Callaway Mavrik vs Mavrik Max Driver: A Detailed Comparison

When looking for a high-quality golf driver, Callaway is one such brand that will definitely attract your attention towards it. But, among Mavrik Vs Mavrik Max Driver from Callaway, which should you choose?

The head size is the fundamental difference between the Mavrick and the Mavrik Max. The Max comes with a bigger head and is designed to have greater accuracy and direction than the regular version. Whereas the Mavrik is a pitching wedge with a 41-degree tilt, thus allowing the ball more fly time.

So, if you are confused about which driver is the right choice for you, then you are in the correct place. Today in this guide, we will give you a complete comparison between Mavrik and Mavrik Max.

Overview Of Mavrik Driver 

Mavrik is the standard version among the total of three drivers in this series. It has a mild pull tilt and semi-spin thanks to Callaway’s new cyclone aero form, which has a straighter crown and a flowing outsole from front to rear. 

As a result, Callaway claims that the new design will increase club head speed over earlier versions.

Overview Of Mavrik Max Driver

The Mavrik Max has a mild pull tilt and semi spin because of the cyclone aero form, same as Mavrik, which has a straighter crown and a flowing outsole from front to rear. 

As a result, this new design will increase clubhead speed. This driver also has better forgiveness than the standard driver in the series. The sound is also quite nice. You may get ideal shorts from grassy fields because of the minimal spin.

Mavrik Vs Mavrik Max Driver: Comparison Chart 

Down below, we will compare Mavrik and Mavrik Max. So read the comparison chart below to see all the detailed differences between these two drivers.

SpecsMavrikMavrik Max
Moment of Inertia (MOI)Lower than MaxHigher
MaterialsFS2S TitaniumFS2S Titanium
Sound Less loudLouder
Center of GravityHigher center of gravityLower center of gravity
Weight5g weight portInterchangeable between 14/17g
Ball SpeedHigher LoftLower Loft
Forgiveness 14g14g

What Are The Differences Between Mavrik And Mavrik Max Driver? 

So far, we have seen basic differences between Mavrik and Mavrik max drivers. Now we will go into depth differences between them. 


There’s a lot of air behind your clubhead and the ball when you swing for the hedges, and it has to be redirected quickly once you pull the trigger. Despite the Maverick Max being heavier than the Maverick, the clubhead is the same at 460cc. Drivers with a displacement of 460cc offer more forgiveness.


The greater the MOI value, therefore more resistance the club possesses and the more forgiving it is. High MOI is a beneficial thing among most golf players. As a result, Mavrik Max will provide you with a greater MOI than Mavrik.


The majority of today’s drivers have titanium or hybrid tips. Titanium’s popularity stems from its strength, durability, and reduced density. Both the Mavrik Max and the Mavrik are built of FS2S Titanium, which is stronger than standard titanium.


It’s more about mental and personal happiness than performance when it comes to sound. When compared to these two drivers, the Mavrik Max has a louder and more pleasing sound.

Center of Gravity

The center of gravity, or CG, is essential in determining how simple it is to achieve perfect launch circumstances for a golf shot. All golfers will gain an advantage from a lower and backward center of gravity. The Maverik Max has a lower CG than Mavrik.


It’s evident that a stronger driver’s head can assist you in hitting the ball farther, and Mavrik Max’s clubhead is heavier than Mavrik’s.


Golf clubs with forgiveness allow golfers to level the club, stand up, hit the ball taller, and eventually hit strokes that are farther and cleaner. The Mavrik Max is more forgiving than the Mavrik.

Ball Speed

The golf club’s loft is the angular displacement between the flat part and the floor. The ball’s range is directly proportional to its loft; the lesser the loft, the farther the ball goes. 

Because of its lower loft, Mavrik Max has a faster swing speed. The Mavrik, on the other hand, has a greater loft and lower swing rates.

Lie and Loft

A driver with an improper lie angle might alter the shot direction. If your drives are too flattened, they will usually travel to the right; they will likely go to the left when they’re too vertical. 

The loft of the club determines how much of an influence the lie angle has on your game. The lying angle has a greater influence on a club with a higher loft. 

Thus, when comparing Mavrik Max to Mavrik, we can observe that the Max has a greater lie angle, implying that more perfect shots would go further. Despite the fact that their lofts are identical, the max series has a greater effect because of the higher lie angle.

Because the titanium mass aids get the ball out of bounds, the Mavrik’s 5-iron is 21 °, and the throwing wedge is 41 °. The 5-iron on the Mavrik Max is 23 °, while the throwing wedge is 43 °. On the other hand, the heads are bigger to be more forgiving.

Mavrik Loft & Lie Chart

ModelLoft (inches)Lie (inches)
9 inches8-1158
10.5 inches9.5-12.558
12 inches11-1458

Mavrik Max  Loft & Lie Chart

ModelLoft (inches)Lie (inches)
9 inches8-1159
10.5 inches9.5-12.559
12 inches11-1459

Mavrik Or Mavrik Max Driver: Which One Should You Choose? 

Now, to answer the main debate, which one you should choose between the Mavrik and Mavrik Max driver. Comparing overall specs and features in our Mavrik vs Mavrik Max comparison, we can see that the Mavrik Max is the better choice. 

It offers better ball speed and interchangeable weights and has a better MOI and CG. Moreover, due to the bigger clubhead, it also offers improved forgiveness. 

However, if you are a beginner or an amateur golfer, you can go for the Mavrik as it has a low weight and offers easy swings. It also comes at a pocket-friendly price without compromising any quality.


This section will look into a few of the frequently asked questions related to the Mavrik and Mavrik Max drivers. 

Do Mavrik And Mavrik Max Beginner-Friendly Drivers?

Both Mavrik and Mavrik Max are excellent drivers in terms of specs and features. However, if you are a beginner, the standard Mavrik will be a better option as it is beginner-friendly. Whereas the Mavrik Max is more intended for professional players.

Is Mavrik Max Faster Then Mavrik?

Mavrik Max has a higher ball speed than the Mavrik. It’s due to the lower loft and greater lie angle it has to offer. The lower the loft, the better will be the ball speed. Along with that, the high MOI helps the Max driver to travel further and eventually gives the ball more speed.

Which Golf Driver, Mavrik Max Or Mavrik, Has More Forgiveness?

The Mavrik Max was created for golfers who desire a club that is even simpler to hit and forgiving than the Mavrik Standard. You should anticipate more leniency from the Max driving driver since it helps you create greater speed and precision.

Is Both Mavrik Max And Mavrik Adjustable?

Mavrik Max and Mavrik are both adjustable. At 460 CC, the Mavrik Max driver is offered in a conventional loft of 9,10.5, and 12 degrees. An OptiFit hosel lets you alter lofts across a three-degree range along with the lie.

Mavrik Max Vs Mavrik, Which Is Heavier?

Both of these drivers are made from the same grade of titanium. But, in contrast, the Mavrik Max is heavier with a standard down weight of 14g that’s also interchangeable. At the same time, the Mavrik has a 5g down weight.

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