Westchester Country Club Membership Fee [3 Things to Follow]

Thinking of socializing and enjoying some sports in your free time in Westchester? Well, then, you might want to check out the Westchester country club in Biltmore Avenue, Rye, New York. It’s one of the platinum clubs in the USA with very high-end facilities.

So, naturally, joining the club surely doesn’t come cheap. The Westchester country club membership fee can get around $100,000 for the initiation fee. Then you have to pay annual dues of $10000 to $15000 and some amount for the dining experience.

Still, you might feel lucky to be a part of this country club. Why? Because the club has a lot to offer. Let’s understand why paying that membership fee might be worth it.

Westchester Country Club Membership Fee

Membership Types of Westchester Country Club

Westchester country club is a bit different from many other clubs in the United States. They are known to be a family-oriented club, so they don’t have different membership categories in the club.

It only offers the classic family membership in its club with all the amenities and services. Simply put, membership should be enough to enjoy the club activities.

Westchester Country Club Membership Fees

Becoming a member at Westchester Country Club can be quite expensive and requires you to go through a pretty complicated process. Speaking of the cost, it can go from $100k to $200k for the initiation fee as a member.

Apart from that, you have to consider annual dues of $10k to $15k, along with the dining expenses added later. The dining expenses are constantly changing, so there is no definite amount there.

Once you become a member, you can enjoy the club’s amenities and services. There are no extra charges for enjoying the amenities in the club.

How To Become A Westchester Country Club Member? 

Apparently, becoming a member of the Westchester country club is not as easy as one would think. You can’t just become a member immediately, paying $100k and filling up an application.

Let’s get through the 3 things you need to follow to become a member of the Westchester country club –

Step-1: Networking and looking for a sponsor

The most important step in becoming a member of the Westchester country club is to find someone who can sponsor you.

They consider people for members who come with a few recommendation letters from the existing members of the club.

If you already have friends or relatives in the club, the process is much easier. Just tell them to sponsor you and write a letter of recommendation to get you into the club. Try getting as many letters as possible to increase your chances.

However, if you don’t have anyone familiar with the club, you will need to do some networking. Try connecting with existing members who will be willing to sponsor you.

Step-2: Apply for the club membership

Once you have someone to sponsor you, move on to applying for the membership. Get an application form, fill it out, and attach the recommendation letters. Sounds easy, right? Well, not really.

After applying for the membership, you have to wait a while to get accepted into the club. There is also a review process that you have to go through. Make sure to behave yourself while the review process lasts. Just don’t be a jerk.

Step-3: Getting accepted and paying the initiation fee

Lastly, if everything goes well and you pass the review, you can pay the initiation fee and become a club member. And that’s pretty much it.

Getting past the first two steps is the most crucial and tricky part. So, if you can get past that and have the initiation fee all prepped up, joining the club won’t be difficult.

Benefits of Joining a Westchester Country Club 

Many people consider being a member of the Westchester country club as “lucky.” That’s all because of the benefits and amenities you get to enjoy from becoming a club member. And as you got to know earlier, not everyone can be a member of the club.

Honestly, the benefits are truly worth paying the huge sum of money. So, let’s take a look at the benefits and services the club has to offer to its members.

Top-notch golfing activities

Top-notch golfing activities

Westchester country club is renowned and well worth the money solely based on the golf courses they offer. You can play in their high-end golf courses upon becoming a club member.

They have two different golf courses within their control. One is the south course which is a bit smaller. Apart from that, you can also join in some golf outings on the 18-hole championship courses.

Various sports activities

Various sports activities

Not into golfing? No worries because the club also offers tennis, squash, paddle, and a fitness center.

Each sporting activity has full-fledged support for the members with court availability, lessons, clinics, and team play.

Dining facilities

Dining facilities

You can enjoy exceptional food from a highly skilled formal or casual dining culinary team. It has availability for both a family dining experience as well as an intimate dining experience.

They offer four different types of dining experiences to the members. They have a Mahogany room, the Travis room, the Bowman room, and the gun club grille.

Hotel accommodation

Hotel accommodation

As a club member, you can enjoy amazing hotel accommodations with excellent services.

They have 40 guest rooms with different specifications and sizes. All of these rooms boast about comfort being the top priority.

There are several different types of rooms you can find in the hotel accommodation of the club. These are as follows –

Room typeDescription
Standard roomsIncludes a King size bed, working desk, bathroom amenities from Molton Brown, and cable TV.
Deluxe roomsUpgraded bright colors, premium appearance, walk-in shower, King Size beds, working desk, Molton Brown amenities.
Connecting roomsTwo standard or deluxe rooms connected with similar features.
Standard SuitesA room with a king size bed and bath or a room with two twin beds and a bath. Separate sitting space, flat screen TV, and work desk in each room.
Deluxe full suitesSimilar to standard suites, except they have a larger living area, one rollaway, and an HBO subscription on all the TVs.
Two-bedroom suitesSimilar to one-room bedroom suites, except it has an extra bedroom on the opposite side of the living area. Perfect for a family.
ApartmentsTotal 53 apartments with various specifications for particular needs. Members can either lease the apartments annually or get them for monthly rental.



Westchester country club also offers a banquet facility for its members. They can host events in the banquet hall, whether a special event or a wedding.

As long as they are a club member, they can host any event. They have two different rooms for this purpose.

You can get a Biltmore room with warm tones and stunning architectural prowess. It has enough space for 250, along with a dance floor.

On the other hand, the Westchester room is quite similar in a rich wood design and three large terraces to look towards the golf courses.

It’s a bit smaller with accommodation for 170 people, including a dance floor.

Separate beach club

Separate beach club

If everything else wasn’t enough, you could enjoy beach time at 199 Manursing Way, Rye, New York.

It’s a beach club completely separate from the main club. You can enjoy all the beach club amenities if you are a club member.

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Still, have some questions lingering in your mind about the Westchester club? Well, then, here are some common questions many people ask about the club and its membership.

Can anyone become a member of the Westchester country club?

No, not everyone can become a member of the Westchester country club. Only people having sponsors who are existing members of the club can get a membership in the club upon the payment of the initiation fee and annual dues.

How can you find sponsors if you don’t have any?

To find sponsors, you have to network a little. You can join charity events held by Westchester country club, such as the golf outing event. Also, you can join some of the city clubs as many people there tend to have memberships.

What events were held in the Westchester country club?

Westchester country club hosted many major events in the past, like US Women’s amateur golfing, Thunderbird Classic, and Senior players championship. Also, they held the Women’s PGA Championship on their golf courses.

Final Words

As you can see, the Westchester country club membership fee isn’t cheap. But is it a worthy investment? If you have the money, it is a worthy investment.

You get so many benefits and amenities from becoming a member of this club. You can’t get similar kinds of benefits from other cheaper clubs. That’s all we got to say about the membership costs.

Reference: https://www.westchestercc.org/

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