Single Bend Vs. Double Bend Putter: Ultimate Comparison

Are you always falling short on the last part of the game of golf? Are you confused about which bend putters are best suited for you? Can you decide between the single bend and double bend putters?

The main difference between them is that a single bend has only one bend while double bends have two.  Another difference is that double bends are more suited for players with small hands, whereas single bends are mostly for large hands.

There are a handful of differences between them. In this article, we will explore all of them and give you a clear comparison between the single bend and double bend putters. 

Single Bend Vs Double Bend Putter

Overview Of Single Bend Putters

Single bend putters have one bend, from the grip to the club head. This allows the putter’s head to be placed behind the golfer’s hand. Thus, an offset nature is created. 

The unique design allows the golfer to easily square the club with the golf ball at impact, allowing a smooth shot to take place. Let us look at the likes and dislikes of single bend putters.

Overview: Double Bend Putter

Double bend putters have two bends, with one being near the club head and the other near the grip. This again causes the club head to be placed behind the hands, creating an offset.

This putter is well known for its straighter shots. Let us list the likes and dislikes of this type of putter.

Single Bend Vs Double Bend Putter: Comparison Chart

We will briefly list all the major differences that are present between single bend and double bends. However, we advise you to read further if you want to know more in detail.

CategoriesSingle BendDouble Bend
Putter HeadOffsetOffset
Price range<$260<$300
Loft3 degrees3 degrees

What Are The Differences Between Single Bend and Double Bend Putter?

Generally, these two types of putters do not have quite as many differences when you look at them at a glance.

The differences start to pop out only when they are being used. Subtle changes between these putters make them different from each other.


Single bend putters are well crafted with forgiving materials. One of their most rated products, Spider FCG Putter #7, is just and has adjustable weights for the mallet for golfer’s convenience.

On the other hand, the Spider Tour Black, a well rated double bend putter, is made out of an aluminum core.

It also has a chrome finish steel shaft. This will enable you to have a good experience while using the putter.


The prices of these putters aren’t extremely expensive. They roughly range between 200-300 dollars for the newer ones, while the used ones are a bit cheaper.

If we compare single and double bend prices, good single bend putters can be easily affordable for 250 dollars.

On the other hand, a well rounded double bend putter would cost an average of 290 dollars.


In terms of stability, double bend putters win the debate. The S bend nature of the putter reduces rotation, thus resisting turning off the putter after a stroke.

A person is able to grip the club at a more neutral position, compared to the single bend putter.

However, this does not mean that single bend putters aren’t stable enough. In comparison with double bends, they are a bit behind. 

FactorsSingle BendDouble Bend


Stiff putters allow more control on short-distance strokes. Therefore, it is often seen that the flex appears to be either stiff or N/A while buying single or double bent putters.

However, flex in putters can be a good aid for training. Here is a video explaining the benefits of flex putters, and how they help in the long run of putting.

MOI (Moment of Inertia) Generated

More often than not, mallet designs are more prevalent in double bend putters, whereas single bend putters generally lack that.

The mallet design distributes the weight towards the lower end, therefore lowering the center of gravity.

Hence, more distance is covered when a ball is hit with a double bend putter, even when the ball does not hit the sweet spot.

This gentleman’s video clearly explains the necessity of moment of inertia in putters and why one should choose their putters wisely. 


The mallet-shaped designs of double bend putters catch more attention. Therefore, this puts more pressure on the golfers. This often results in the golfer missing their shots. 

On the other hand, single bend putters are clean and have elegant designs. They have few complications, hence the golfer’s focus stays with the ball.

In terms of appearance-wise and confidence, single bend putters take this case.

Single or Double Bend Putter- Which one to choose?

This answer is something we cannot give to you. We can provide you with the facts and which one is more suitable for you. However, this will not fix your putter choice.

We would suggest you try out the putters yourself and see which one feels more comfortable and natural for you.

Even after that, if you are still confused, you could go for the double bent putter if you happen to be a beginner. 

Try out the single bend, if the double bend doesn’t feel like your type. We hope that we have shown the ultimate “single bend vs double bend putter” and you won’t need to go anywhere after looking at this article.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

Even after listing all the differences, your mind might still not get the answers to some simple questions. Here are some of our FAQs that should answer your queries.

Which one is more beginner-friendly- single bend or double bend putter?

Double bend putters are more beginner-friendly than single bends. This is because of the mallet designs seen often in double bends.
The weight distribution near the end of the mallet head helps in shooting straighter shots more consistently. whereas single bends are a bit hard to master.

Which one is used more by the pros- single bend or double bend putter?

Professionals mostly use the single bend putter over the double bend putters.
The reason behind this is the control that the single bend putter provides over the ball.
Golfers have more control over their shots and can vary their shots according to their needs and situation.

Which one is usually more expensive?

Both are equally expensive, to begin with. However, in terms of maintenance, double bend putters generally win the debate on the cost. Double bend putters have more complications than single bend putters.

Which putter will increase my shot accuracy percentage?

This will depend on the type of golfer you are at the moment. If you are a beginner or are fairly new to the game, try the double bend putter.
If you are quite experienced and are looking for more control over the ball, a single bend putter is probably your best bet.

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