What Size Fuse for Golf Cart Lights? A Guide to Choosing the Right One

Are you looking for the right size fuse for your golf cart’s light? The size of the fuse depends on the wattage of the lights. However, most golf cart lights have a 10-amp fuse, which is sufficient. You will need a larger fuse if you have a high wattage.

But that’s not all! Using a fuse of the wrong size can cause damage to your golf cart’s light and electric system.

Stay with us till the end of this as we bring the importance of the right size fuse and ways to find the correct one to help you out.

What Size Fuse for Golf Cart Lights

Understanding the Importance of Fuses in Golf Cart Lights

A fuse is an electrical component that can control the current potency that your golf cart’s lights can receive. 

This component is essential for the safety of the different electrical components of the cart.

Here are some reasons why fuses are so important:

  • A fuse can protect a golf cart’s electrical system from overload situations. Flowing too much current through the wires can make them hot and cause a fire. Fuses melt and break the circuit when this incident happens to prevent fire.
  • Fuses can prevent the golf cart lights from damaging. When too much current flows through light, it can burn out and damage the light. Fuses can stop this from happening.
  • Fuses are cheap and easy to replace, but they save you a lot of money by burning themselves out.

Different Types of Fuses Used for Golf Cart Lights

Several types of fuses are used in golf carts and for their lights. Besides knowing the right size, you must also know which type of fuse your cart’s lights need. Here are some types of fuses used in golf carts:

Blade fuses

Blade fuses

The most common type of fuse used in golf carts is the blade fuse. It’s small, rectangular, has blades on both sides, and is available in various amperes.

Cartridge fuse

Cartridge fuse

Cartridge fuses are larger than blade fuses and have a wider range of ratings.  Carts that have high-wattage lights mostly use this kind of fuse.

Mega fuses

Mega fuses

These are large and mainly used for the main circuit of a golf cart. They have very high ratings.

Midi fuses

Midi fuses

This is another kind of cartridge fuse specially designed for golf cart lights.

Determining the Fuse Size of Golf Cart Lights

Using a fuse of the right size is very essential. Determining the fuse size may require a few calculations and keen observation. Here’s how you can do this:

  1. The first and the easy way to determine the fuse size is by looking at the original fuse of your cart’s lights. You can use that existing fuse as a guide. You can see the ratings on the label of the fuse.
  2. You need to calculate the amperage of the light to determine the fuse size. You may need to do some calculations for that. For example, you may have the wattage and the voltage of the light. Say, the wattage is 50W, and the voltage is 12; now, divide the watts by volts (watts/volts). The result will be 4.16 AMPS. In this case, you must choose the closest roundup amp, which is 5 amp.
  1. You can also look at a fuse chart to determine the correct size fuse for your golf cart lights. You can find them online.

So, these are the ways to determine the correct fuse size.  But remember, never choose a fuse that is too small or too large.

Problems of Using Wrong Size Fuse in Golf Cart Lights

Using the wrong size fuse on your golf cart and its lights could lead to several problems and put the whole electrical system at risk. Here are some problems that you may face:

Overloading the circuit

Overloading the circuit
Source: Youtube

Fuses generally protect the electrical circuit from excess and abnormal current flow. A fuse with a higher amperage rating than needed could allow too much current to pass through the respective circuit.

Frequent fuse blow

Frequent fuse blow

A lower amperage fuse can’t handle the standard current. Due to this, the fuse will keep blowing frequently.

Dead batteries

Dead batteries

A lower-size fuse will not let through the normal current and won’t provide enough current to power the lights, leading to quick battery draining. This may kill the batteries soon.

Bad headlight switch

Bad headlight switch

When the fuse doesn’t match the headlight switch, it will interfere with the switch’s operation. Due to this, the lights may become dim or flicker.  

Safety Tips While Installing the Fuse on Golf Cart

Let’s take a look at some of the safety measures while installing the fuse on a golf cart:

  • Turn off the engine and remove the key from the ignition to prevent accidental shocks and sparks.
  • Always replace the fuse with the correct size, same type, and amperage, just like the original one, to prevent short circuits and overloading.
  • Use tools like a multimeter to check the current and voltage of the circuit and fuse.
  • Take a picture of the location from where you removed the fuse. It will help you remember.
  • Always protective gear while installing and beware of electric shocks.

Preventing Golf Cart Light Fuses From Blowing?

Does the golf cart light fuse keep blowing? Here are some tips to stop the problem from happening:

  • As we said before, using the right size fuse is key.
  •  Check the wiring and connections for any signs of damage, corrosion, or looseness.
  •  Check the voltage and current flow to ensure they are between the optimal ranges.
  • Never overload the circuit by connecting too many lights to a similar circuit. This can cause the fuse to blow.

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Understanding the correct fuse size for golf cart lights is quite a technical matter that can leave some confusion. Go through the following FAQ section for further information:

How do you know the voltage and watts of your golf cart lights?

You can get this information from the golf cart owner’s manual. These things should be listed there. If you can’t access it, contact the manufacturer or a qualified mechanic.

Where is the fuse for the golf cart lights situated?

The location of the fuse box in a golf cart may vary depending on the model. However, in most golf carts, it’s located on the rear fender, behind the battery, which is on the driver’s side.

How often should you replace the fuses in your golf cart?

You should only replace a fuse on your golf cart if they blow. But you can inspect the fuses sometimes to ensure they are in good condition.

How do you know that you need to replace the fuse for your golf cart lights?

When the light of your golf cart is not working, it’s possibly because the fuse is blown and needs to be replaced.

Final Thought

So, due to several reasons, the fuses of a golf cart can blow off and need to be replaced with the one with the correct size.

You can either calculate the correct AMP rating or replicate the existing one for the proper size fuse. A 10 amp fuse is generally suitable but may vary depending on the cart’s model or light setup.

If you are still trying to figure it out, you can contact the manufacturer or an experienced mechanic.

Reference: https://www.oznium.com/blog/how-to-determine-the-fuse-wire-size-for-your-project/

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