Ping G425 Irons vs. G710 | Which One Better Fits Your Needs?

Ping is one of the oldest brands, having released its first set of irons in 1969. After that, they released a number of golf clubs with multiple features and specifications. Among them, the G425 and G710 irons are two of the most highly regarded clubs. 

Basically, both of these sets are game improvement irons and come with lots of common features. But there are also some key differences between them. For instance, the G710 irons are more forgiving and have larger clubheads than the G425 irons. 

However, Ping G425 Irons vs G710 Irons are crucial to be explained when you want to sort out either one of these two. So, read on to explore which set of irons will be the best choice for your game.  

Overview Of Ping G425 Irons 

Ping G425 is an inviting, forgiving iron set designed by PING especially for amateur golfers. It has a smaller club head than the G410 irons, which makes it more forgiving.

The clubface is made of Hyper 17-4 stainless steel to increase the ball speed while hitting the ball. It also features variable face thickness, which also provides the fastest ball speed.

Moreover, the set features a tungsten toe screw and hosel weighting that offer an impressive amount of forgiveness. It also helps to increase the level of MOI more than the G410 irons.

Furthermore, this iron set comes in a classy and compact size and design. They are very controllable and easy to hit, which helps beginners  improve their game. The G425 iron set can provide a longer distance with a fantastic sound and feel. 

Overview Of Ping G710 Irons

The G710 iron set comes with a surprising amount of forgiveness for high handicap golfers. It has a larger club head that provides higher ball flight and a longer distance. These irons are usually the game improvement irons. 

This set is relatively lightweight compared to the other club sets. The bodies are built of 17-4 stainless steel, and the club faces are made from maraging steel.

The maraging steel faces make them more flexible and provide a longer carry and a stronger launch. These irons also feature  tungsten toe and heel weights, which deliver 5% more MOI than the G700 irons.

Ping has also added a hydro pearl chrome finish on the bodies to repel the water and enhance performance in wet conditions.  However, they are considerably forgiving enough and come in a user-friendly shape.

Moreover, they will give you a better feel and sound. So, they can be a very good option for a player looking to enhance consistency and distance. 

Ping G425 Irons Vs G710: Comparison Chart

If you want to narrow down the best set of irons from these two, it’s crucial to compare the specifications of each with each other. So, let’s have a look at the comparison chart of G425 and G710 irons below:

Criteria G425 irons G710 irons 
Material (CLUB FACE) Hyper 17-4 Stainless SteelC300 Maraging Steel
Hand orientation LH/RHLH/RH 
Shaft option Two One 
Ball speed113.8 mph 135.8 mph
Swing speed 82-85 mph88-99 mph 
Forgiveness Less More 
Distance More (200 yards)Less (180 yards) 
MOI LessMore 
Spin rate 4871 rpm5826 rpm

What Are The Differences Between Ping G425 and G710 Irons?

Generally, the G425 and G710 are almost similar in their performance and specifications. However, they have some key differences that must be noted to narrow down the best set of irons. So, let’s see what makes the difference between them.  


The G710 irons come with a premium look, while the G425 irons look more classy. They also include larger club heads and longer size, compared to the G425 irons.

But both of them are cavity back irons, which makes them more useful to mid-to-high handicappers.  

Forgiveness and Distance

Both of these iron sets deliver a healthy amount of forgiveness. Therefore, according to  PING, the G710 irons are their longest and most forgiving set of irons. They can provide 5% more MOI than their predecessors. 

But when it comes to distance, the G425 irons are able to enhance a longer distance than the G710.

According to the famous golf coach Mark Crossfield, the G425 irons have a total distance of 200 yards. On the contrary, the G710 irons will deliver approximately 180 yards of the total distance.

Sound and Feel 

Because of the epoxy material injected behind the face, the G710 irons have a more muted sound and a softer feel.

At the same time, the G425 irons will also provide a smooth sound and feel while hitting a urethane-covered ball. 

Lie and Loft 

Lie and loft are the two most significant specs of a golf club. So, in the comparison of two competitive sets of iron, it’s very essential to figure out the differences between their lies and lofts.

LIE comparison chart

ClubPing G425 Irons Ping G710 Irons 

LOFT comparison chart

ClubPing G425 LoftsPing G710 Lofts 
#4 20.5°20°
#5 23.5°23°
#6 26.5°26°
#9 39.5°39°

So, as we can see in the charts above, the lofts of G710 irons are 0.5 degrees stronger than the lofts of G425 irons. 


Both of them are a bit pricey and have a similar price tag. Due to having some extraordinary features and using high-quality materials, they can cost over $1000.

Fortunately, the G710 and G425 irons are really worth the money if you’re able to choose the right one for your game.  

Ping G425 Irons or G710 Irons: Which one to choose?

The G710 will be the most suitable choice for beginners and high handicappers who are looking for a better amount of forgiveness and longer distance. They are a good choice for golfers who tend to have slower swing speeds. 

In contrast, the G425 irons are the best choice for the players of the mid-to-high handicap range who actually look for game improvement irons.

In short, these irons are recommended for those who value accuracy and consistency more than forgiveness.

However, we hope that the debate on Ping G425 Irons vs G710 Irons ends here as all doubts are already cleared.

So, now it’s your turn to choose the best set of irons for your game, and hopefully, it won’t be as difficult as earlier.  

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

By now, we’re going to cover some common questions based on the comparison of G425 irons and G710 irons. So let’s jump into the next.

Is The Ping G710 Iron More Forgiving Than The G425 Irons?

Both of them are almost equally forgiving. But somehow, the G710 irons are slightly more forgiving and have a higher level of MOI. According to a test report, the G710 irons have a 3% higher MOI than the G425.  

Which Is The More Beginner-Friendly Iron Between The Ping G425 And G710 Irons? 

Compared to the G425 irons, the G710 irons are more beginner-friendly. As we mentioned above, they are pretty much the lightweight and user-friendly irons of Ping. So they’re more preferable to the G425 for amateur golfers.

Which One Is More Suitable For High Handicappers Between  The Ping G425 And G710 Irons? 

The PING G710 irons have relatively larger club heads and the longest shafts compared to the PING G425 irons. So, the G710 is more suitable for high handicappers. 

Which One Is Lighter Between The Ping G425 And G710 Irons?

As we discussed above, the G710 irons are made from C300 maraging steel, which is a slightly more lightweight material than the Hyper 17-4 stainless steel used in the G425 irons. This is why the G710 irons are considerably lighter than the G425 irons. 

Which One Is More Accurate Between G710 And G425?  

Basically, both of these iron sets aren’t particularly versatile. Therefore, in terms of accuracy, the G710 irons will rank ahead of the G425.  The larger club head will give you a longer carry and spin rate.

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