Cleveland RTX 4 vs. Zipcore | Which Golf Wedge Should You Choose?

Choosing the right golf club wedge takes work, as we have many options on the market. The RTX4 and Zipcore from Cleveland golf are the trendiest club wedge options. However, as you have to choose one, you should know their differences. 

The core difference when discussing RTX4 vs Zipcore is that the Zipcore can produce more spin rate than the RTX4. On the other hand, regarding ball speed, the Zipcore is way up to the mark compared to the RTX4.  In some facts, both the golf wedges are a bit similar. 

Keep going; this comparison article will cover almost everything you should know about the two club wedges. Keep on reading.

Overview Of RTX4 golf wedges

The RTX4 is an upgraded version of RTX3 and is suitable for the tour profile, which was missing in the previous versions.

Thanks to the ‘Rotex Face Technology,’ that not only improves the look of the wedge but also ensures optimal performance. 

According to a large group of professional and non-professional golfers, the RTX4 is one of the best-looking golf wedges Cleveland has ever made.

In addition, you can have the luxury of choosing from three different finishes that better suit your profile. 

Additionally, the golf wedge is up to the mark when producing spin. It can make predictable spin and give players complete control over how they play.

Besides, many loft options allow players to choose the right one and play better short approaches shots.

Overview Of Zipcore golf wedges

If you’re looking forward to having a simple yet classic design golf wedge, the Cleveland Zipcore is a way to go.

However, if ‘Zipcore’ is not written on the wedge, it will be challenging to differentiate it from the RTX4. 

Like the RTX4, the RTX Zipcore also comes with quite a few loft/bounce options. 

The RTX Zipcore can reduce vibrations while playing shots and improve the MOI on a large scale.

Furthermore, as it comes with numerous dynamic soles, players will find a lot of ease while playing to ensure the performance they expect.

But what about forgiveness? As the wedge ensures significant MOI, it will likely ensure better forgiveness. 

RTX4 vs Zipcore Golf Wedge; Comparison Chart

There is no hesitation that both golf wedges are decent enough in terms of performance. But, as you have to choose one, there are some distinctions that you should focus on.

And in the following part of this article, we will examine the facts that create differences between RTX4 and Zipcore via a comparison chart.

Spin RateLess spin.More of a spin rate than the RTX4.
DesignProgressive tour shaping design.Hollow cavity design.
Loft 46°,48°,50°,52°,54°,56°,58°,60°46°,48°,50°,52°,54°,56°,58°,60°,62°
ForgivenessAverage forgivenessMore forgiving than the RTX4
Grind options43
DurabilityLess durableMore durable
Feelcrisp “click”Improved feel and responsiveness.
AccuracyLess accuracyMore accuracy
DistanceCover more distanceCover less distance

What Are The Differences Between RTX4 And Zipcore Golf Wedge?

You’ve started to get the ideas to help you choose the best golf wedge from RTX4 and Zipcore. Now, we will discuss some facts from the comparison chart above more deeply below. 

Spin Rate

Discussing golf wedges but avoiding spin rate shouldn’t be the right approach. Instead, a spin rate is something we should emphasize when playing approach shots, chips shorts, pitch shots, etc. Your golf wedge should create more spin so you can hit the ball accurately.  

Regarding RTX4, the golf wedge provides average spin around the greens because of its incredible design. Thanks to the new grooves, that will also help produce satisfying spin.

But what about comparing it with Zipcore? 

The spin rate of the RTX Zipcore is way better than the RTX4. The reason behind the RTX Zipcore to ensure a better spin rate is that it comes with the Ulta Zip grooves. 

Furthermore, changes in the perimeter weighting can be another reason why the RTX Zipcore wedge is supposed to spin much more compared to the RTX4.

Additionally, the shaper and deeper the wedge’s grooves are, the more it can produce spin. And you can find this with Zipcore. 


There is no doubt that you need to be pretty accurate when you play pitch shots, especially around the greens.

In this case, it’s better to go with the golf wedge, which is good enough in terms of forgiveness. 

Now, if we compare the RTX4 with the RTX Zipcore, the second one is more forgiving than the first one.

Reasons? Thanks to the shaper and deeper grooves of the RTX Zipcore, it stands out regarding forgiveness.

Furthermore, the low-density aluminum core also plays a big part in ensuring better forgiveness. 

The RTX4, on the other hand, might fall short regarding forgiveness compared to the Zipcore. However, the forgiveness of the RTX4 is also decent compared to other blade wedges. 

In addition, better players who tend to gravitate towards this wedge style aren’t going to mistake their wedge shots due to stability.


No matter what type of wedge you buy, it must provide a smoother feel. At the end of the day, the excellent feel coming out from the wedge greatly impacts your playing experience.

However, when discussing feel regarding RTX4 and the Zipcore, both the wedges are up to the mark.

In the case of the RTX4, as it comes with the progressive tour shape design, it feels great in every shot you play with it.

On the other hand, due to more repositioned CG, Zipcore is also top-notch regarding feeling.

Moreover, according to many users, the RTX Zipcore is way up to the mark when it comes to feeling compared to RTX4. 

“It’s got great lines and that classic look you’d expect from Cleveland. I love the way it feels, I love the way the ball comes off the face, and I think you’re going to love it too.”

This is what Graeme Macdowell said about the RTX Zipcore.


Accuracy of shots depends on quite a few variables. However, as the RTX Zipcore is more forgiving, it is likely to be more accurate than the RTX4. The CG of the RTX Zipcore is back towards the center of the wedge. 

Besides, it has more added weight in the back higher side, which helps reduce mishits. Furthermore, the RTX Zipcore has more options than the RTX 4, which might provide extra benefits. 

On the contrary, the RTX4 is also well known for its accuracy and control. It might not be as good as the RTX Zipcore in this sense, but well enough.

Both the RTX and Zipcore come with different grind options suitable for any type of shot in any condition.


You want to use a good wedge for a long time, right? So, looking for durability is something you should always look for a wedge. The good news is that the RTX4 and the Zipcore are reliable regarding durability. 

In terms of the RTX4, due to the long-lasting laser milling, it provides the durability you want. 

In the case of the RTX Zipcore, it is one level up when looking for durability on the golf wedge. But what makes it more durable than the RTX4?

The carbon steel crystalline grain structure makes the wedge even more durable, removing the hardest wear. 

Since the RTX4 is more durable than the Zipcore, if you prefer durability, go with the RTX4. 

What Should You Choose Between RYX4 and Zipcore Golf Wedge?

After a few trials, we don’t doubt the quality of these golf wedges. Both are made of advanced technology and way up compared to other wedges on the market.

In addition, there is room for improvement for both wedges, and there is no confusion about this.

However, regarding RTX 4 vs Zipcore, if you think about forgiveness (you should think) more than anything else, Zipcore might be a better option.

And that’s the reason why most people prefer it. Besides, the more grind options are something you should consider about the RTX4. 

Moreover, RTX and Zipcore come in a similar price range. In this case, both wedges are valued for money.

Frequently Asked Questions

Let’s add more value to this article. This segment of our discussion will let you know the most asked questions by people who tend to buy the RTX4 or the Zipcore.

Is RTX4 Faster Than Zipcore?

Both types of golf wedges are well impressive regarding speed. However, the minimal speed with high forgiveness is essential in shorter shots. Regarding speed, the RTX Zipcore is far better than the RTX4. But the difference is not too much.

Is RTX4 or Zipcore a Beginner-Friendly Golf Wedge?

Regarding beginner friendliness, the Zipcore is slightly better than the RTX4. The Zipcore comes with impressive forgiveness might be a reason for this.
Due to excellent forgiveness, the golf wedge also provides proper trajectory control over the shots.

Is RTX4 Or Zipcore The Easiest Golf Driver To Hit Straight?

You will find more accuracy with Zipcore compared to the RTX4. So, it is more likely that it is possible to hit more straight shots with the Zipcode. The more accurate you are, the straight you can hit.

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