Why Are Country Clubs Worth It? Things You Should Know!

Country clubs can be a great way to socialize and meet up with new people in the city and enjoy quality time with tons of exclusive features. Yet, having a country club membership is a big deal as it doesn’t come cheap. Thus, people always ask, are country clubs worth it?

Simply saying, Yes. Why shouldn’t you have a country club membership if you can afford it easily? A country club offers you to socialize with different types of people from different professions that can help you build a solid network base in the city. Besides, the variety of sporting facilities helps you enjoy your free time. 

Although country clubs in the US aren’t the same like before, you can still get benefitted. Today, we’re showing the facilities you can get from an American country club and how you can make yourself part of one.

Why Are Country Clubs Worth It

What is a Country Club and How It Works?

A country club is a certified group of people that keeps an interest in socialization, golf, community gathering, and several more elite private features.

Unlike any other social or golf clubs, country clubs aren’t made for any specific reasons.

People who seek multiple exclusive facilities in one place by purchasing a membership or share are the targeted members of any country club. 

Country clubs get funding by offering paid memberships to the elite or wealthy personalities of the country.

The main strategy of a country club is to offer most of the luxury facilities within a private area where only the selective persons are allowed to enter.

Apart from it, a country club organization can also sell the ownership share of the facility to run the community.

You can find many celebrities owning multiple shares of nearby famous clubs to spend quality time in private. 

Watch this video to know about the best country clubs across the world and their activities.

Country Club VS Golf Club; Know the Differences First

Although the main interest of many people in the current generation is the golfing facilities in country clubs, such clubs aren’t dedicated to golf or any other sport.

You can see several local and government clubs specifically for golfing, that we call golf clubs. 

There are vast differences between a golf club and a country club. Here are some of the major factors that separate country clubs and golf clubs.

FactorsCountry ClubGolf Club
Main PurposeTo serve members with premium facilities that also include golfingThe sole purpose is to help members play golf and polish their golfing skills
Club AreaThe country club contains golf courses, tennis courts, swimming pool, dining lounge, bar, etc.A golf club mainly has decent golf courses, dining facilities, and locker facilities.
EventsAny member can host an event in the country club regarding personal or national celebrations. Besides, country clubs also have their own monthly and yearly eventsGolf clubs throw golfing events and get-togethers for professional golfers pretty frequently.
Membership CostThe pricing of monthly membership of a country club starts from 300 to 400 USD.The average monthly fee to get a golf club membership is around 200 USD
Dress CodeA country club gives you strict dress code rules and regulations for each zone and event. In a golfing club, you can enter wearing any decent outfit. But you must wear only golfing suits on the golf course.

Are Country Clubs Worth It? 6 Big Reasons

Now, the big question is how worth a country club membership is for people like us. You can’t say anything unless you know the benefits you’d get by becoming one of the elites in the country club.

So, let’s know which reasons can make a country club membership worth carrying. 

All in One

You can have an interest in multiple things like literature, golfing, social networking, etc.

When you’re a member of a country club, you don’t have to go to different places for multiple interests.

Most A-class American country clubs offer you to enjoy each of your likings in one place. 

Building Relationships

Building Relationships

Some large country clubs can even have 100 members at a time. Most of them would belong from several places and professions.

If you are a regular in your country club, you could meet them, get along with them, and enlarge your social circle. 

Sharing the Same Interest

As country clubs consist of several sporting facilities and social lounges, you can easily find people who share the same hobby or interest with you.

By finding such people around you, you can feel like the club zone is quite friendly and fascinating. 

Exclusive Features

Every club or organization has its own unique features for their paid members. For example, Boca West Club offers members to enjoy family times with some exclusive options worth the money.

If you are able to pick the right type of country club for you, then you’d also get benefitted by those handy features only for you. 



After a long hectic week, you get to socialize with your circles when you spend your time in a country club doing something that soothes your mind.

Attending country club events also lets you meet up with people whom you couldn’t talk to often due to your tight schedule. 

Personal Space

Country club isn’t a place where anybody can get access. Only the certified members are allowed to enter any of the club facilities.

So, it’s pretty sure that no one would interfere with your personal space when you’re trying to give yourself some quality time. 

Should You Join a Country Club?

It actually depends on your affordability and daily schedule. We all know that country club memberships, whether it’s premium or general, doesn’t come cheap.

The fee is not usually affordable to avoid too much public gathering in the club. That’s why ask yourself these three questions first:

  • Do you earn enough to pay the country club bills?
  • Some clubs also throw events that are mandatory to attend; Do you have enough time to attend them? 
  • Finally, do your interests match with what the country club is offering? 

If the answer to all those questions are yes, then you should go for a country club membership. 

Factors to Know Before Joining Country Club – A Short Guide

Now, let’s assume, you’re ready to join a country club without any worry. It’s time to pick the right type of country club for you and your family.

At this point of discussion, let’s help you find the right type of club for you. Remember these basics while picking any membership of your nearby country club.

  • First of all, read their agreement form. Know what they’re offering and what they can do.
  • Compare the features and facilities and make sure they can help you spend the quality time you desire.
  • There should be no hidden cost. The monthly or yearly fees should be within your range.
  • Know who are the current members of the club and ensure they go with your standards
  • The mandatory meetings and parties shouldn’t hamper your usual schedule. 
  • The country club location shouldn’t be far from your home. 

How to Join a Country Club?

Joining a country club is pretty easy if you have the required documents and the application fees along with you.

But here’s a catch. If the country club you’re interested in isn’t run by the government or any central authority, you need to get an invitation from an existing club member first. 

Apart from it, you need to fill out the application form and note the recommendations from the running members.

At that point, make sure for which type of membership you’re getting recommended.

With that, you might also need to show your job details and bank info so that the board can consider your financial status. 

If the committee accepts your application, then you’d go through an interview where you need to state why you want to join the club.

When the interview result comes positive, you can pay the fees and become an honorable member of the club. 

Are There Any Negative Sides of Having Country Club Membership? 

Yes, as every coin has two sides, country club membership also has some drawbacks that you need to keep in mind before owning one. 

Mismatched Community

Usually, rich and wealthy people are the members of a country club. If your lifestyle doesn’t match with them, you’d be in trouble being a member. 

Non-Negotiable Cost

The monthly or yearly fees of a country club can’t be negotiated even if you’re having a tight month. So, if you fail to draw the amount to renew the subscription, you’d be outlisted from the club. 

Strict Dress Code

Clubs have some strict dress codes that you need to abide by. Also, the voluntary jobs and cultural programs always require your presence. An absence for a long period of time due to personal issues might pause your club subscription.


There are so many confusions regarding country clubs in people’s minds as the real meaning of the country club has changed quite a bit in recent times. Thus, let’s answer some of the frequently asked questions. 

Are Country Clubs The Same As Cultural Clubs?

Definitely, No! Country clubs are far different from cultural or social clubs that host sessions on literature, culture, society, etc. The objectives of country clubs are vast where the wealthy personalities often spend their free time. 

What Is The Point Of Being In A Country Club?

The reason for being a part of a country club can be anything. It can be either golfing or spending the weekends with family in the club facilities. You can get several exclusive features by being a member of the country club.

What Is A Country Club Outfit?

Each country club has its own dress code. Some prefer formal whereas others can also allow members to wear casual outfits. But every facility or zone of a club also has its own rules regarding members’ outfits. 

Final Words

There was a time when only upperclassmen had country club membership in the US. But the time has changed, anyone with financial affordability can achieve a premium country club membership. 

If you are still confused about whether to be a part of a country club or not, we’d say just go for it if your monthly income can cover the cost. 

Because the rich features you’re getting from a country club are comparatively far better than any golf club or local club. So, be wise and don’t hesitate as country clubs are actually worth it. 

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