Cleveland CBX2 vs. Full Face: Which Wedge Reigns Supreme?

While woods are the primary choice when it comes to hitting those sweet long shots, what about the tricky low lies and short plays? The golf iron evolved into wedges to facilitate this finest intricacy of the game. And Cleveland has been leading the innovation charge.

In short, the Cleveland CBX2 is the perfect hollowed-back wedge for mid-handicapped players. It provides better spin and forgiveness. On the other hand, the Cleveland full-face wedge is an all-out high handicap wedge. Its high toe design allows the wedge to go under the ball and be more aggressive in control and spin.

But these aren’t all. There are other detailed aspects between Cleveland CBX2 vs Full Face wedge. Let’s have a look.

Cleveland CBX2 Vs Full Face Wedge Comparison

Overview of the Cleveland CBX2 Wedge

The most defining feature of the CBX2 has to be the gel back inserts in the hollow back. It completely changes the ball contact feel.

Players feel more in control with each shot which is very important for touch ones along with full shots.

So, what makes the CBX2 so special? It’s a combination of pro and amateur features. The wedge offers high spin and high forgiveness.

Poor contact is almost impossible and the heavy spin allows for the most remarkable curves. Even some professionals miss the hole because of the high spin.

But that’s the defining feature of the CBX2 wedge. The high loft ensures a good distance on full swings. T

he choice of soles is limited to C-grind or S-grind. Both of these performs excellently in high grass, sand, and even bush surface.

Overview of Cleveland Full Face Wedge

The CBX2, which is the CBX’s predecessor, is essentially the Cleveland full-face wedge. A half-cavity design is used in the wedge.

Around the club’s heel is where most of the weight is positioned. As a result, it provides greater control for both short and full shots.

The obvious feature of the full face wedge is the lack of border along the grooves. This means that a player has to be extra cautious while lining up the ball with the club.

For players with high handicaps, the full-face wedge performs well. The high toe design allows for a great loft and easy stop for short games.

Combined with the forgiving and structure, the full face wedge is understandably the best option for professionals of the game.

Cleveland CBX2 Vs Full Face Wedge: Comparison Chart

So now you know what exactly each of these two wedges does and its target players. Here’s a quick run-down on the specs comparison.

FactorsCleveland CBX2 WedgeCleveland Full Face Wedge
LH Lofts46° to 60° with a 2° interval56°, 58°, 60°, 64°
RH Lofts46° to 60° with a 2° interval56°, 58°, 60°, 64°
ShaftDynamic Gold 115Dynamic Gold 115
Shaft TypeSteel and GraphiteSteel and Graphite
GripLamkin 360Lamkin 360
Sole ShapeS-grind and C-grindC-grind
Handicap rangeLowHigh

What Are the Differences Between Cleveland CBX2 and Full Face Wedge?

The Cleveland CBX2 as well as the Full Face, are excellent wedges when it comes to short plays. However, they each have a few distinct edges over the other.

The CBX2 is a more sophisticated and updated version of the full-face wedge. But that doesn’t necessarily mean it excels in every aspect compared to the traditional full-face wedge.


The lies’ performance can be easily deduced from the spin and forgiveness each wedge offers under different lies.

Both of the wedges perform relatively well in each lie. Thanks to each having a wider lie angle.

The full face wedge edges out in the most extreme short full swings mainly because of the high toe design. It can effectively scoop out the ball from any lies.

The spin and the forgiveness on the full face wedge are also high because of the half cavity design.

The CBX2 also offers an equal level of spin since both have a similar groove design. However, it falls a bit short in forgiveness.

Ball Reaction:

The ball reaction is decided by two main factors – ball spin and the loft. A lower lofted ball will travel long and vice versa. The spin will determine the trajectory once the ball lands from the loft or after a touch-play.

The CBX2 being a mid-handicapped wedge allows for a shorter loft compared to the full-face wedge. This allows the ball to travel much further than its counterpart. But such distances are often unnecessary in short plays.

On the other hand, the full face wedge has a stiffer shaft and a high handicap range. The ball easily lofts up and comes to a much steadier and abrupt stop compared to the CBX2. The stop can be a crucial aspect in a tricky short play.

Turf Interaction

The full face wedge with its half cavity design has a comparatively larger base. The large base combined with a single sole option makes it a picky performer.

That is because players often don’t get the smooth turf interaction because of the large base. The C-grind present in the full face wedge works best for long grasses. But it doesn’t perform similarly for pits or bunkers.

The CBX2 is more refined in this regard. The full cavity back allows for a shorter sole with high impact, thanks to the gel technology. The S-grind and C-grind make it more suitable for different short play considerations.

The CBX2 definitely edges over the full face when it comes to turf contacts.


The Cleveland CBX2 and the full-face wedge both have a similar spin performance. It’s almost identical given the face design and near lie angle.

The distance makes the difference here. The CBX2 travels more compared to the full face. As a result, the spin action is more prominent on the CBX2.

Plus, the ball doesn’t come to an abrupt stop after landing from the loft. This requires more precision while playing short shots as it runs the risk of over-spinning or under-spinning.

On the other hand, the full face wedge, thanks to its high loft, has a lesser spinning impact. While it spins the same as CBX2, players stay more in control of the spin and can accurately determine the curvature.

To sum it up, the differences between the CBX2 and the full-face wedge are as follows –

FactorsCleveland CBX2 WedgeCleveland Full Face Wedge
LiesFalls a bit short compared to a full-face wedgeBetter performance in different lies
Ball ReactionMid- handicapHigh-handicap
Turf InteractionBetter turf interaction with dual solesTurf interaction is limited due to a single sole.
SpinOffers high spin with relatively less accuracy compared to a full-face wedgeOffers high spin and high accuracy.

Cleveland CBX2 or Full Face: Which Golf Wedge Should You Choose?

Now there can be a long debate on Cleveland CBX2 Vs full face wedge. But it should be clear by now that the CBX2 and the full face wedge are both quite similar. There are a few minor difference that allows them to perform in a certain way.

As a result, the choice for the perfect wedge ultimately comes down to personal preference. But we do have a few suggestions.

If you are someone who’s an amateur or a rookie, go for the CBX2. It will provide a more refined performance with its mid-handicaps.

But if you’re a professional who’s in complete control of their games, definitely check out the full face wedge as it provides a better overall raw control.


Here are some of the common frequently asked questions regarding the Cleveland CBX2 and the full face wedge.

Does Cleveland CBX2 Provide More Spin And Forgiveness Than The Full-Face Wedge?

Cleveland CBX2 provides an equal level of spin and forgiveness compared to the full-face wedge.
This is due to the similar groove design and close lies angle. In certain full swings, the full face is noted to edge out on the forgiveness at times.

Does The CBX2 Have A Heavier Shaft Compared To The Full Face Wage?

No. Both the CBX2 and the full face wedge use the same shaft. But due to its design, the full face wedge has lesser flex compared to the CBX2. This higher shaft flex allows for more distance.

Which One Has A Longer Shaft?

The full face wedge has a slightly longer shaft. This is done to allow the half cavity design and open up the face more accurately while lofting. The CBX2, by design, has a smaller shaft though it doesn’t directly impact its performance.

How Long Does Each Of These Wedges Last?

A typical Cleveland wedge should last around 65 to 75 rounds. Unless you’re competing regularly, a regular recreational golfer can easily use one for one and a half to two years before performance slack.

Which Of The Two Is Better For The Sand Pits?

The CBX2 performs better in the sand pits due to the S-grind sole. It helps to chip the ball for a good loft easily. The same can’t be done with the full face wedge because of the C-grind sole.

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