Club Car Battery Light Codes: Meaning and Troubleshooting

The golf club car’s battery notifies you every time the battery is low on charge or is facing some other issues. It basically functions as a warning light that will let you know when you need to charge your battery. In order to understand the status of the battery, you will need to be familiar with the different club car battery light codes.

Club car batteries exhibit several codes, such as red, orange, yellow, green, and green, with different symbols. It can mean the battery isn’t charged or hooked up properly, the charge dropped below average, or a problem between the visage and the motor controller.

In this article, we will explain what the different codes of the battery light mean on a club car and how to troubleshoot these codes in detail.

Club Car Battery Light Codes

What Do The Different Club Car Battery Light Codes Mean?

The indicator light of the battery changes colors depending on how much charge the battery has left. These separate colored indicator lights work as a code to tell you something is amiss with the golf club car. 

You will notice several different symbols and colors as such codes on your club car. Here are the different club car battery light codes and their meanings:

A Green Battery With A White Lightning Symbol

This green light with a lightning symbol is a code that indicates the good health of the battery. When the battery sports a high amount of charge and runs smoothly, this code shows up.

It lets you know that everything is alright with the club car battery. There is no need to worry about the battery facing a problem while driving with this safe code.

However, keep an eye on the light to notice if it changes color, as that will mean that you need to be alert for certain things.

Full Green Battery

A full green light is also a good indicator of your battery health. The green light still means that the battery charge is going strong, with over 25 percent of the battery life left.

The lightning part disappearing from the green code only means that some of the charges were used from the battery.

Yellow Battery With A % Symbol

Once you get the yellow battery code, it means that the club car is in danger of shutting down in the near future. This code indicates that only 10 to 25 percent of the charge is left in the battery.

As a result, if you keep driving in this condition, chances are that the battery might die on you before you reach the charging station.

You can keep checking the percentage shown on the indicator light during this code display. Beware of driving too far away with a yellow battery light code. Getting back to the car’s charging station as soon as possible is better.

Red Battery With A % Symbol

A red light code is bound to set the alarm off in your mind, as red is never a good sign.

As expected, the red light code warns that the battery percentage has dropped below 10 percent. If you encounter a red battery light code, you will need to charge the battery immediately.

In most cases, having a red light code while driving is extremely dangerous. You won’t have enough time to get to a secure charging place in such a state as the car starts losing power gradually. 

Orange Battery With A Number Inside

An orange battery is the code implemented in place of the red and yellow battery light codes.

When a club car is missing the two above-mentioned light codes, it uses the orange light code. In some cars, all three light codes are used too.

The orange battery light simply means that you need to charge the battery soon. There will be a number inside the bar which will let you know the battery percentage. Note it and put your car battery to charge accordingly.

Black Lightning Symbol

The black lightning symbol decidedly means that the battery pack has some sort of internal issues. It could mean either that the battery pack has died fully or it hasn’t been charged in a proper way.

This code indicates that despite being connected perfectly, the battery pack fails to provide the necessary energy for the club car to operate. 

If you encounter this code, charging the battery pack properly might help get rid of it. Otherwise, the battery pack is for sure dead and you will need to replace it.

A “?” Symbol Inside The Battery

This unique symbol indicates a problem with the motor controller and the visage of the club car.

The visage lets the motor controller know that the battery has been charged, and thus, the engine operates. So, these are two very important components for operating a club car. 

When there is no connection between the visage and the motor controller like this, the engine believes there is a lack of charge in the battery.

As a result, there is trouble starting the club car, and this light code shows up to let you know about the issue.

How can you troubleshoot and fix the problem if your club car battery light is on?

The club car battery light can turn on suddenly and keep flashing due to some specific issues. In such circumstances, the club car might stall and stop working within a few minutes.

Get the car to a safe and sound place in order to troubleshoot and fix the problem fast.

Inspect the components mentioned below one by one and follow the instructions for each of them in order to troubleshoot the club car battery light:

Reset The On Board Computer (OBC)

The most common reason for the battery light flashing is that the charger can not charge the batteries fully.

If the charging is less than 90 percent, you need to reset the OBC and see if it works. To reset the OBC, follow these steps:

  • Firstly, disconnect the cable from the negative terminal of the battery pack.
  • Make sure the FNR switch is in the reverse position.
  • Wait until the power supply of the onboard computer is fully drained after this process.
  • Connect the cable and charge the battery without any interruption.
  • Let a few hours pass before removing the charger from the batteries.
  • Now, wait a few seconds and connect the battery charger properly again. 

This process should reset the OBC system and make the battery light stop flashing.

Ensure Correct Battery Installation

Sometimes, the connection between the battery pack and the battery charger is amiss. Check the battery connections thoroughly in order to find out exactly where the connections have gone wrong.

Usually, some connections might be in reverse order or in the wrong polarity. Once you find the mistake in the installation, disassemble the connections and put them back correctly.

Follow the battery installation manual for the specific model of the club car during this procedure. 

Secure Loose Connections To The Batteries

Proper connections are a must in any electrical system. There could be loose connections after you get a battery change or a battery checkup. 

Check the battery and its connections for any loose connections or missing wires. Find the misplaced wire and connect it properly.

Especially make sure that the sole red wire is tightly connected to the positive side of the battery pack.

Fully Charge Your Batteries Properly

At times, all you need to do is charge the battery pack of the club car fully. A repetitive lack of full charge can cause anomalies in the system and result in flashing battery lights.

You can get rid of the low battery voltage simply by plugging the batteries into the proper battery charger. Let the batteries charge fully to 100%.

If you notice the battery light still flashing after getting a full charge, it might be time to get a battery replacement.

Stop Overcharging The Batteries

Just like lack of full charge can cause this trouble, so could the overcharging of the same batteries. If you leave the charger connected to the battery for longer than necessary, the batteries can get boiled inside. 

To prevent that, firstly, check inside the batteries to see if they are intact or not. If the batteries are boiled due to overcharging, there will be bubbles that create hydrogen gas. 

Let the battery cool down for a few hours. Afterward, remove all electrical connections and clean the boiled battery surface with baking soda and water solution. It should restore the battery again.

Replace The Weak Batteries

Old, and worn-out batteries are bound to cause some issues here and there. Just like that, it could also be the reason for the flashing lights.

If you have tried the above-mentioned troubleshooting methods and still didn’t succeed, your batteries are too weak. 

Replace the worn-out batteries with new efficient ones. You could use the help of a professional to make a smooth, proper replacement. You will notice an overall better performance of the club car and no flashing lights anymore.

What Should You Do If Your Club Car Battery Light Comes On While You’re Driving It?

Even though you know how to troubleshoot the club car battery light, it might be a surprise when it comes on while driving the car.

You need to make quick decisions in such circumstances for the safety of the car and yourself. Remember to do these few things instantly the moment you notice the battery light is flashing:

Turn Off Every Unnecessary Electrical component Instantly

The battery starts draining the moment the light flashes. So, disconnect all electronics from the battery to avoid any more battery drainage.

Turn off the heater, air conditioner, and radio completely. Unplug any kind of speaker or charger from the electrical ports as well.

Pull Over To A Safe Space

Once the light is on; you can have about 5 to 30 minutes until the club car shuts down on you. It is too risky to drive during this time phase. So, park the car somewhere close in a safe and sound manner. 

Try driving there directly if you can get to any auto repair shop within minutes. Otherwise, pull over to a safe lane and contact the nearest repair shop for help.

Check The Possibly Affected Components

Inspect the battery and its connections to determine the cause. If everything is okay there, move on to the fuse and alternator belt next.

Either the fuse could be blown, or the alternator belt could be damaged. Identify the damaged component by inspecting it for a faster recovery.


In this FAQ section, we will let you know more about the battery lights of a club car. All of your unanswered questions will be satisfied by the answers below.

What Does The Battery Light On Club Car Mean?

The battery light on a club car means the battery’s low voltage. When the battery percentage drops below 20%, the battery light turns on and stays alight. The battery light keeps flashing when the battery percentage drops below 10.

What Causes The Battery Light To Come On A Club Car?

On a club car, the battery light can come on because of-
• Weak battery voltage
• Loose or wrong connection
• Blown fuse
• Damaged alternator 
• Wrong battery installation
• Overcharging

Is It Safe To Drive With The Battery Light On?

No, driving a club car with the battery lights on is unsafe. The battery light indicates that the car battery is low on charge and could stop functioning at any moment now. It is too risky to drive with such uncertainty in the middle of the road.

What Are The Different Types Of Lights On A Club Car?

Club cars feature various kinds of lights to indicate separate things. You can find the following different types of lights on a club car:
• Warning lights
• Indicator lights
• Tail lights
• Headlights
• Brake lights

How Long Can You Drive with the Battery light on?

From the moment your battery light comes on, you can drive for about 30 to 60 minutes maximum before the battery gives out.
After this time period, the car will stall and stop functioning, leaving you stranded. However, only about 15 minutes of driving with the battery light on is deemed to be safe. 


The different club car battery light codes help you know the status of your battery and how long until you need to charge it again. Therefore, it is recommended to be aware of the individual meanings of each light code displayed on the battery. 

Attending the battery according to the light codes will result in a healthy and long-lasting car battery for your beloved club car. Troubleshooting the flashing battery lights might not be too hard for you if you follow the directions properly. 

If necessary, you can contact an auto repair shop or a professional to take care of the difficult parts of the procedure. Replacing the battery, changing the alternator or the fuse- these actions might require the assistance of a professional.

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