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Golfers are constantly looking for innovative technology that can improve their games. The Mavrik Max and Epic Max drivers from Callaway are two of the best-selling models that can meet golfers’ needs. But when it comes to choosing from the two, the question is which one is right for you?

There are a common question Callaway Epic Max vs. Mavrik Max Driver? The core difference between them lies in the structure and technology. The Mavrik Max uses Flash Face technology, which increases ball speed and also covers a larger surface area, whereas the Epic Max uses the Jailbreak technique, which increases the amount of energy transferred. 

This is just one point of difference. In this blog, we will discuss every bit of detail about these drivers. 

Epic Max vs Mavrik

Overview Of Epic Max Driver

One of the most recent products from Callaway Golf is the Epic Max driver. For maximum performance, it offers long-range, accuracy, and forgiveness.

The clubhead updated aerodynamic provides maximum ball speeds and makes swinging much simpler.

The club’s forgiveness and long-range capabilities are enhanced by the use of a high-tech composite material called “Triaxial Carbon,” which is incredibly light while still being strong.

The Callaway Epic Max driver’s exceptional quality for longer, smoother shots can help golfers of any skill level.

Golfers often choose it because of its high level of customization and cutting-edge technology.

epic max driver

Overview Of Mavrik Max Driver

When it comes to Mavrik Max drivers, it is easy to hit, thus offering more forgiveness.

The clubhead’s remarkable shape is optimized for airflow, and provides easy swing, and greater ball speeds.

The Mavrik Max driver is configured with AL (Artificial Intelligence) to artificially optimize the clubhead’s design and internal weights for top performance. 

The “Flash Face SS20” advanced technologies boost ball speed throughout the entire surface.

Additionally, this layout aids in reducing spin to increase accuracy and range. Thanks to the adjustable loft, this is a respectable option for any golfer.

Epic Max Vs Mavrik Max Driver: Quick Comparison Table

Here is a comparison table to get a quick and clear idea about the features of Epic Max and Mavrik Max drivers. It will help you to find out the perfect fit according to your requirements.

FeatureEpic Max DriverMavrik Max Driver
AdjustabilityChangeable boundary weightsInterchangeable weights
TechnologyJailbreak TechnologyFlash Face SS20 Technology
Sound and FeelMore muted sound and feelMore pronounced sound and feel
Clubhead SizeLarge clubhead including a forgiving sweet spotSmaller club head including a larger MOI
Color SchemeIconic blue and silverSleek black and orange
PerformanceMaximum range including high launch and low spin.Moderate range and high ball flight including high launch and mid-spin.
Suitable forBeginner or mid-level golfersSkilled or professional golfers
Sound and FeelMore muted sound and feelMore pronounced sound and feel
ForgivenessLess ForgivingMore forgiving
PriceExpensive than MavrikLess Expensive than Epic Max

What Are The Differences Between Epic Max and Mavrik Max Driver?

Both the Epic Max and the Mavrik Max drivers from Callaway are considered to be high-performance editions.

Although the difference between them is minimal, in this part we will discuss each point of difference in detail.


The form of the Epic Max driver is more angular, meanwhile, the shape of the Mavrik Max driver is a little more rounded and smoother.

The two drives do have various color schemes, though. The Epic Max driver is styled with the iconic color scheme of blue and silver.

In contrast, the Mavrik Max driver has a more conventional style, as well as a color palette that includes green and silver.

Design Technology

Design Technology

The Epic Max driver uses an AI-developed technology called Jailbreak A.I. Fast Frame that produces a more aerodynamic clubface to help the ball to transfer more of the player’s energy. 

Alternatively, the Mavrik Max’s Flash Face SS20 system combines machine learning to adjust the face’s shape as well as width to enhance ball speeds all over the surface.

FeaturesEpic Max DriverMavrik Max Driver
Clubhead Size460cc450cc
Clubface TechnologyJailbreak A.I. Speed FrameFlash Face SS20
MOIHighVery High


Both drivers have adjustable weighting to help golfers fine-tune the CG location for optimal ball flight and forgiveness. 

The Epic Max driver provides a greater degree of adjustability in both loft and lie angle, but the Mavrik Max driver provides a limited extent of adaptability in this area.

Loft Options

loft option

The loft settings for the Epic Max driver are more extensive than the Mavrik Max. If you have trouble getting the golf ball up in the air, then this will be a better solution for you. 

However, the Mavrik Max offers a slightly wider range of adjusted loft options, which will also allow players to have even more perfect control over ball flight. 

Sound and feel

There are notable differences between the sound & feel of the Epic Max and the Mavrik Max drivers, both of which can affect a golfer’s experience. 

The Epic Max driver gives a more modest sound and feels that allows the golfers more accuracy and less stress on the field. 

On the other hand, the Mavrik Max driver provides a more prominent sound as well as feel.

Epic Max or Mavrik Max: Which Golf Driver To choose?

Both the Mavrik Max and the Epic Max are top-notch golf drivers, but the best for you will mostly depend on your requirements and preferences.

Golfers who would like to swing longer, sharper drives will find the Epic Max to be a great choice.

If you’re a beginning or intermediate golfer and trying to better your game with high-tech, the Epic Max driver will be the right option to go with.

However, golfers who place equal value on distance and precision rather than speed will find the Mavrik Max to be the best option. 

If you’re a professional or a skilled player with a well-honed swing and reliable ball flight, the Mavrik Max driver will be a more suitable option.

Ultimately, both drivers provide great forgiveness and impressive performance; select the one which suits your swing the best. 


Hopefully, many of your doubts have disappeared by now. Here are some FAQs to know about some common concerns of people related to these two drivers.

Which driver is better for beginners between Epic and Mavrik?

The Epic Max driver is suitable for beginner players who don’t always make perfect contact with the ball.

The Epic Max driver’s wider clubhead and lower centroid make it feasible for beginners to get extra distance, especially on mishits.

Which of the Epic and Mavrik Max drivers has more adjustability?

The Mavrik driver has more adjustability choices than the Epic Max driver, allowing players to have great stroke shape and ball flight more easily. 

Which of the drivers of epic and Mavrik Max is better for low handicaps?

The Mavrik driver is a great option for golfers with low handicaps. Skilled players can benefit from its longer drives and straighter shots of its innovative clubhead design, customizable settings, and cutting-edge technologies.

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