Ping Rapture V2 Driver vs. G25: Which One Reigns Supreme?

Are you currently looking into Ping drivers? PING Rapture v2 and PING G25 are great drivers to choose from. However, are you unsure about the core differences between them?

The main difference between Ping Rapture v2 and G25 is their outer appearance. The Ping G25 driver has a classy matte black finish, while the Ping Rapture v2 has a quite colorful finish. Another major difference is seen in their construction materials.

There are some other differences that we will cover in this “Ping Rapture v2 Driver VS g25” comparison guide. So, if you are interested in learning more about them, we advise you to continue reading.

Overview Of The Ping Rapture V2 Driver

“A driver that screams perfection!” In terms of looks and performance, it has wow-ed us. Manufactured back in 2008, the driver gives off a modern and traditional look at the same time, thus allowing it to stand out.

The driver is well forgiving, as it is made up of a combination of steel, titanium and tungsten. The tungsten weights come in handy in lowering the COG of the driver.

 This allows the Ping Rapture v2 to hit great distances and increase swing speed. Here is a list of things we liked and disliked about the Ping Rapture v2 driver.

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Overview Of The Ping G25 Driver

The Ping G25 driver is a driver that is for everyone, let it be beginners or professionals. The engineers have made sure that it is a driver that can be used for everyone by making it more forgiving.

They provide a brilliant sound at impact, almost like music to one’s ears. Also, the black matte finish of the driver oozes confidence. Here is the list of things that we liked and disliked about the Ping G25 driver.

Ping Rapture v2 VS G25 Driver: Comparison Table

Now that you have a good overview of both the drivers, let us take a glance at this comparison table. It highlights some of the differences between the Ping Rapture v2 and Ping G25 Drivers.

FactorsPing Rapture v2 driver Ping G25 Driver 
Weight 200g205g
MaterialsSteel, titanium and tungstenSteel
Distance CarriedMore Less
Shaft MaterialSteel and GraphiteGraphite
Ratings4.3 out of 54 out of 5

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What Are The Differences Between The Ping Rapture V2 Driver And The G25?

There are some differences that need to be stated in detail for these two drivers. We have researched and found out these core differences between the Ping Rapture V2 Driver and the G25 Driver.


These Ping drivers are quite old, if we were to compare them with recent drivers. Currently, their existence on the internet market is quite low. However, due to their popularity, some still exist.

The Ping Rapture v2 currently costs $129.99, whereas the Ping G25 costs from $169.99 to $249.99.

In terms of price-vs-performance, we believe the Ping Rapture v2 is much more superior. However, these prices might fluctuate with time, so keep an eye on that.

Materials that make up the driver

The Ping Rapture v2 has been modified and uses tungsten, titanium, and steel for its core materials. On the other hand, the Ping G25 driver only uses steel as its core material.

The core material used for the Ping G25 driver is steel. However, the finish of the G25 driver isn’t quite as smooth as we expected it to be.

Whereas, the use of three different metals for Ping Rapture v2 allows the center of gravity to move slightly up and stay in an ideal position. This produces much higher launches and increased MOI.

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In terms of performance, the Ping Rapture v2 outplays the Ping G25 by a large margin. We tried to measure the average number of yards received after hitting the ball after checking through multiple data.

We saw that the Ping Rapture v2 was able to reach an average distance of 270 yards. While the Ping G25 Driver found an average of 240 yards.

The distance difference is quite significant as Ping Rapture v2 is seen to add extra yards to all our tester’s swings.


This is where we believe Ping Rapture v2 tends to back off from the debate. There is no doubt that both drivers are good, but in terms of consistency, slight alterations were seen.

If you are someone who is starting out or might be spending a lot of time, Ping Rapture v2 might be a problem.

Here, the Ping G25 is slightly better as it is able to produce more consistent shots on average, even after missing the sweet spot.

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The Ping Rapture v2 has a lighter head and yet a high MOI. This resists twisting of the driver, resulting in high forgiveness.

Whereas, Ping G25 added weights on the clubhead  enhances the swing speed and also, distance.

If we were to compare, both are equally forgiving. However, the Ping G25 is slightly more forgiving due to its minimal speed loss after impact.

This results in pure energy transfer to the ball, resulting in long distances. Plus, a higher MOI allows for a swifter swing of the driver.

Ping Rapture V2 Driver Or G25: Which Golf Driver To choose?

Both Ping Rapture v2 and Ping G25 are great drivers to own but certain differences make them suitable for certain golfers.

If you are a golfer who plays regularly/ professionally, owning a Ping Rapture v2 might be a better choice.

Whereas, if you want to try out golfing, Ping G25 is a nice option. Its design to its forgiveness in its materials makes it a great driver to choose. Its distance is quite long which is also a plus point.

We suggest you buy these drivers second hand if possible. These are quite old drivers, and wasting bucks on buying new ones would be a waste as you can get better drivers than this. It would be a waste of $500 dollars if you buy brand new drivers.

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frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

Even after reading this full article, you may still have some questions lingering in your head. Do not fret at all! We have arranged some FAQs for you to clear all your doubts.

Which one is more beginner friendly: Ping Rapture v2 Driver or the Ping G25 Driver?

We believe the Ping G25 driver is a good driver for someone who is just starting out. Its design is specifically curated for golfers of any skill level. Still, this driver targets a much younger audience. On the other hand, the Ping Rapture V2 driver is more of a professional one.

Which one was used more by the professionals: Ping Rapture V2 driver or Ping G25 Driver?

Ping Rapture v2 was used more than Ping G25 Driver. This is due to its forgiving nature of the driver, allowing less resistance during swing. Thus channeling more power into the driver and allowing it to hit larger distances.

Which one has a higher trajectory angle after impact: Ping Rapture V2 driver or the Ping G25 driver?

Ping Rapture v2’s design allows it to achieve higher trajectory angles. Its distribution of titanium allows the tungsten weight to be redistributed evenly. This ensures more MOI and hence a higher trajectory angle.

Are these drivers still manufactured: Ping Rapture V2 driver and the Ping G25 driver?

Currently, their manufacturing by Ping has been discontinued. However, they are still up for grabs in the market. One can purchase them from eBay, Amazon, or local golf stores for a much cheaper price.

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