Club Car DS vs. Precedent: Compare Golf Cart for Your Ideal Fit

A golf cart can make or break your golfing experience. Club Car has been a legendary brand Since the 1980s. President cart on the other hand is recognized too in producing state-of-the-art golf carts.

The Club Car DS is much more durable and has a vintage outlook. But the Precedent golf cart has many technological improvements and a lighter chassis. The Precedent golf cart is also known to be more expensive than the DS. So if you’re looking for something cheaper but more durable, the DS would be great! 

But which golf cart should you choose? One is a legend but aged, while the other is new and modern. In this article, we’ll compare everything there is to know about the Club Car DS vs the Precedent Golf Carts. So, let’s get right into it! 

Club Car DS vs. Precedent

Overview of Club Car DS Golf Carts

The club car DS, famously named after Dom Saporito, is a legendary cart used by many generations of golfers. 

Dom Saporito was the first one to develop the DS model in the early 1980s. It’s easy to say with his involvement, the club car re-invented golf buggies. 

The DS golf carts have taken over the golfing world since their release. And even though Club Car stopped manufacturing the DS in 2011, the OG cart still holds up as one of the best carts in the market.

A classic look, is sturdy, and is way cheaper than others; that’s a dream golf cart!

But before getting a DS, it’s important to know what makes them great and what doesn’t! Because of its age, some of the downsides of the DS can be considered. 

But overall, this golf cart lives up to its title as the ‘OG’ golf cart. Here are some good sides and drawbacks of the DS golf cart:

Club Car DS And Club Car Precedent
Club Car DS and Precedent

Overview of Club Car Precedent Golf Cart

After the golden boy of the 80s and 90s came the Precedent golf cart in 2004. The Precedent was released in the early 2000s and came with many modern functionalities.

The cart can easily be identified through its more rounded look, unlike the square chassis of the DS. 

The Precedent is more expensive than the DS. But once I looked into its functionalities, it came as no surprise! 

Somehow the club car once again found the perfect mix of a generational golf cart. Modern technology isn’t only applied to the tools but also to the look of the cart!

An easy distinction is that the Precedent golf cart looks its age. And just like the DS, you must know what makes the Precedent a good golf cart for you! So, here are some good sides and some drawbacks of the Precedent golf cart: 

Club Car DS vs Precedent Golf Cart: Quick Comparison Table

To determine which Club Car is best, you need to know its specifications. So, here is a quick comparison table between the Club Car DS vs The Precedent Golf Cart: 

FactorsClub Car DSPrecedent Golf Cart 
Chassis Fiberglass and Plastic material. Lightweight aluminum material. 
Weight Electric variant: 500 Pounds approx. Gas variant: 619 Pounds approx. Electric variant: 495 Pounds approx. Gas variant: 605 Pounds approx. 
BumperSturdy fiberglass bumpers on the front and back. A Flexible aluminum bumper wraps around the body. 
Lights LED lights (No halogen) LED lights (Including halogen)
Roof Strong plastic roof with tool support (No drain spouts) Molded plastic material including drain spouts 
Battery GC8 eight-volt batteries GC8 eight-volt batteries 
SeatingDisconnected bench-like seats Connected seating system 
Electronic ScoreboardNot available Available 
GPS Not available Available 
Engine Variants Both electric and Gas run variants are available Both electric and Gas run variants are available 
Speed Gasoline variant: 15 MphElectric variant: 19 MphGasoline variant: 15 MphElectric variant: 19 Mph
Tires General low-profile tiresGeneral low-profile tires 
Price 1000$-6000$ Depending on condition and model. Starting from 6000$-15000$ Depending on condition and model.

What Are The Differences Between Club Car DS and Precedent Golf Carts?

The comparison table discussed the most moving factors between the club car DS and the Precedent golf carts.

Now, let’s talk about which factors differentiate both of these models. Here are some differences between the Club car DS and Precedent golf carts: 


Durability of Precedent

The chassis of your cart plays an important role in its durability. As we’ve discussed, the DS has a much stronger chassis thanks to the fiberglass and plastic material used to make the body.

This combo makes the cart a lot stronger than the Precedent. But the downside to this is the weight. 

Fiberglass and plastic make the DS much heavier. However, the Precedent is made of aluminum, which is why it’s much lighter. But, unlike the DS, the chassis of the Precedent is much more damage prone. 



One of the best things about the Precedent is its technology. You can record your scores, use GPS on track, and transfer the data through its state-of-the-art software. This software also allows you to keep track of tournament scoreboards! 

Some variants of the Precedent come with a few additional features. Unfortunately, the DS does not come with any form of technological software! 


precedent outlook
Custom Precedent- Otools

Being more modern, the Precedent golf cart looks and feels much better than the DS. But this largely depends on preference. The DS is perfect if you’re looking for a more vintage and classic look! 

The DS has a square look with disconnected seats and lights sticking out of the main body.

On the other hand, the Precedent has a rounder body shape with lights engraved into the body. The Precedent also includes halogen lights! 

Built Features

Built Features

The Precedent golf cart stands out with some small details. Such as built-in armrests, which include cup holders.

But the most important feature is the drain spouts on the roof. Unlike the DS, the roof comes with drain spouts, making it easier to deal with rain. 


The Club Car DS is much cheaper than the Precedent golf carts. Not only because the Precedent comes with a few more improvements but also because the DS is an older model. 

The Precedent is quite expensive in general. Even the resell value of the Precedent is quite high, unlike the DS, which you can get for under a thousand in the aftermarket.

Club Car Ds or Precedent: Which Golf Cart Will Make Your Golfing More Comfortable?

When it comes to comfort, it largely depends on you. What do you like? What makes a cart comfortable for you?

These are some of the many questions you have to ask yourself. But overall, the Precedent will feel much more comfortable. 

Regarding the seating or drive feel, the club car DS and the Precedent are identical. But the Precedent makes your golfing experience much better with its technology and small-built details. 

But if you’re looking for something durable, the DS is a much better option! The price and the damage-prone chassis of the Precedent make it a bit difficult to choose.

But if you’re ready to spend and look after it, the Precedent can greatly improve your golfing experience!

Frequently Asked Questions

Apart from all that we’ve talked about, there are a few more common questions you might have. For that, we have included a few frequently asked questions down below! Check them out:

What Is the Main Difference Between The Club Car DS and Precedent Golf Cart?

The body shape is the most distinguishable difference between the club car DS and the Precedent golf cart.
While the DS has a much more square shape, the Precedent comes with a modern round look. The Precedent also includes a 360° bumper! 

Do Club Car Still Produce The DS?

Unfortunately, Club car stopped manufacturing the DS back in 2011. After serving almost 3 Decades, the club car DS finally halted in the market. But you can still buy them in the aftermarket.

What Kind Of Material Is The Club Car Precedent Made Out Of?

The club car Precedent is made out of lightweight Aluminium material. This material is light, unlike fiberglass, which is used to build the club car DS.

Is The Club Car DS Faster Than The Club Car Precedent?

Even though the Precedent golf car is a new model, the speed on both the Precedent and the DS is identical. The speed of both models ranges from 15-19 Mph.

How Much Does the Precedent Golf Cart Cost?

The precedent golf cart can range from 6000$-15000$ or more depending on the model and condition. Even on the aftermarket, the Precedent golf cart can be quite expensive.

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