What Kind of Clubs Does Topgolf Use: An Insider’s Look

As a golf enthusiast, you must have wanted to know what kind of clubs TopGolf offers to the players. Do they use high-end hand-crafted professional clubs or average-made clubs?

Along with basic curiosity, it is important to learn about TopGolf clubs to perform better while playing at TopGolf. Knowing the specifications of TopGolf clubs beforehand gives you an upper hand in creating a positive impression in front of friends and families.

Hence, you may want to go through this article till the very end being interested in the TopGolf and the clubs offered by the authority in the arena.

What Kind of Clubs Does Topgolf Use

What Is TopGolf & How Do You Play?

Want to play golf but do not have the experience, skill, or time to get into the fancy golf courses around you?

The TopGolf venue is made for fun-loving people who want to swing the clubs and hit the golf ball casually.

So, what is Top Golf? Topgolf is an entertainment venue combining the factors of a driving range with the excitement of golfing.

It is a place that provides a unique experience of golfing along with other activities suitable for anyone looking to enjoy a fun day out.

How Do You Play TopGolf?

At Topgolf, you can play golf in a fun and social environment, enjoy food and drinks, and even listen to music.

The venue is engineered with a high-technology driving range that uses balls with microchips inside the core to track shots and score points. 

Each ball has a specific identification code, which is used to calculate the distance, accuracy, and score of each shot you play.

Players can choose from a variety of games and challenges against other players at the venue or with friends. 

Besides, to make things exciting you can see the scores displayed on a screen in real-time.

Topgolf is designed in such a way that all levels of golfers, from beginners to professionals can easily get accustomed to it. There are no hard and fast rules or strict procedures to follow. 

All you need is to choose the preferable club, swing it, and hit the ball. The venue is open to anyone, regardless of age or skill level.

It’s a great place to learn golfing, practice and improve your skills, or simply have a fun time with friends and family.

Kinds Of Clubs Offered In TopGolf

Kinds Of Clubs Offered In TopGolf

However, TopGolf is a fun place to pass time with casual golfing and playing against friends.

But the accessories used in the TopGolf center are not cheap or fake. Starting from the golf balls to the clubs, all equipment is designed originally for playing true golf.

The clubs available in TopGolf follow all the sciences that a professional club uses in a real golf course.

Hence, it is important to know the types of clubs used in TopGolf so that you know the geometries, and facts to handle and swing it professionally.

Origin Of TopGolf Clubs

Topgolf engineers and produces its own custom golf clubs in collaboration with renowned club manufacturers such as Callaway.

You yourself might use a set from Callaway. This brand is quite popular amongst all golfers due to its reliability and performance.

The TopGolf clubs are slightly different from the professional golf clubs you might have used. They have bigger clubheads, shorter shafts, and more loft than typical golf clubs. 

It makes it easier for players of all levels to get the ball into the air and onto the target.

The clubs also have sensors embedded in them allowing you to track the shots and receive instant feedback on your swing.

Types Of Clubs In TopGolf

In terms of making and performance different types of clubs are offered to the players in TopGolf. Each set comes with some unique features.

People of different ages and skill levels get different types of clubs. Importantly, there are separate sets of clubs for left and right-handers. Kids are provided with special clubs with shorter shafts and rubberized grips.

When it comes to performance, TopGolf ensures you can use the best-suited club for different scenarios and challenge types.

In each set of clubs, you’ll get a variety of wedges, drivers, putters, and irons. This gives you the advantage of selecting the most preferable club for your next shot.

When & How To Use Different Clubs To Play TopGolf

After checking in, you will find a variety of clubs in each bay. A set contains clubs for men and women in different sections.

However, you will get a right-handed set of clubs. Therefore, you need to mention the type of club you prefer at the check-in point and you will get them right away.

Coming to the driving section, seeing a lot of different clubs might confuse you. Take a look at these brief descriptions of different kinds of clubs at TopGolf to make it easier.

Drivers: For Powerful Long Shots

Drivers: For Powerful Long Shots

You will find the drivers on top of the rack. These clubs are the tallest and heaviest clubs of the set.

Designed specifically for hitting long shots and is used for the first shot on each hole from a distance of over 200 yards.

Driver clubs have a larger clubhead and longer shaft than other types of clubs, allowing you to send the ball over more distance and speed while striking. These clubs have maximum forgiveness and a lower loft angle. 

As a result, it reduces the amount of backspin and helps the ball travel farther down the ground. You can choose this club’s challenging game types in TopGolf.

Wood Clubs: For Mid-Range Shots

Wood Clubs

Below the Driver you will get one Wood club in the set of clubs provided by TopGolf. Mostly the 3 Wood club is given in TopGolf for versatility and optimum performance for all players. These clouds are shorter and lighter than the driver but longer than the Irons. 

The Wood clubs are designed for playing shots in 150 to 185 yards. Hence, you’ll see a lack of precision but high forgiveness is the result.

Therefore depending upon your challenge type you can choose between the Driver or Wood for mid to long shots in TopGolf.

Hybrid Clubs: Multipurpose Uses

Hybrid Clubs

Hybrid clubs are versatile and highly optimized golf clubs that combine the features of both irons and wood clubs. Hence it makes them ideal for a variety of golf shots in a different range of yards.

These clubs are made especially for beginners and intermediate players who are confused between long, lofted, or shorter-length shots on the ground.

In TopGolf, hybrid clubs can be a great choice for you to improve accuracy and consistency while still hitting the ball a long distance. 

Hybrid clubs are suitable for playing shots from the fairway or rough, as well as to chip and pitch around the green.

In TopGolf bay, you will find the 3 Hybrid clubs specially designed for shots around 150-185 yards.

Irons And Wedges: For Short & Accurate Shots

Irons And Wedges

Next comes the lineup of Irons and Wedges. These are the most effective and loved clubs in TopGolf.

It is because players prefer playing challenges at shorter distances. You will get a variety of Iron and Wedge clubs available in the bay of TopGolf. 

Although each club differs from the other slightly depending upon the number marked on them. Moreover, their clubs are the shortest and lightest in the TopGolf club arsenal.

The 4 Iron is for more aggressive swings with a little bit of precision, whereas the 6 and 8 Irons offer more accuracy and precision with lower loft angles.

Next is the P-wedge club in the bay, used mostly for putting the balls in different ranges starting from 25 yards. 

All these clubs are designed to play shots between 25 to 90 yards of distance only. Hence, choose the clubs wisely while playing challenges between shorter distances. 

This is what TopGolf is all about because you can have all types of experiments with the different clubs and game types and none will stop you.

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Curious to know more about different kinds of TopGolf clubs? Perhaps, the following FAQs from the experts and users can help you learn more.

Who Makes TopGolf Clubs?

The TopGolf clubs are manufactured by Callaway, which also makes other golf equipment and accessories. Moreover, Callaway also owns the proprietorship of TopGolf enterprise. Hence, you can be sure of getting high-quality clubs at TopGolf.

Which Clubs Do Beginners Use In TopGolf?

For beginners, wedges are the most preferred club for playing shorter distances with higher lofts. However, for longer distances, they can use the Hybrid clubs for moderately accurate shots. Moreover, Irons can also be a good choice for short to mid-range challenges. 

Can You Take Your Clubs To TopGolf?

TopGolf allows you to bring your own customized sets of clubs that you can use to impress others with your swinging skills. Although it could be tiring to carry the bag around and especially waiting for your turn to come.

Does TopGolf Offer A Club Set For Left-Handed People?

TopGolf is able to provide you with a right or left-handed set of clubs depending upon your preferences. They will ask you right away while getting the membership card. They also have clubs for women and children.


Most of the accessories including the clubs, golf balls, tees, etc are made by Callaway. Hence you need not worry about the quality of the products if your plan to visit TopGolf is playing hard-core shots.

Thus, it is recommended not to bring your own clubs as it can be a hassle to carry them around.

Moreover, other players and non-golf-playing friends can damage them by not knowing how to swing or handle them.

We hope the article has been informative and instructive to you cleaning the concepts about the clubs provided at TopGolf. Now you can easily select the club to play some impressive shots at TopGolf.

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