5 Most Common ICON Golf Cart Problems and Their Solutions

Suppose, you are in the mood to use your favorite ICON Golf Cart and suddenly find it’s not working! Indeed it will seem like a great disaster. But if you are previously aware of the common ICON golf cart problems, you won’t be anxious immediately.  

There can be several issues that may prevent the ICON golf carts from running.  Some of them may include battery or brake problems, saggy tires, problematic solenoids, defective accelerators, etc.  

You may not consider yourself a professional expert in fixing these problems.  But why not learn some tricks to solve some common ones? For that, please read the following points to know the frequent complications and the possible solutions to overcome those.     

What Are The Common Problems With Icon Golf Carts? 

While operating your ICON golf carts, it is prevalent to get some issues that happen worldwide. Solving problems won’t take much time if you know them beforehand. Some general obstacles that  you may face while operating your Icon golf carts are:

  1. Battery related problems
  2. Brake Issues
  3. Slouching or overinflated tires
  4. Motor-related problems
  5. ·Problematic solenoids

How Do You Troubleshoot and Fix These ICON Golf Cart Problems? 

As there are problems, of course, there will be some possible solutions to fix those problems. This article is going to help you to recognize some common issues regarding your Icon golf cart and possible DIY solutions. Let’s delve into this!

Problem 1: Battery-Related Problems

If you are trying to start the cart, but the engine doesn’t start or get the power, there is a likely battery-related problem. However, a malfunctioning battery is one of the major problems of the ICON Golf Cart. 

What Causes battery-related Problems on Icon Golf Carts?

The battery problem might occur because of a variety of reasons. A few of them are listed below: 

  • Uncharged Battery

An uncharged or partially charged battery might be a basic reason for this problem. If you have kept the cart without using it for a long period, then a charged battery will get uncharged.

  • Damaged or rusted terminal wires

Furthermore, damaged or rusted terminal wires can be another reason for the battery problem.

  • Lack of water inside battery chambers

If the water inside the battery chambers is finished or insufficient, the battery will not work. This is a common phenomenon for having a battery-related problem in your Icon golf cart. 

How To Fix battery-related Problems On ICON Golf Carts?

To solve battery-related problems, the following procedures can be followed:

  • Recharge Battery:

Firstly, check whether the battery is charged or not. If it is not charged, then recharge it immediately. If the battery water is empty then fill it.

  • Reconnect Terminal Wires:

If you find that the battery is fully charged, yet the cart is not moving, check the terminal wires. It may happen that the cables are not perfectly connected or got loose. So, clean the cables and reconnect them to the battery. That may help the cart to run again.

  • Clean the Terminal Wires:

If the terminal wires are rusted, then put hot water on the rusted areas and rub with a cloth to remove the rust.

  • Replace the Battery:

Lastly, if the above-mentioned ways do not work, change the entire battery and replace it with a new one. In most cases, this works fine. 

How Much Does It Cost To Fix battery-related Problems?

If you need to change the battery of your cart, you may need 800-1500$ to buy a new one. And yes, it is completely free of cost to charge your battery, right?

Problem 2: Brake Issues

Sometimes your cart starts running fine, but a few moments later it gets stuck. This happens when the brake of the cart gets hampered.

The signs to know that there are some problems with the brake are-  the feel of the brake pedal may change if pushed. Also, you may hear a noise indicating that the brake is problematic. 

What Causes brake-related issues on ICON Golf Cart?

The brake-related problem might occur because of a variety of reasons.

  • Loose Bolts

The main reason behind the brake-related problems is loose bolts on the lift kits. If there are loose nuts and bolts, your cart definitely won’t run.

  • Stuck cables 

Another basic reason behind a faulty brake is stuck cables. While driving the cart, suddenly, you may feel that you cannot pull the cable anymore. This may happen due to a mechanical leakage that leads to stuck the various parts of the cable altogether. 

  • Tangling wires

This is another issue that creates problems in Icon golf carts. The brake of the cart may not work due to tangled wires.  Also, the wires may get damaged after some time. This is a common issue behind a problematic brake.  

How To Fix brake-related problems On ICON Golf Cart?

Several steps can be taken to overcome the problems created due to the malfunction of the brake. Those can be:

  • Replace the cable of the Icon golf cart.
  • Tighten the loose bolts and nuts immediately. That will make the brake stronger.
  • You need to untangle the wires inside the cart. Occasionally, you need to change the damaged wires too. However, that may require professional care.               

How much does it Cost to Fix Brake Related Problems?

To solve brake-related issues, you do not need a lot of money as the price of the cables does not exceed more than 220$. Normally, you can buy a cable for between 6$- 217$.

Problem 3: Slouching tires

Sometimes, the Icon golf cart becomes unusable due to overinflated or saggy tires. This is a very common problem of ICON Golf Cart, and most Cart users face this problem very frequently. 

What Causes Slouching tires on ICON Golf Cart?

There are only a few specific reasons for slouching or overinflated tires. The following issues are the probable reasons. 

  • Inadequate pressure on tires

After using it for a long time, the tire pressure decreases. When the air pressure gets below the standard level, the tire inflates.  So, the cart becomes useless for a while.

On the other hand, overinflated tires are also problematic. That may tear up the tires. So, the air pressure inside the tire should be adequate.

  • Tire Leaks

There might be some leaks on the tires. Due to this, the air inside the tires gradually decreases.  Ultimately, the user sees a slouching, unusable tire.

  • Expired Tire

Every tire has an expiration time. If the run time of a tire expires, it will inflate and be unusable.

How to Fix Slouching Tires On an ICON Golf Cart?

The following are the probable solutions to the overinflated tire problem.

  • Pressurize the tires

Fill your slouching tires with sufficient air pressure. You can use a pressure measuring meter to see the air pressure level. It is good to follow the standard air pressure level. It’s between 15 to 25 pounds per square inch.

  • Fix the tire Leaks

Even after providing sufficient air pressure, if your tire gets inflated repeatedly, there might be some tire leaks. You can go to the tire servicing center and fix the leaks.

  • Change the tire:

Finally, if all the above solutions don’t work, then your tires are expired, and you need to replace them with a new tire.

How Much Does It Cost To Fix Slouching Tire Problems On ICON Golf Cart?

To change the defective tires, you can buy new ones within  50$-200$. However, it will not cost more than 10$ -30$  to repair leaked or damaged tires. 

Problem 4: Motor-related problems

One of the biggest problems of the ICON Golf Cart is a motor-related problem. If you have checked your battery issues, even if the cart is not moving, there might be motor-related problems.

What Causes Motor-related Problems on ICON Golf Cart?

The main issue related to the motor problem is “motor burnout”. There might be several reasons for motor burnout.

  • Overheated Engine

If you are using the Cart for a long time or under the scorching sun, your engine, wiring, and other components might get overheated. This combination of heated components might burn out your motor.

  • Continuous pedal pressing

If you press the pedal very frequently like a racing car and hit the metal part of the cart, then it will put pressure on your motor, and ultimately, it might get burnout.

  • Excessive weight bearing

Every Cart has a maximum weight-bearing capacity. If you use the Cart to bear overweight regularly, then it can also burn out your Cart motor.

  • Rough and uneven track

If the track on which you are using the Cart is rough and uneven, it will put extra pressure on the motor and might burn out.

How To Fix Motor-related Problems On ICON Golf Carts?

You may follow the below methods if your icon golf cart encounter has encountered motor related problems.

  • Reset the motor

Firstly, you should try to reset the motor and fix the issue. Take a general screwdriver and uncover the motor. A red reset button should be present near the main battery power supply. Press the button. Cover the motor and start. Your motor should start now.

  • Change Individual Parts

Remove the motor from Cart and check the condition of individual parts e.g. brushes, bearing, coil etc. Replace the parts if any one of these are broken.

  • Replace Motor

If none of the above doesn’t work then your motor is fully damaged and needs to be replaced by another one. 

How much does it cost to fix Motor Related Problems?

ICON Golf Cart uses AC motors. Although the price of the motor varies market to market, the present unit price is 330 $ – 350 $. Furthermore, the electric motor brush kit’s price range is form 10 $ to 29 $.

Problem 5: Problematic solenoid

Last but not the least, a problematic solenoid can ruin your journey with a Icon golf cart. A solenoid is a wire made coil that is used as an electromagnet. 

Since a solenoid helps to start your cart, it becomes impossible to move your cart if the solenoid has any problem. You will not hear a “clicking” sound while starting the cart if the solenoid is damaged. 

What makes a solenoid problematic on an ICON Golf Cart?

These can happen when a solenoids gets problematic:

  • Not hearing a ‘clicking’ sound

Since a solenoid helps to start your cart, it becomes impossible to move your cart if the solenoid has any problem. You will not hear a whirring “clicking” sound while starting the cart if the solenoid is damaged. 

  • Not getting enough speed

It is known that a solenoid’s duty is to transmit current to the motor of the cart. So, when you can not increase the speed of your cart,  that probably means you need to repair or change your solenoid. 

How To Fix Problematic Solenoids On ICON Golf Carts?

The following procedures can be followed to fix the solenoid of a cart: 

  • Replace the solenoid

This is the easiest way to make your cart active again. A new solenoid of course  will serve better than an old or damaged one. Also, a burnt solenoid is never repairable.

So, you must need a new one in this case. However, be very careful while changing the solenoid. Always wear plastic gloves to avoid electrical accidents.  

  •  Repair the solenoid

If the solenoid is not totally damaged, experts may repair the parts of it and you can drive your cart again. It’s better not to try any DIY process to solve solenoid related problems unless you are an expert. Because, it is always risky to work with any electric devices. 

How Much Does It Cost To Fix A Problematic Solenoid On ICON Golf Cart? 

A new solenoid may cost around 15$-110$. It is not that costly. So, you may change your solenoid whenever it gets damaged. 


In a nutshell, we have covered the most common  ICON golf cart problems, their types, possible solutions, and the approximate cost to repair the cart. Even after taking all the necessary precautions, you might get other kinds of problems with your cart. 

If you get that, then don’t panic, please! Because, an Icon golf cart is  a machine and machines can have unwanted problems anytime . 

In these situations, keep calm and try your best to solve them. If you fail then just move to experienced service providers. Hopefully they will  guide you with a proper solution.

However, following the above-mentioned solutions, you may find a good way to properly maintain your golf cart for years to come.

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