EZGo RXV Golf Cart Troubleshooting: A Comprehensive Guide

Nowadays, due to the lack of useful information, it’s quite difficult to find the appropriate troubleshooting guide for your Ezgo RXV. So, what are the common problems of the Ezgo RXV?

The most common ezgo RXV issue would be the brake pedals not working perfectly. However, there are much more problems such as accelerator problems, charger not working, damaged solenoid, and whatnot.

There is more to this problem, so you might want to tag along. This 48-volt club car troubleshooting guide consists of every little detail on each problem, its causes, and fixes as we progress further.

Ezgo RXV Troubleshooting Guide

What Are The Common Problems With Ezgo RXV?

Even though there are several common problems with Ego RXV, different users may face various problems. However, to help identify the problem in your case, we’ve dropped a list of common issues below!

  • Brake issues.
  • Problems with the accelerator.
  • Startup issue.
  • Solenoid problems.
  • Failing speed or solenoid controllers.
  • Power loss from the engine.

Ezgo RXV Troubleshooting Guide With Easy Solutions

Nowadays, it’s quite hard to find a reliable and informative troubleshooting guide. Hence, we’ve discussed each and every problem with their fixes and associated costs in this section. Enjoy the cherry on top!

1. Brake problems

Brake problems are a lot more serious than they might look on paper. This problem mostly occurs when you notice that the golf cart isn’t stopping after brakes are applied.

Brake problems show early symptoms when you notice that you are not receiving an adequate braking response after pressing the pedal. It should not be overlooked as irrelevant braking may result in severe accidents causing distress.

Troubleshooting Brake Problems on Ezgo RXV

Brake problems don’t arise in the first few months after buying the Ezgo RXV. The problem begins to manifest with time. Here’s a list of causes for this issue.

  • Worn out brake pads.
  • Faulty brake pedal wiring.
  • Corrosion of brake pivots.
  • The pedal adjustment has been disoriented.

How To Fix Brake Problems On Ezgo RXV

To fix the brake problems on Ezgo RXV, you only need to follow a simple procedure depending on the specific braking component that might have gone bad in your case. 

Suppose if the brake pedal seems stuck, you should try adding in some brake fluid to loosen it out. Also, ensure that all the cables and connections to the brake are perfectly functional.

And if the brake pads or shoes were damaged due to extensive wear and tear, you should get them replaced with new ones. However, there is always the option to call in a mechanic to get them polished and fixed.

How Much Does It Cost To Fix Brake Problems On Ezgo RXV?

Fixing the brake issues wouldn’t obviously break the bank for you, as brake repairs tend to be fairly cheaper. Hence, consider paying around $80 to $120 per axle.

And some extra part replacement needed for the brakes may cost somewhere between $35 to $150.

2. Startup Problems

The startup problems had been another common issue that has troubled countless Ezgo RXV owners after several months of use. Hence, addressing this issue has become a necessity. 

Startup problems might not have any obvious symptoms, but golf cart stalling or losing power in the middle of a ride are some early indications. 

Moreover, this problem should not be ignored as without the cart, it’s difficult to get a golf course tour.

Troubleshooting Startup Problems on Ezgo RXV

Although it’s a tad bit difficult to find the actual cause of a startup problem as it occurs when different components malfunction simultaneously. Here are a few possible reasons!

  • Error in the fuel mixture.
  • Air leakage.
  • Battery failure.
  • Loose connections.

How To Fix Startup Issues On Ezgo RXV

To fix the startup issues, you simply need to investigate each of the following causes mentioned above.

Hence, begin by thoroughly investigating the fuel mixture and ensuring that the fuel has the right proportion of all the required substances.

Check for any air leaks and if you find any, seal the leaks immediately with some airtight tapes. Ensure that all the connections are properly and securely connected, and check if the startup switch is working.

If none of the components above show any signs of damage, then you should move to the battery and replace it after getting it checked by a professional.

How Much Does It Cost To Fix Startup Problems On Ezgo RXV?

The startup problems may only cost you if the battery needs to be replaced. Hence, the labor cost would be around $50 for each battery replacement. However, a new 48v battery pack costs between $800-$1500.

3. Overcurrent Issues

This problem is well known among most Ezgo RXV owners who have gotten new batteries by replacing the old ones. 

The large flow of current through the cart isn’t obviously something to be taken lightly as it can completely render the golf cart useless and irreparable. 

Such symptoms may arise when frequently needing to replace the startup switch and the cart losing power often in the middle of drives. It’s represented by Fault code: 8976.

Troubleshooting Overcurrent Issues on Ezgo RXV

We all know that electronic components do not function properly when they are provided with a current that is not specified for use by the manufacturer. Let’s dive into some causes relating to this.

  • Incorrect battery volts used.
  • The wiring is damaged.
  • Problems with the circuit alignment.
  • Faulty solenoid.

How To Fix Overcurrent Issues On Ezgo RXV

To fix this issue on your Ezgo RXV, you simply need to begin by checking your battery specifications. That is the first and foremost task to do. 

If your battery volt does not match the one given by the manufacturer’s site, you may need to get another battery rated at much safer volts. 

The next thing you need to do is check whether there are any loose connections out there. If you find any, just tighten them up. 

Ensure the circuit alignment is correct, as sometimes a series connection may lead to an overflow of current. Also, get the solenoids checked by consulting a mechanic.

How Much Does It Cost To Fix Over Current Issues On Ezgo RXV?

The overcurrent issues might be quite expensive to fix in the first place, as they require dealing with electrical components. Hence, the labor cost for battery replacement of the cart would cost around $50 per battery.

Moreover, a new battery officially created by the Ezgo RXV should cost from $800 to $1500. Note that labor costs may vary widely depending on your location and the professional hired for the job.

4. Accelerator Problems

The accelerator problems have been another common issue that has bummed most Ezgo RXV owners. This issue is also addressed when your cart loses power in the middle of the ride.

The accelerator problems may not sound that serious, but there is obviously a catch to it. Losing speed in the middle of a ride would result in improper speed control and increase fuel consumption significantly.

The apparent symptoms start to show up once you notice that your golf cart isn’t accelerating to higher speeds quickly and requires longer pressing of the acceleration pedal.

Troubleshooting Accelerator Problems on Ezgo RXV

The accelerator problems initially started from a few underlying causes that slowly led to acceleration and speed control problems of the Ezgo RXV. Hence, let’s look into some common problems of the Ezgo RXV.

  • The acceleration pedal is faulty.
  • Loose connections.
  • Faulty Speed controller.
  • Fuel leakage.

How To Fix Accelerator Problem On Ezgo RXV

To fix the acceleration problems on Ezgo RXV, you must follow a simple procedure. Starting with the acceleration pedal, check it properly for any issues; if it seems faulty, replace it.

Then check for any loose connections and immediately tighten the connections if you find any. Also, make sure to find any fuel leaks and get them sealed.

Be sure to check the accelerator sensors by connecting a voltmeter. If you don’t get a reading of 5V, then replace the sensors.

How Much Does It Cost To Fix Accelerator Problems On Ezgo RXV?

The labor cost for such types of repairs should be around $75 per hour. But this cost may vary depending on the location you live in and the type of repair you perform.

Furthermore, a new acceleration pedal may cost from as low as $33 to $250. That would be the only replacement you might be required to make to fix this acceleration issue on your Ezgo RXV.


It has been a delightful journey. Hopefully, you’ve enjoyed sticking with this write-up till now. This 48-volt club car troubleshooting guide has almost everything needed to wrap you up for your new Ezgo RXV.

The club carts are essential components of the golf course, as it not only sets up a means of transport but also add a fresh look to it. Thus, making a great impression on the clients.

Moreover, if you’re thinking about getting the Ezgo RXV, go ahead by all means. Since you’ve already referred to this article, you have most of the information you need. Hence, treat your golf cart with the respect it deserves.

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