What Tees Do LPGA Players Use? [Explained]

Even the tiniest of golf equipment matters when it comes to game improvement. In the case of tees, there is no exception. And golfers worldwide are curious about the type of tees the LPGA players use in the LPGA tour golf tournament. 

What tees do LPGA players use? There is no universal tee that all the LPGA players use. Instead, it depends on the game situation and personal preferences of the LPGA players. You’ll find some professionals use tees made of wood, bamboo, plastic tee, and more. 

In this article, we cover all you need to know about the tees used by LPGA players. And also, how you can choose a suitable one. 

What Are Different Tees Used by LPGA Players?  

We’ve always seen the LPGA players be careful when choosing the right tee while playing golf.

And needless to say, going with the right golf tees help them ensure better accuracy of golf shots. If you consider the LPGA tournament, we’ve seen the usage of custom tee boxes.

However, the luxury of choosing the tees among the LPGA players is always there—for example, the Pride Professional Tee System (PTS). 

Hardwood Tees

Hardwood Tees

Tees made of hardwood are one of the most prominent and common tees used by the LPGA player.

One of the core features of hardwood tees is that they are biodegradable, improving accuracy while playing golf. 

The pride professional tee system is one of the renowned manufacturers of hardwood tee. And the name is well-familiar among the LPGA players. 

Bamboo Tees

Bamboo Tees

LPGA players who dislike playing with wooden tees often use the bamboo tee. And similar to the wooden tee, there is no question mark in the case of the bamboo tee.

The LPGA players or other golfers who consider the affordability will find the bamboo tees more convenient. 

We’ve contacted some LPGA professionals who think shifting from wooden to bamboo tees improves durability.

Plastic Tee

Plastic Tee

Yes, there is a good number of LPGA players who just feel comfortable going with the plastic tee.

The significant fact regarding the plastic tee is this type of tee is highly durable and can be reused many times. In addition, this type of tee is cost-effective as well. 

You can experience less friction with the plastic tee than with the wooden one. And golfers struggling to get impressive distance might find the plastic tee even more helpful. 

How to Choose the Right Tee for Playing Golf? 

How to Choose the Right Tee for Playing Golf? 

Some golfers don’t take the issue of choosing the right golf tee seriously. However, they forget that tees have an impact on their game.

At least, you need to feel good while playing the shots, allowing the ball to travel as you expected. 

So, when buying tees, you need to be very careful. Whoever doesn’t want to hit the ball cleaning? Therefore, choosing the right tee makes too much sense, not only for professionals but also amateurs. 

Well, in most cases, choosing the right tees depends on the personal choice of the golfers. First, you must determine whether you want to go with a wooden, plastic, or other tee. 

Next, the size of the tees comes into play. Depending on the driver’s height, you need to pick the tees.

Usually, most modern-day tees come with the size of 2 ¾ inch, 3 ¼ inch. The shorter tees will be decent if you have comparatively longer drives, allowing you much accuracy.

On the other hand, if you want more distance, the longer tees would do the job comprehensively. The same goes for the tees with zero friction as well.

Moreover, being aware of the game situation- for example, how you will heat the ball and choose tees will be a great move!

Why Is Using the Right Tee Important? 

Like any other components used to play golf, you need to be equally careful when using the right tee. And there are some valid reasons behind doing the task as well.

Boasts Accuracy

You must produce optimal accuracy when hitting the ball with the shafts. And, to ensure accuracy, the object you place the ball on is supposed to play a decent role.

Choosing the right golf tees will give you more control over your shots, and you know the outcome!

Ensures Expected Distance 

Ensures Expected Distance 

Like boating accuracy of shots, choosing the right golf tees will also help you get an improved distance.

You don’t need to hit the ball too hard if you have high-quality tees. That’s why many golfers worldwide use plastic tees as they get improved distance from this.

Address Hocking 

Hocking is definitely a poor habit when it comes to playing golf. And to address or control hocking, a suitable golf tee with appropriate height can play a major role. 

Thanks to the size of the golf tee, it is convenient for golfers to hit the ball comprehensively.

This allows half of the ball to contact the club head. And due to this, the chances of poor heating are dramatically reduced. 

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Frequently Asked Questions

People always want to know more about the Tees used by LPGA players. And so, we’ve picked some of the burning questions and plan to answer some of them here. 

How Much Do Golf Tees Cost? 

The price of the golf tees always depends on the type of tee you want to buy—for example, the material, size, manufacturer, and more. However, on average, the golf tees can be between $8-$20. 

What Are the Ladies Tees in Golf?  

Ladies tees in golf are for female golfers, which allows them to play shots easily in a short distance. Usually, the ladies tees should be placed near the holes. ‘Forward Tees’ is another name for ladies’ tees in golf.

Are Wood or Plastic Tees Better?  

Both types of tees have some pros and cons. Regarding reuse and durability, the plastic tees won the race compared to the wooden tees. But professionals are more likely to use wooden tees.

Are Expensive Tees Worth It? 

It depends on several factors. As the premium and renowned brands’ tee is supposed to be expensive, they are worth the price. For example, plastic tees are expensive, but they are more durable.

Final Words

What tees do LPGA players use? If you’ve read the blog carefully, you must know what tees LPGA players use.

Beyond that, if you are looking forward to buying a tee box, you can do it right as you know what type of tee will suit you. 

While buying tees, always prioritize quality and go with renowned brands like Pride Golf Tee, Martini Golf Tees, YATTA Golf Telos Premium Golf Tee, and more. 

In addition, make sure the type of tee you tend to use is permitted when playing any major tournaments.

Never compromise with the quality, as you don’t want to choose unsuitable tees which can negatively impact your game.

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