EZGO Golf Cart Motor Reset Button Location: Know It Right Here! 

Just like any other electronics, your EZ-GO golf cart sometimes just requires resetting using the reset button to clear the cobwebs. You can locate the small reset button of your EZ-GO golf cart near the main power source where several electrical wires enter the motor.

That is not all! We know, there are many more queries about resetting that you may want to know. Rest assured as we are here to help you out through today’s write-up. So, without being bothered anymore, stay tuned with us!  

EZGO Golf Cart Motor Reset Button Location

Where Is The EZGO Golf Cart Motor Reset Button Location? 

The electric motors of the EZ-GO golf cart include a reset button that functions in a similar manner to circuit breakers. So, it can correct any minor issues. 

The reset button is usually located near the main power supply of the golf cart. 

To locate the reset button of the motor of your EZ-GO golf cart, go to the back of the cart and you will find a panel that covers the electric motor. 

There will be four or six screws that hold the panel in place. Remove the screws, and secure them in one place. 

Remove the panel to expose the motor of the golf cart. 

Now locate an area where multiple electrical wires enter the motor, somewhere near where the motor of the cart is powered up. 

You can see a small button, usually red in color. 

That’s the reset button of your EZ-GO golf cart! 

You know, when you press the reset button, if there is nothing serious, it should address any of the motor-related issues. 

Thankfully, resetting will not do any harm to the motor of your cart, instead, it will help to resolve minor motor issues effortlessly. 

In a word, the button is critically important so as not to attempt anything further beyond resetting when you are unsure of the serious motor problems.

How To Reset The EZ-GO Golf Cart Motor Using The Reset Button?  

Hope you are able to locate the reset button on the EZ-GO golf cart! Now that you locate the reset button, all you need to reset the golf cart successfully to solve the problem that you may be facing with the motor. That is why, see the process below. 

Step 1: Turn Off The Golf Cart

Turn Off The Golf Cart
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First turn off your EZ-GO golf cart. But before attempting to reset your golf cart motor, ensure the keys are taken out from the ignition switch. 

Step 2: Locate The Reset Button

Locate The Reset Button
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Hope it is no longer a big deal. Now you know!

By following the above description, locate the reset button on your EZ-GO golf cart motor. 

Step 3: Press The Reset Button 

Press The Reset Button 

After locating the reset button of the EZ-GO golf cart, press the button with your finger or using a small tool.  

Hold the button down minimum for about 5 to 10 seconds. Once you press the reset button of your golf cart, reassemble the cart. 

Step 4: Turn The EZ-GO Golf Cart On 

Turn The EZ-GO Golf Cart On
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Your golf cart has been reset. You can turn the golf cart back on and test it out ensuring that everything is working properly on the motor.

EZGO Golf Cart Motor Not Working Even After Resetting! What To Do Now?

Well, when you reset the EZ-GO golf cart motor, hopefully, it will resolve the minor problems of the motor. Resetting the golf cart will let you know pretty quickly if that is the other case. 

You should reset the motor multiple times to make it work again. Charge up the battery and have a test run. 

If the cart now moves, then you are in luck! Repair or replacement is avoided!  

However, if the golf cart doesn’t start up and the motor doesn’t spin even after resetting, you are likely dealing with motor burnout. 

In case the motor spins but the cart doesn’t run, uninstall the motor, and check whether there are any parts like brushes, coils, or bearings that are broken. 

You can buy these parts at a pretty low cost and even can replace them yourself luckily if you’ve mechanical skills. 

But if the damage happens to the motor housing or armature, you have to completely replace the motor now. 

You know, a burnt-out motor can’t be repaired!

What Makes The EZ-GO Golf Cart Motor To Burnt Out? 

Handful reasons can cause the motor of your EZ-GO golf cart to burn out. What may happen is that you may have used the golf cart motor too hard or too fast driving, and so on. Let us see the details below. 

#1- Using The Golf Cart Motor To Hard 

Using The Golf Cart Motor To Hard 

You know if you drive the golf cart too hard in the hard pass areas or on steep hills, there is a good chance that the motor of your golf cart will burn out. 

It particularly happens when you haul too much on your golf cart. 

#2- Too Fast Driving 

Too Fast Driving 

Too fast driving of your golf cart is another cause for your motor to burn out. 

If you drive your golf cart at the maximum speed weighing too many people or equipment on the cart, it will cause the motor to burn out more quickly than often. 

#3- Excessive Heat

Excessive Heat 

Motor burnout of your EZ-GO golf cart happens to the overheating as well. It makes the fry out of the wiring and the other internal components of the motor.

Tips To Avoid The Annoying Electric Motor Problems In EZ-GO Golf Cart? 

Here are some tips that are efficient for your golf cart so as not to make the motor quit on you too fast. Take a look below to know. 

  • Never let the water enter the internal components of the motor or the battery. 
  • Always have proper maintenance at the scheduled time. 
  • Avoid overhauling your cart. 
  • Do not drive the cart like you are driving a racing car.

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Frequently Asked Questions

You might have some more queries after reading our article so far. Do not bother as this section will help you to get the answers to most of the queries. 

How much does it cost to replace the electric motor of the EZ-GO golf cart?

To replace the electric motor of the EZ-GO golf cart, you’ve to cost on average $600 to $700. The price includes both the cost of the EZ-GO motor and the labor cost itself. In case you want to replace the motor yourself, you can purchase the motor at $250 to $300.   

Are there any diagnostic tools available for the EZ-GO golf cart?

Yeah, there are several diagnostic tools available for the EZ-GO golf cart. The tool comes with different price ranges which depend on the features they provide. For instance, the EZGO handheld diagnostic tool is quite handy for inspecting various important systems of the golf cart.  

Why is my EZ-GO golf cart not charging?

Due to some issues, you may face the problem of the EZ-GO golf cart not charging like a dirty charging port, a burn-out fuse, or an issue with the auxiliary contact. The clumsiest reason can be that the wires have been broken not to charge at all. 

How can I check an EZ-GO Golf cart electric motor? 

You can check the EZ-GO golf cart motor to see whether the motor has burnt out. Inspect the continuity of the armature [A1 and A2] and the continuity of field coils of the motor [S1 and S2]. You should also test each coil of the motor to ground testing to test the short. Repair or replace if required. 

Final Word 

Hope you have got that all clearly about the matter. 

Lastly, what is left to say, by locating the reset button of your golf cart, you can address many problems of the motor in no time by resetting it with some time and confidence. However, sometimes resetting may not work. 

It happens! 

The motor is the very last component to fail the cart. Unfortunately, whenever that motor fails, call a professional before investing in a brand-new motor.

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