6 Most Common Club Car XRT 1550 Problems [Easy Solution]

The XRT 1550, manufactured by Club Car, is a choice with minimal compromises. However, before heading to look for this cart in the store, it’s ideal to look up any issues on the XRT 1550.  So, what are the most common Club Car XRT 1550 problems?

The startup problem is among the most common problems with the XRT 1550. Shortly followed by the braking problems and the engine overheating problems. All these problems do have their respective fixes, which we will cover in a bit!

Even though we’ve stated a few of the obvious problems above, there’s more to this write-up. Hence, you might want to keep your eyes on this write-up to witness the solutions to all these problems and their causes.

Common Club Car XRT 1550 Problems

What Are The Common Problems With The Club Car XRT 1550?

There are actually a number of problems with the Club Car XRT 1550. Hence, here is a list of common problems with the XRT 1550 that may come in handy. 

  1. Startup problems
  2. Brake problems.
  3. Battery problems 
  4. Overheating of the engine 
  5. Difficulty in controlling speeds.
  6. Faulty Direction switch.

How Do You Troubleshoot and Fix the Club Car XRT 1550?

Even though you may know the names of all the possible problems that may arise from your new Club Car XRT 1550, it’s quite difficult to know the obvious causes, symptoms, and fixes for each of those problems.

Hence, to save you a bunch of research time and hassle, we’ve taken this informative style of approach to entitle you to each of the common problems with the XRT 1550 along with their fixes. So, let’s begin!

Problem 1: Startup Issues 

Startup issues are the most common among many other problems. Many customers often reported startup problems with the Club Car XRT 1550.

Startup issues can be quite serious at times. Imagine you are showing your new golf course to some important client, and suddenly the golf cart doesn’t start. That may not come up well on the resume of your new golf court.

What Causes Startup Issues On Club Car XRT 1550?

Since we’ve discussed the basics of this commonly persistent problem, it’s better to know the possible causes of this problem, so next time, you could better prepare XRT 1550 so the problem never shows up.

Fault With The Battery

In most cases, a faulty battery may lead to difficulty starting the car. Since the battery of the XRT 1550 is essential for starting the vehicle. It could be one of the possible causes.

The Gas Type

Check if you’re using the correct type of gas specified for use with the XRT 1550. Along with that, faulty fuel pumps and clogged fuel lines could also lead to this issue.

Faulty Starter Solenoid 

The starter of your golf cart uses a solenoid to power the golf cart. Sometimes, that solenoid could come faulty, resulting in the vehicle’s startup problems mentioned above.

How To Fix Startup Issues On A Club Car XRT 1550?

If the battery is not working, replace it with a new one. However, if the problem stems from faulty wiring around the battery, then fixing the wiring should help you eliminate the issue. Switching to the right fuel type for the XRT 1550 may help fix the issue.

However, if the fuel pump is faulty, consider getting it replaced with a new one and cleaning out any clogged fuel. If the starter has some serious issues with its components, consider replacing it. 

How Much Does It Cost To Fix Startup Problems On A Club Car XRT 1550?

For labor costs, the estimated average value would be around $75 per hour. A new fuel pump for your XRT 1550 would cost $35 to $90. 

The cost of a new battery could be as much as $524. And if you are willing to replace the starter, that should cost you around $198.

Problem 2: Brake Problems

The obvious symptom of this problem is when you try to apply a smooth brake, which turns into a hard one. This could be a severe issue quite often when, due to faulty braking, accidents occur.

What Causes Brake Problems On A Club Car XRT 1550?

Brake problems may arise from many different components present in your cart. However, we’ve pinpointed the ideal cases in which this sort of problem is set to show up. Let’s look at them.

Brake Fluid Not Sufficient 

The brake fluid is responsible for lubricating the car’s brakes. The lack of this fluid may lead to hard and rough braking.

Brake Pads Are Faulty

If brake fluid is sufficient, then brake pads are the culprit. Since the brake pads are essential for preventing rough brakes, it is a possible cause.

How To Fix Brake Problems On A Club Car XRT 1550?

To properly troubleshoot the problems related to this specific issue, you need to follow the below steps.

Step 1: Check The Brake Fluids

If the brake fluid level isn’t sufficient, you may refill it by pouring some brake fluid into it.

Step 2: Remove The Tires And The Brake Drum

Unscrew the bolts of the front wheel and remove the wheels, then get to the brake pads.

Step 3: Replace The Brake Pads 

Once you get to the brake pads, check if they are worn out. If the brake pads seem worn enough, you can replace them with a new set.

How Much Does It Cost To Fix Brake Problems On A Club Car XRT 1550?

This problem might not require much work if you only have insufficient brake fluid. A change of brake fluid costs somewhere between $80 and $120.

However, if you hire a mechanic to service the brake pads and shoes, it will cost around $75 per hour. And new brake pads should cost from $28 to $59.

Problem 3: Engine Overheating Problems

This occurs mostly due to too much pressure on the engine or faulty parts. The obvious symptoms would be the cart stalling in the middle of the drive or becoming hot when driving. It may often turn serious when the engine catches fire due to overheating.

What Causes The Overheating Problem On The Club Car XRT 1550?

Overheating problems result when the flow in the engine isn’t as efficient as it should be. Hence, let’s check the obvious causes.

  • The coolant isn’t working as efficiently as it should.
  • The cooling system or the cooling fan has stopped working, reducing the engine’s airflow.
  • The engine oil is insufficient.

How To Fix The Overheating Problem On The Club Car XRT 1550

The solution to the overheating issue is much simpler than it sounds. You have to replace the coolant if it has gone bad. If the cooling system is malfunctioning, then call in a mechanic.

So add in some coolant if it’s low, replace the radiator fan if it’s stopped working. And Lastly, make sure to use engine oil specified by the company and keep the engine oil at a sufficient level to reduce friction.

How Much Does It Cost To Fix Overheating Issues On A Club Car XRT 1550?

Well, if you decide on hiring a mechanic from the repair shop, then the hourly wage is around $75 on average. Also, replacing a new radiator fan may cost around $200 to $ 400.

Problem 4: Speed control problems

This is another common problem reported by many users. The obvious symptoms are when you start finding it difficult to maintain speed. However, this problem might be quite serious when suddenly you don’t have control over the golf cart’s speed, resulting in accidents and injuries.

What Causes Speed Control Problem On Club Car XRT 1550

There might be numerous reasons which may result in this specific problem shown by the XRT 1550. Hence, let’s look into them briefly.

  • This could occur primarily due to the presence of a potentiometer, which regulates the cart’s speed.
  • Another culprit could be those notorious cracks or loose connections in the wiring harness.

How To Fix The Speed Control Problem On The Club Car XRT 1550

The fix to this problem is quite simple. Since the potentiometer often wears out early with extensive use, you could call in a mechanic to get it replaced.

If the problem persists through the wiring with a faulty, loose connection, then you’d better get that fixed by the mechanic.

How Much Does It Cost To Fix The Speed Control Problem On The Club Car XRT 1550?

As far as facts state, replacing the speed control switch is between $169 and $183, which already includes the average labor costs from $55 to $69.

Problem 5: Faulty Direction Switch

Having a faulty direction switch would mean you get stuck in reverse mode, preventing you from having a proper drive. 

When you notice that you have problems switching from forward to reverse, that’s when the problem begins.

What Causes Faulty Direction Switch On Club Car XRT 1550?

There aren’t many causes for faulty direction switches, but there might be two prominent reasons to look for.

  • The direction switch was damaged when bought from the manufacturer.
  • The direction switch might have worn out after a few months of extensive use,

How To Fix The Direction Switch Problem On Club Car XRT 1550?

There are just two methods of properly troubleshooting this specific problem. The first thing is to check whether the switch was functioning correctly at the time of purchase.

If the problem arises due to the direction switch wearing out from extensive use, you may call the repair shop to replace the switch.

How Much Does It Cost To Fix The Direction Switch Issue On The Club Car XRT 1550?

The cost of getting a new direction switch would be around $25. In contrast, labor costs vary from $75 to $100.


Now, after all this talk, we know it’s hard to divulge all the above problems and still consider the Club Car XRT 1550. But do note that other golf cart brands have similar, if not worse, customer feedback compared to these.

Hopefully, you’ve seen the most common Club Car XRT 1550 problems and their fixes, which may help you prevent them before you buy them.

The purpose of this write-up wasn’t at all meant to discourage you from buying the XRT 1550. The aim is to help you overcome the problems that you might encounter with your new golf cart. After all, not everything is built perfectly.

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