PXG Gen 3 vs. Gen 4 | Which Golf Iron Should You Choose?

Are you interested in PXG irons? Do you like the PXG Generation 3 and 4 irons? But are you unsure of the differences between PXG generations 3 and 4?

The core difference between them lies in appearance, feel, and performance. Generation 4 seems to have a classier and cleaner finish than Generation 3. In terms of feel and performance, the differences are subtle. Generation 4 outplays Generation 3 in terms of distance and speed.

There are even more subtle differences between these products. We have accumulated all the information for you to show the perfect comparison between PXG Generation 3 and Generation 4.

An overview of PXG Generation 3

“Incredible, classy, and smooth!”  The irons come with 3 head variations: Tour Performance (T), Player (P), and Xtreme Performance (XP). Generation 3 irons are forged out of strong 8620 soft carbon steel. 

The irons carry quite a long distance. These irons are well optimized for their distance and their forgiveness. Let us quickly look through the good and bad sides.

An overview of PXG Generation 4 

Taking extra care into account, PXG provided more feel and power in their irons. Blasting the golfers with their range, this generation includes three drivers, fairway woods, and hybrids.

They are much more affordable, and they have carefully integrated their new technology into the irons (the new XCOR).

This ensures more swing speed and generates more distance per impact of the ball. Let us quickly look through the good and bad sides.

PXG Gen 3 vs Gen 4: Comparison Table,

Both generations are pretty well-rounded and offer immense satisfaction to the users. However, there are still differences between them. Here we have made a comparison table for your aid.

FactorsPXG Gen3PXG Gen4 
Standard Length (Inches)35.5 to 4035.5 to 40
Club Types99
Standard Lie (degrees)60 to 6460 to 63.5
Loft (degrees)17 to 5120 to 51
Bounce (degrees)2 to 122 to 12
Offset (inches)0.015 to 0.2750.015 to 0.150
Shaft MaterialGraphite, SteelGraphite, Steel
Ball Speed (mph)113.7115

What are the main differences between PXG Generation 3 and Generation 4?

Apart from the usual changes in the designs, there are more differences between the PXG generations 3 and 4. 

We will discuss the differences in their performance, forgiveness, consistency, and much more in detail.


In terms of forgiveness, PXG generation 3 irons are much better than PXG generation 4.

The sole reason is that Generation 3 is integrated with the “Impact Reactor Powered by DualCOR Technology,” which provides previous generations’ feel and power.

That does not mean PXG Generation 4 irons are bad. PXG Generation 4 irons are integrated with a newer technology called “XCOR Technology.”

This new technology makes the iron soft to the touch and provides immense power on impact.

They have also used longer blade heads. This is very important, as their offset nature, along with longer blades, increases the “MOI” (Moment of Inertia) at impact. Therefore, players can cover more distance.


Although debatable, we believe PXG Generation 4 takes this round home. It has also produced astounding results during our speed testing.

The thinner design, alongside XCOR technology, can easily push the ball away by 115 mph at impact.  

On the other hand, all the 3 irons of PXG Generation 3 could achieve incredible speeds, an average of 110 mph.

The most interesting part is the peak height. PXG has cleverly used its technology to match all of its peak heights.


PXG generation 3 can produce consistent shots, even if you miss the sweet spot. During our test runs, we found out that the shots would cover a very similar distance regardless of their impact spot.

A similar scene was also noted while testing PXG generation 4 irons. The XCOR technology allows consistent shots on impact. Moreover, the control over spin is very similar when compared. 

To be honest, both produced similar results, with slight variations. In terms of this, we believe it’s more up to the golfer to decide which one suits them best.


PXG irons are undoubtedly the priciest bunch, also felt in generations 3 and 4. The generation 3 irons each cost a retail price of $425, while the generation 4 irons each cost $349.

While PXG targeted a larger audience with their Generation 4 by reducing their costs significantly, it is still a hefty amount.

Therefore, we suggest you go for PXG generation 4 if you are on a budget but still want to splurge some cash.


The PXG Generation 3 is quite well known for its good looks. It is not eye-catching but embodies a clean, sleek design. The hollow head filling provides a beautiful sound, a cherry on top of the cake.

On the other hand, PXG Generation 4 has longer blades for power. It has a confident design, which ensures cleanliness and shines on top. We liked the overall design of PXG Generation 4 over Generation 3’s.

PXG Gen 3 or Gen 4: Which one to choose?

PXG Generation 3 and Generation 4 irons are superb, to begin with. Though a debate between them stands, we still believe these irons are of great quality.

However, if we were given a choice to choose a superior one, we would choose the PXG Generation 4.

The Gen4 is the complete package for the golfer. It is much cheaper than Gen3 and also provides explosive power at impact.

Still, we strongly advise you to feel the irons before purchasing them. Gen3 is a strong contender if one is looking for a soft yet explosive touch. We hope you were able to make a sound decision after reading this article!

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

Even after reading the whole article, you may still have some queries in your mind which are unanswered. Here are some FAQs to clear your doubts.

Why are the irons so expensive?

PXG can be called the Louis Vuitton of the Golf Industry. Alongside their high prices, their quality seems to meet the par, hence their popularity. Their newer technologies in the irons help to control them easily.

Which one is more beginner-friendly: PXG Generation 3 or Generation 4?

We believe both clubs shouldn’t be the priority for a beginner starting. However, if one desires to buy one, we suggest the PXG Generation 4 irons for a comparatively lower price. Still, we suggest you try them out beforehand before making an impulsive purchase.

Which one is used more by professionals: PXG Generation 3 or PXG Generation 4?

According to our research, most professionals prefer to use PXG Generation 4 more than PXG Generation 3.
Still, there are a lot of golfers currently using PXG equipment. Some include Zach Johnson, Ryan Moore, Chez Reavie, etc.

Which one is faster: PXG Generation 3 or PXG Generation 4?

PXG Generation 4 has produced much better results than Generation 3’s. During our test outs, we have seen an increase in speed of around 2mph while using the PXG Generation 4. Therefore, we can conclude that PXG Generation 4 is much faster.

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