Golf Pride Tour Velvet vs. Tour Velvet 360: Golf Grip Showdown

Golf pride has introduced various rubber grips that give you a proper, stable grip on the golf club. Their classic tour velvet grips have been pretty popular since the 90’s. But in 2018, golf pride launched a modified version of tour velvet, naming it tour velvet 360. 

The main difference between two models are their unique designs. Tour velvet has non-slipping ‘+’ patterned surface while tour velvet 360 features a full cord 360 design pattern. Tour velvet 360 has better traction, water resistance. But tour velvet has different sizes to choose from. 

So, tour velvet vs tour velvet 360, which one is better?Join us further in the journey to have a good idea about both grip designs and choose which one suits you better.

Overview of Tour Velvet Shaft 

Since the 1990s, when Golf Pride first introduced tour velvet grip, it has been one of the most liked golf grips by golfers.

They are made from an exclusive rubber-blend compound, making them soft and comfortable to hold. Rubber adds incredible traction and makes sure you have a firm grip.

tour velvet

Tour velvet has a pretty simple design. The lower part of the grip has a slightly larger diameter.

It reduces unnecessary tension between the hand and the shaft and makes the grip comfortable. Many manufacturers use this classic design as a base to create their grip designs. 

Despite having a soft and smooth surface, tour velvet grips are non-slipping due to their digitally designed plus ‘+’ sign pattern. It adds a little tacky texture to the grip surface, so it doesn’t slip, even with sweaty hands.

Overview Of Tour Velvet 360 Shaft 

Even though the classic tour velvet series were a hit, Golf Pride kept modifying it to make it even better. In 2018, they brought a modified version to the market, tour velvet 360.

This new grip features almost all characteristics of its predecessor, classic tour velvet. It is still soft, comfortable, and easy to handle.

Velvet 360

But now, it also has a 360-pattern full-cord design, which provides equal traction in all areas. The grip is designed to ensure a firm and secure hand placement in every club orientation.

The modified design has a raised guideline extending from the back of the grip to the front, near the logo. It helps the golfers to have a better idea of their hand placement. 

Tour Velvet Vs Tour Velvet 360 Shaft: Quick Comparison Table  

As tour velvet 360 is a successor version of tour velvet, they both have a lot of similar features. However, there are still some differences. Here’s a quick comparison table that will help you determine which suits your interest the best. 

TraitsTour VelvetTour Velvet 360
SizeStandard, Undersize, Midsize, Jumbo, and Junior Standard and Midsize  
Core SizeRound grip: 60-62,Ribbed grip: 56-60Round grip: 60
DesignClassic ‘+’ pattern360 full cord ‘+’ pattern 
Guideline RidgeNot available Available 
Weight45-61 grams50-57 grams
AbrasiveNot abrasive It can be abrasive on daily use
PriceComparatively lessSlightly high

What Are The Differences Between Tour Velvet And Tour Velvet 360 Shaft? 

If you are unfamiliar with golf shaft grips, at first glance, tour velvet and tour velvet 360 may look the same. But once you look closer, there are a couple of dissimilarities. Let’s take a detailed look at it, shall we?

Grip Design

Tour velvet

Tour velvet golf shafts have a simple yet scientific design. Its embedded ‘+’ plus sign pattern ensures a superior grip on the shaft.

And the lower part of the shaft is slightly wider, which reduces the slipping of the grip. On the other hand, tour velvet 360 comes with a full cord 360 design.

It still has the ‘+’ pattern but around the whole shaft, providing an extra secure grip. It also features a guiding ridge to help the newbies have proper hand position. 

Size And Color

One of the main reasons for tour velvet to become popular among golfers is that it is available in multiple sizes and colors.

Standard, Midsize, Undersize, Jumbo, and Junior- you can choose from these five options according to your preference.

As tour velvet is a recent model, till now, it is only available in standard size. There are also no color variations, black being the only option to get. 

Core Size

Tour velvet grips are available in two versions, round and ribbed. For the round shafts, you can get 60 to 62 core sizes. But if you prefer ribbed ones, 56 to 60, a wide range of cores are available. 

However, there is only one core size, 60 rounds, for the tour velvet 360 golf club grip. Though it is a standard size, if you are uncomfortable with it, you should choose one of the velvet tours instead.


Sweaty hands and wet and humid weather are one of the biggest hindrances for golf. Golfers lose their grip on the club shaft, miss the aim, and ultimately the outcome isn’t really pleasing.

That’s why a grip with good traction is a must. Both tour velvet and tour velvet 360 have fantastic traction, thanks to their non-slipping design.

The digitally embedded plus ‘+’ design in the grip keeps the grip firm and secure. In tour velvet 360, this pattern is distributed all over the shaft. And that’s why it provides more security in your grip. 

Vibration Dampening 

When a golfer hits the ball with his club, he feels the shock and vibration from the hit traveling through his golf stick.

Blended rubber grips like tour velvet and tour velvet 360 lessen the effect to a great extent. 

Tour velvet 360 does a better job in this case due to its 360 full cord design. However, it can feel a little harsher in hand.

So, if you have a sensitive hand, it is better to go for a smooth, surfaced classic tour velvet.

Texture And Comfort

Texture And Comfort

Tour velvet grips don’t feature many ridges, so they have a smooth surface. As a result, they are easy and comfortable to hold. 

But tour velvet 360 features guide rides, a logo on the front, full cord pattern, which makes their surface a little tacky.

However, they are not uncomfortable at all. In fact, their tacky texture allows the players to have a more firm grip on the shaft. 


The weight of tour velvet grips varies depending on their size and model. Most of them are between 45 to 61 grams, with some exceptions.

On the other hand, tour velvet 360 grips don’t have wide varieties, and their weight is usually 50-57 grams. 

The difference isn’t much, and you may barely feel the change. But yes, for study, tour velvet 360 is considered a slightly heavy option for golf grips. 


Prices of both tour velvet and tour velvet 360 vary depending on the vendor. They are both mid-ranged rubber grips and are affordable. 

Tour Velvet or Tour Velvet 360: Which Golf Shaft To Choose?

Tour velvet and tour velvet 360 are amazing golf club grips choices. They provide a strong and rigid hold on the club shaft. So, which one should you choose?

Well, it depends on you. If you want a firmer grip with ultimate water resistance, tour velvet 360 would be a good choice.

However, you have to remember that their 360 full cord design can be abrasive for people with sensitive hands. 

Do you prefer larger grips? Or do you like to have a smaller one instead? Classic tour velvet comes with a wide range of grips to choose from.

But for tour velvet 360, there is only one option to choose from, the standard-size grip. However, it is highly durable and lasts for longer. 

So, judge all the factors before deciding on which model fits your requirement the best and choose that. 


Here are some common questions regarding your velvet or tour velvet 360 grips. Let’s find the answer, too, shall we?

How Frequently Should You Change The Golf Grips?

Golf pride suggests changing their golf grips at least once a year. But it depends on how frequently you use them. 

Why Do Pro Players Use Tour Velvet?

Pro golfers use tour velvet to build up a firm grip without using much pressure. This helps them to have better control of the ball. 

Do Tour Velvet Or Tour Velvet 360 Have Better Water Resistance?

Tour velvet 360 provides more water resistance properties due to its overall 360 cord design pattern. 

Do You Have To Tape Golf Grips?

Having a layer of grip tape on top of the grips keeps them in place and gives you a better hold on them. 

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