Power Wise 28115 G04 Charger: Specification with Pros & Cons

Choosing a golf cart battery is tough. A bad one can damage your vehicle and the batteries. You must ensure proper voltage and ampere to properly charge the cart in time.

If you go for cheap and low-quality chargers, you will surely have a severe problem with your vehicle. Power-wise, the 28115 g04 Charger is perfect for E-Z-GO and Cushman golf carts.

It manages to flow the required and balanced voltage for your cart. It ensures 36 V and 15 amps current, and that’s the perfect ratio for your cart. To know more about this charger, continue reading.

What is a Power wise 28115 g04 Charger?

Power-wise 28115 g04 Charger is a golf cart charger mostly used for E-Z-GO and Cushman golf carts. But it also accepts charging other golf carts with the same voltage and current requirement.

It’s from the well-known golf cart battery charger, “Power-wise.” Let’s take a preview of the actual specifications of this battery charger.

BrandPower wise
Weight30 lbs or 13.6 kg
Voltage supply36 Volt
Current supply15 Ampere
Input frequency60 Hz
Size6.25 x 6.87 x 10.25 inch
Provide cord9 feet
Best forGolf carts that support 15 Amp and 36 Volt Chargers with similar plug-ends.

Pros of Power wise 28115 g04 Charger:

Before purchasing, you need to know the positive sides of this product. Now, have a look at why this cart charger is so useful.

Weight and size

This charger weighs only 30 lbs and is lighter than other chargers available on the market. You can carry it easily with your car due to the perfect size.

You will need a perfect space for your charger in the cart. The power wise charger has a perfect shape to make it easier to carry.

Charging time

When you can ensure the required voltage and current, your cart will charge faster. Power-wise 28115 g04 Charger can charge the cart perfectly in time when the power supply is fair.


You can use this charger with other golf carts with similar plug ends and support 15 amps and 36 volts. This allows you to use this for another cart if you have one.

Perfect supply

With a proper 36 Volt supply, it charges the cart perfectly. E-Z-GO carts need exactly 36 volts of supply. It can ensure that amount.

Besides, 16 amps current is also perfect with 36 volts. So it helps to charge with the ideal supply.

Cons of Power wise 28115 g04 Charger:

Problems with a Power wise 28115 g04 Charger are lower. Even most of the cons are common with other chargers as well. Here are some examples.

Weather issue

Cart chargers aren’t weatherproof. So, water and thunder falls can cause a disturbance. Most golf courts have a lot of thunder fall problems. A nearby thunder fall can damage your charger due to the high voltage electric field.

But this is common to almost every charger. If you want to be safe from this issue, you better not plug in the charger on a stormy day.


It’s also a common problem. You can find that your battery is draining out more rapidly than average. You may assume the charger is faulty. Well, mostly, this occurs for the low fluid level of the battery.

If the battery’s fluid level isn’t on point, the charger will fail to charge it properly. So better check your batteries before blaming the charger.

How to select the correct charger?

Firstly, in your manual, the manufacturers clearly say how many volts, and current is required. Find your manual and check the specification and required charging volt.

You can check it yourself if you don’t have a manual book. To check your required charger, first, open your cart seat. You can find the batteries there. Count the number of cells of each battery.

Count as each cell cap requires 2 volts. When using a 6-cell battery pack configuration, the minimum voltage requirement is 36 V (6 cells x 3 batteries).

>>>The count will be 6 x 4 x 2= 48 V if you have four batteries.


Here we are going to discuss some common questions about power-wise 28115 g04 charger that people usually ask for.

What amp should a golf cart charger be at?

If your cart needs 36 volts, 16 Amp is perfect. The ideal output of a battery charger is 10% to 20% of the battery’s Ah rating. A 100 Ah battery needs at least 10 amps. But over 30% can cause damage by overcharging.

Is the Power wise 28115 g04 Charger a good one?

Yes, this charger is the perfect choice for your 36 V golf cart. Mostly it’s used for E-Z-GO and Cushman golf carts and carts which support 15 Amp and 36 Volt Chargers with similar plug-ends. It lasts for a long time and guarantees a steady supply.

Are all battery chargers for golf carts the same?

No. All golf carts don’t support the same charger. You need to match the volt of the batteries. A wrong charger can overcharge your cart, resulting in an explosion or short circuit. Wrong chargers are harmful to the batteries. It loses its lifespan and causes overheating of the batteries.


In the article, we have discussed Power wise 28115 g04 Charger. It has great compatibility with a long duration. Also, it charges the cart faster. Proper flow of Power ensures better battery health.

This charger can be the top choice if you want an inexpensive yet reliable option. It comes with a 15 lbs weight and ensures 36 volts with 16 amps of current. You can rely on this charger for the long run.

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