Callaway Epic Speed Vs Mavrik | Which Driver to Choose?

When looking for an excellent golf club for professional play levels, it requires research and a little luck to land on the best in the market. Since the golf market is crowded with numerous golf clubs,  we’d like to make the task a tad bit easier.

So, Callaway Epic Speed vs Mavrik Driver, how do they compare?  Although both are from the Callaway brand, there are a few key aspects in which they differ. For instance, the Epic Speed has a more aerodynamic shape than the Mavrik Driver, giving it a slightly better ball speed and range.

We haven’t touched on the significant collection of differences between the two variants. Hence, we would expect you to stick around for the ins and outs of both these golf clubs offered by Callaway.

An Overview Of Callaway’s Epic Speed Driver

The Epic Speed Driver is strictly designed for the golfer who makes solid impacts on the ball consistently in mind.

Hence, generating immensely fast ball speeds helps with distance control. Along with that, you also get a solid and precise sound delivered to you with just the proper swing.

Sometimes the sound might feel a little muted, but there is a crackling sound that comes from the premium mixture of titanium and carbon fiber tones.

Hence, to sum up the entire overview of the Callaway Epic Speed golf club, here’s a quick list of the obvious pros and cons to make it easier for your decision.

Overview of the Callaway Mavrik driver

The Mavrik Driver golf clubs are what we call the slightly cheaper alternative to the Epic Speed lineups, both of which are manufactured by Callaway.

The Mavrik golf clubs provide pretty similar performance and travel distances when compared to the Epic Speed drivers. However, it performs with a slightly different mechanic.

The Callaway Mavrik delivers an impressive amount of forgiveness, which helps make the shots more consistent and accurate. The sound of each swing is astoundingly satisfying and pleasant to hear. 

These qualities enhance the overall feel of the golf club. In short, the Mavrik drivers are best for golfers who prefer more spin to maximize their distance. Hence, here’s a peek at the pros and cons!

Callaway Epic Speed vs. Mavrik driver: Comparison Chart

Without a proper chart based on comparisons between these two popular golf clubs from Callaway, this piece of writing remains unfinished. Hence, here’s a quick chart to help you compare the two and find what suits you.

CriteriaCallaway Epic Speed DriverCallaway Mavrik Driver
Launch TrajectoryMidHigh
Head size460cc460cc
Flight biasSlight drawSemi-draw
Ball spinMidMid 
Ball speedHigh Mid

What Are The Differences Between Callaway Epic Speed And Mavrik Drivers?

There aren’t quite such big differences between the Callaway Epic Speed and the Mavrik drivers. However, some small features of each might be a deal breaker for you. Hence, let’s unravel them in more detail!

Looks And Design

To begin with, both the Epic Speed and the Mavrik look aesthetically pleasing with their intriguingly professional design. However, there are also a few subtle differences between the two.

One prominent difference is that the Epic Speed rocks a taller top ribbon and flatter crown than its Mavrik counterpart.

This makes the Epic Speed head look smaller than the Mavrik, which also contributes to a lighter feel.

The Epic Speed also comes with an adjustable sliding weight for proper weight distribution along the golf club. This feature remains missing in the Mavrik.

CriteriaCallaway Epic Speed DriverCallaway Mavrik Driver
Build MaterialsPremium Carbon Graphite finishPremium Carbon Graphite finish
Add onsSliding weightNone
Shapea smaller aerodynamic shapeThe large and round form factor


Although the Epic Speed and Mavrik look slightly different from each other, they still show pretty similar performances as reported by most regular golfers.

The Epic speed shows some really high speeds due to its compact, aerodynamic design, which helps boost the launch speed to ensure greater distance coverage.

With the mid launch and mid spin, it blows the competition off and also goes well with most golfers, from amateurs to professionals just with a slight cost of a higher price tag.

The Callaway Mavrik, on the other hand, doesn’t have the fancy aerodynamic design or the additional sliding weight, but it does still get the job done by providing very similar performance to the Epic Speed.

The Mavrik is best suited for professionals with better spins and high launch; it’s easy to cover distances just as well as the Epic Speed. The only thing needed is a little expertise.

Criteria Callaway Epic Speed DriverCallaway Mavrik Driver
Ball SpeedHighMid
Ball spinMidHigh
Design Modern Aerodynamic shapeNormal Design


Among the two, the Mavrik offers a better and more impressive amount of forgiveness, which ensures the integrity of your shots remains intact when making a swing.

As a result, the Mavrik offers similar, if not better, speed than the Epic. However, when you apply a good amount of spin, it is mathematically possible to make your shots slightly more accurate and consistent than the much more expensive Epic Speed.

Callaway epic speed or mavrik driver: Which One Should You Choose?

There have been endless debates and comparisons made between these two golf clubs. However, there is no actual end to this war between the Callaway Epic Speed and Mavrik drivers as this solely depends on the choice of the golfer.

Even though they perform similarly to each other, the subtle differences present help make the decision for most. Hopefully, after reading through this entire comparative text, you’ve been able to clear your head.

Consider someone who’s a beginner getting into golf; the Epic Speed remains the optimum choice due to the flexibility offered with weight and higher speeds, making it ideal for professionals who prefer the added speed.

However, if you would love to save 100 bucks and prefer going the spin route for your golf matches with high forgiveness, then hands down, the Mavrik drivers remain the best choice for you.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

Although we seem to have pinned down the prominent differences between the two, to end any further debate on this topic, we would like to provide you with a set of FAQs that might help you a tad bit more!

Callaway Epic Speed Or Mavrik, Which Provides A More Beginner-Friendly Experience?

Although both Epic Speed and Mavrik are rated for professional levels of play, it is best said that Epic Speed is a little more welcoming to new players mainly due to a lighter form factor and the extra adjustable weight equipped with it.
The adjustable weight is good for weight adjustment, and the added speed you get compared to Mavrik may help you cover longer distances easily.

Which One Between The Epic Speed And The Mavrik Provides Higher Speeds?

Realistically, the Epic Speed has a modern aerodynamic shape with a flatter crown, which helps deliver twice the amount of force to the ball.
Hence, it enables us to reach higher speeds compared to the Mavrik, which means it’s very possible to cover a higher distance with a lower force.

Between The Epic Speed And Mavrik, Which One Has Better Spin?

The Epic Speed does come with a slick aerodynamic design, but the Mavrik’s design is best suited for spin-based swings.
Hence, for someone who prefers a higher spin to cover large distances, the Mavrik remains the best choice.

Does The Epic Speed Offer More Forgiveness Than The Mavrik?

The Epic Speed may have a modern design, but it doesn’t have higher forgiveness than the Mavrik.
Consider paying a small price for the extra speed boost. The Mavrik, however, has impressive forgiveness, which means your shots are slightly more accurate and consistent.

Is The Epic Speed More Expensive Than The Mavrik?

In short, yes, the Epic Speed is about $100 more expensive than the Mavrik. Hence, the Mavrik remains a ‘bang for your buck’ deal if you are a golfer who prefers spin over speed with an extra bit of forgiveness.Along with its high launch trajectory compared to mid-launch on the Epic Speed.

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