SM8 generates greater ball speed than the SM7. It is based on the loft angles of the wedges.


The Vokey SM8 is the latest version and is pricier than the SM7. That said, the difference in the pricing of both these models is around $40. You can get a Vokey SM8 for $160.

In comparison, the price for the Titleist SM7 is about $120. The difference isn’t that glaring, but it depends on your budget and the type of wedge you plan to buy.

SM7 or SM8: Which wedge to choose?

When it comes to short or long chips, the SM7 or SM8 are class-leading wedges that aim to provide the desired output.

To choose between these two, you need to ascertain the type of gameplay you prefer. The SM7 offers more customization options and is also cheaper than the SM8.

But the Titleist Vokey SM8 is more focused on giving an improved output. It offers increased MOI and better CG, which provides better stability.

Anyway, the main aim of this SM7 vs. SM8 writeup was to inform you about the core differences between these wedges.

We hope we were successful in that. Still, if any issue arises in understanding anything, do let us know.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

Apart from the differences mentioned above, there are aspects that most players ponder about the SM7 and SM8. Some of them are discussed below:

Do The Titleist Vokey SM8 And SM7 Come With Spin-Milled Grooves?

There are spin milled grooves in both these wedges, which are well inspected. Each of these grooves is examined to determine whether the grooves are in perfect condition.
That said, the grooves play a big part in the higher rpm of the ball when the shot is played.

Are SM8 And SM7 Heat Treated?

The Titleist SM8 and SM7 are heat treated before they are shipped out for the market. Applying the heat treatment process ensures that the wedges’ lifetime is increased with long-lasting spins.

Between SM8 And SM7: Which One Has More Ball Spin?

The higher ball speed results in a higher ball spin. It eventually means that the Vokey SM8 produces more spins than SM7, apart from a few exceptions.

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