EZGO TXT Golf Cart: Recommended Oil Type and Capacity

If you are a regular golfer, EZGO should not be a new name for you. When it comes to golf carts, EZGO TXT is one of the most popular models out there. So, when you get this golf cart, the first confusion you will be in is what is the EZGO txt oil capacity and what type of oil it needs. 

It is essential to have a proper idea about the type of oil you can use on your golf cart and know its capacity before buying it. Generally, EZGO TXT uses 10W-30 grade oil. 

So, if you are looking to buy a new EZGO TXT golf cart and are confused about its oil capacity and type, we are here to help you with the details. 

EZGO TXT Golf Cart

What Is The Ezgo Txt Oil Capacity?

EZGO Txt golf cart is a compact and high-quality utility vehicle that can be used not only in golf courses but also in smaller factories, hotels, and more.

So, when you decide which golf cart is the perfect one for you, there are many factors you need to consider, and one of those is the oil capacity.

So, what is the EZGO Txt OIl capacity? An EZGO cart can hold around 6 cups, or about 1.5 quarts, of oil. However, you will need to keep something in mind when filling up your golf cart with oil. 

You will need to ensure not to fill it at its maximum and fill up the tank with only 90% of the total volume it can hold.

This will ensure the proper safety of you and your EZGO cart when you are driving it. Using a golf cart with excessive engine oil is just as risky as not running without it.

EZGO TXT Golf Cart
EZGO TXT Golf Cart

Your golf cart runs the danger of having far too much oil in it, which might cause the crankshaft to come into touch with the oil and introduce air into the oil flow mechanism.

Recommended Oil Types For Ezgo Txt Golf Carts

Knowing the proper amount of oil your EZGO Txt can take is just as important as knowing what type you should use in your cart.

Not using the recommended type of oil can cause severe damage to the engine and other internal components of your golf cart.

The recommended oil type for EZGO Txt is 10W-30 grade engine oil; you can also use 10W-40 oil in case you cannot have 10W-30 oil in hand.

Recommended Oil Types For Ezgo Txt Golf Carts

10W-30 Engine oil

The synthetic 10W-30 oil has a viscosity of 10W when the engine is cold and 30W when the engine is hot.

Since the oil is thinner at lower viscosities, cold temperatures benefit from them. Thinner motor oil goes through engines more swiftly and readily.

10W-40 Engine oil

10W-40 engine oil can be used as a substitute for 10W-30 oil as there is not much difference between them.

The viscosity under cold is the same for both oils, but the viscosity at high temperature, the 10W-40 oil, is 40 viscosity compared to 30 other choices. 

So comparing these two oils, they differ more in terms of temperature variations and engine load. In fair weather, either engine oil grade ought to function correctly.

Factors To Consider When Selecting The Right Oil Type For Ezgo Txt Golf Carts

When selecting the correct type of oil for the EZGO Txt golf carts, there are a few factors you need to look at. Choosing the correct type of oil is essential to ensure the smooth working of your golf cart.

Right Oil Type For Ezgo Txt Golf Carts


The friction coefficient of a non-adhesive liquid vs. a surface is defined by a quantity called viscosity.

So, the viscosity of the oil you should use highly varies depending on the outside temperature and the engine type. 

Generally, if you use your golf carts at a hot temperature, you should consider using an oil with a higher viscosity than lower viscosity at a lower temperature.

Outside Temperature

The type of oil that goes into an EZGO golf cart is also determined by the local climate and the overall temperature of the area you live in.

For instance, you will need to use heavier engine oil during the winter months.

However, for the engine to function smoothly in hot weather, you must use thicker engine oil.

Type of oil

There are various engine oils available in the market, and they are categorized into different types: synthetic, semi-synthetic, crude, and more. 

However, not all types of oils are recommended for golf carts, and you should only be using synthetic oils for your EZGO Txt golf carts.


After reading our guide so far, some questions might wander around your head, and below, we will discuss these frequently asked questions.

How often should golf cart oil be changed?

There are no rules for an oil change in your Golf cart. Typically you should change the golf cart’s oil every 125 hours or 600 miles.
However, if you use your golf cart more frequently, you should check the oil more often.

Is higher oil viscosity better for EZGO TXT?

The recommended oil viscosity for EZGO Txt is 10W-30. However, if you are going to use your golf cart in more hot temperatures, then you should go for thicker oil. But, for cold temperatures, you should go for thinner oil.

Can I use synthetic oil on an EZGO TXT golf cart?

Yes, you can use 10W-30 or 10W-40 synthetic oil on your EZGO Txt golf cart. However, make sure not to use semi-synthetic or crude oil on your golf cart engine if you want it to perform perfectly.


EZGO golf carts are quite popular for their usability and performance, but if you consider buying one, you must know about their oil types and capacity.

If you do not use the recommended oil type, the engine can become damaged, costing you money.

Additionally, it is crucial not to overfill your golf cart as overfilling can result in oil spillage and a mixture of air in the oiling mechanism. So, always fill the oil up to the required level. 

Technically, you should never fill up your oil tank and always leave 10% empty. Additionally, always change the engine oil in time and check the oil regularly.

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