Project X IO vs. LZ: Find Out Which Shaft Fits Your Needs?

Project X IO and LZ are manufactured by a similar brand. So, it’s hard to compare them because most features are the same. But there are many different specifications in these shafts. 

The IO has more kick and high optimization technology. It is best for fast-swinging players. In comparison, the LZ comes up with less kick and loading zone technology, which is best for low-swinging players. 

So, it’s completely up to your expertise. Though the professionals choose IO, you can choose according to your playability. We’ve compared these shafts to help you to choose the suitable one. 

Project X IO vs. LZ

Overview Of Project X IO Shaft

Project X IO is quite similar to the classic PXI iron shaft. But the IO has precise weight and develops a better torque system. Moreover, it includes an easy-loading shaft profile and mid-spin rate. 

The ‘IO’ represents ‘Individually Optimized,’ offering a stepless white and gray design. This shaft has high forgiveness and great finishing quality. 

Overview Of Project X LZ Shaft

The LZ represents ‘Loading Zone’ technology. Project X LZ comes up with two types of shafts- steel and graphite. Additionally, it includes a sophisticated design and a smooth feel. 

This shaft offers amazing energy transfer and increases shaft load. It comes up with a stable swing speed and increases high playability. Yet, it is one of the most powerful shafts of Project X. 

Overview Of Project X LZ Shaft

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Project X IO vs LZ: Quick Comparison Table

Diving into the details and features of these shafts is necessary. It helps to understand the compatibility of both shafts with your playability. Have a look at the specifications. 

FeaturesProject X IO ShaftProject X LZ Shaft
Loft Angle25.7°16°to 46°
Kicking CapacityHighLow
Flex5.5 6.5
MaterialSteelSteel Graphite
Launch TrajectoryMid to high Mid Mid to lowMid
ForgivenessHighMedium to High
TechnologyIndividual optimizationLoading Zone
Swing Speed79 mph to 101 mph120 mph
Length36.5 to 40.5 inches36.5 to 40.5 inches
Weight105 grams 110 grams 115 grams110 grams115 grams120 grams125 grams

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What Are The Differences Between Project X IO and LZ?

To be honest, you must analyze a one-on-one comparison of these Project X shafts. Let’s get started with a comprehensive discussion on these shafts. 

Loft Angle

Project X IO shaft comes up with a loft angle of 25.7°. While playing with this angle, you can play on different launch trajectories, ensuring better distance. 

In comparison, LZ offers 16°to 46° loft angle. It depends on your launching capacity. However, it increases forgiveness and high playability. 

Kicking Capacity

One of the significant differences we have found is the kicking capacity. The IO provides more kick capacity than other shafts of Project X.

Kicking Capacity

Whereas the LZ offers less kick. For this reason, the IO produces a low launch, and the ball goes low through the ground to the hole. 

And the LZ produces a higher launch than IO and helps travel long distances. 

Flex Type

Flex Type

The IO golf shaft includes three flex types 5.5, 6.0, and 6.5. On the contrary, the LZ comes up with four flex types 5.0, 5.5, 6.0, and 6.5. 

If you look into the shaft flex guide, 5.0 is for regular flex, 5.5 is for regular plus flex, 6.0 is for stiff flex, and 6.5 is for extra stiff. You can customize the flex options according to your playability.

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Built Quality

These iron shafts have been made of sturdy materials, but there is a subtle line between their built quality. 

Most fast-swinging players prefer IO because it has been designed with a brushed chrome finishing type. 

In comparison, the LZ has chrome and blackout finishing types that support mid-swinging golfers to reach their preferred distance. 

Feel and Performance

When it comes to the feel of the IO golf shaft, it’s vibrant and smooth. This shaft has a comfortable release and grip feel. Also, it performs better than regular golf shafts. 

The LZ shaft provides a nice and soft feel. It ensures easy release. Thus, it offers more control over the ball shots and performs effortlessly. 

Launch Trajectory

If the IO is at the right hand, it ensures the launch trajectory of mid to high, mid, and mid to low speed. 

As a beginner, you can try it to determine your playability. Experts also use it if they control their launching force. 

On the contrary, the LZ only offers mid launching trajectory. This shaft is the best choice for mid-level or professional tour golfers.

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While the IO provides high forgiveness, the LZ comes up with mid to high forgiveness. So, the IO increases the distance better than LZ. 

Though LZ is an amazing shaft, IO also offers more strength and enhances the ball speed. 

Swing Speed

Swing Speed

The IO offers a swing speed of 79 mph to 101 mph. With a moderate swing speed, your ball can reach near the hole and produce straight shots. 

And the LZ provides a 120 mph swing speed. It makes LZ more efficient than other Project X golf shafts, and also you will get accurate shots.

Project X IO or LZ: Which Golf Shaft To choose?

Choosing the suitable one between IO and LZ depends on the player’s capabilities. 

The IO is a great shaft for players with stable swinging capacity; it also loves easy-to-load features, medium spin, and lightweight shafts. 

It optimizes individual shots accurately. We suggest choosing IO for fast-swinging and slow-tempo golfers. 

If you are looking for a golf shaft with a high shaft load and highly energetic features, then the LZ will be your best choice. Additionally, it has been constructed for low-swinging players.  

The IO is for fast-swinging mid-level players, and the LZ is for low-swinging professional players.

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By now, you’ve got a complete idea to compare these shafts. We are here to answer some important queries you should know before buying a suitable shaft.

Is Project X LZ steel or graphite?

Project X LZ offers both materials. However, steel shafts are more comfortable and have a smoother feel than graphite. But the LZ graphite shaft is lighter than the LZ steel shaft. 

Is IO smoother than LZ?

Yes. The IO offers a smooth and energetic feel and encourages better kick capacity. But LZ is slightly harsher than IO. Also, it has a low kick compared to IO.

Is Project X IO worth it?

Yes. It has a stepless brushed chrome finish, an eye-soothing design, and a gentle feel. Also, this shaft has excellent optimization that boosts the player’s capacity and reduces glares.

Are Project X LZ golf shafts good for wedges?

Yes, because it ensures 7% more energy transfer to get the perfect shots without ball dispersion. And its feel efficiency makes it good for wedges.

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