How to Do Ez go Golf Cart Charger Troubleshooting? [With Easy Solutions]

To perform EZGO Golf Cart Charger Troubleshooting. First, you have to determine precisely what causes the charger to malfunction. Depending on that, you may need to replace a damaged charging wire, clean the charging port, replace the fuse, diode and more. 

You know how important it is to charge your EZGO golf cart. And on top of that, avoiding even a minor issue with the changer might set the stage for costly repairs. So, the earlier you can figure out the issue, the better it is. 

How to Do Ez go Golf Cart Charger Troubleshooting

What Causes the EZGO Golf Cart Charger May Not Work?

A golf cart charger is a complex device. So, it comes with many essential components like a fuse, diode, clips, wire and more.

So, even if a single component malfunctions, the changer can lose its power to charge your EZGO golf cart.

Here are some possible reasons your EZGO golf charger might not work are; 

  • Loosed or Damaged Charging Wire
  • Dirty Charging Port.
  • Malfunctioning Charger.
  • Pushed in Charger Clips.
  • Unsuitable battery charge. 

How Do You Troubleshoot an EZGO Golf Cart Charger?

How Do You Troubleshoot an EZGO Golf Cart Charger?

You know what might go wrong with your EZGO golf cart charger. So, you need to check the issues individually and perform a troubleshooting job based on that.

Besides, we highly discourage you not to replace any component without deep inspections.

Check and Fix the Loosed or Damaged Charging Wire

Check and Fix the Loosed or Damaged Charging Wire

Similar to any other charging wire, the charging wire of your EZGO golf cart can also become loose or damaged.

In most cases, this can happen if you use the same charging wire for a long time. And due to loose or damaged wire, there will be a loose connection to the cart receptacle. 

So, you need to check and secure the charging cables properly, and if the connection is loose, you need to fix that. Besides, change the damaged charging wire. 

Clean the Dirty Charger Handle  

Due to extreme corrosion or dust, the charging handle of your EZGO golf charger can be dirty. And due to this, the charger can’t charge the battery of your EZGO golf cart as you would expect. 

So, you must carefully clean the charging handle so the charger can efficiently charge your EZGO golf cart battery. To clean the charger handle, plug out the power cord and look for dirt or dust inside.

Check and Fix the Pushed-in Charger Clips  

After removing the power cord of your EZGO golf cart charger, you need to check whether the clips inside the handle are pushed in.

If the pins are misplaced, the charger won’t be able to charge your golf cart properly. 

So, you can use pliers to align the clips of the charger handles. While doing so, you force the clips too much to get them back in place. 

Check and Replace/Repair Malfunctioning Charger  

Check And Replace/Repair Malfunctioning Charger

Sometimes, the main electrical circuit of your EZGO golf cart charger becomes defective. And for this, even if the charger handle and cables are fine, the charger can’t charge the battery. 

The charger can be damaged by dirt and moisture in some cases. So, you need to take your time to test the charger. The internal components of the charger are supposed to be defective. 

So, check the fuse and diodes of your EZGO golf cart charger before replacing the charger itself. To access the fuse and diodes, you need to remove the cover of your EZGO golf cart charger. 

Look whether the fuse inside the charger is worn-out or damaged. If so, you need to replace the fuse.

You can then use a multimeter to check the diodes of your charger and replace them if they become faulty. 

Here you will find this video helpful regarding testing the charger of the EZGO golf cart. 

Make Sure the Battery Is a Suitable Amount of Voltage 

If there is not a certain level of charge in your EZGO golf cart battery, it may not detect the charger.

So, even if the charger works fine, the battery won’t be changed. Here, you need to check the voltage of your EZGO golf cart battery first. 

Next, you should use another charger to charge the battery to a certain level and plug the older charger into the battery. 

How Do You Know the Problem Is With the Golf Cart Battery, Not the Charger?  

If the problem is with the battery of your EZGO golf cart, there is nothing to do with the charger.

Most people make these mistakes, trying to fix the charger before even determining whether the battery which is supposed to receive power is good. 

The best way to determine the problem with the charger, not the battery, is to check the golf cart battery.

And when it comes to checking the battery, you need to determine whether there is the correct voltage. The actual voltage is supposed to be 36v or 48v for the EZGO golf cart. 

Here, you need to use a voltmeter to test the voltage of your EZGO golf cart battery. Once you read the voltage of your EZGO golf cart battery, you then need to compare the reading with the listed battery voltage. 

The battery may go bad if the voltage is too low compared to the expected voltage range. You can also perform a load test to test your EZGO golf cart battery. 

If the battery is fine, there might be issues with the charger. So, check the charger first, but don’t replace it without checking the battery. Got it? 

Here you can check the video to test the battery of your EZGO golf cart.

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Frequently Asked Questions

You’re not alone in dealing with EZGO golf cart charger issues. So, owners have too many questions about how to deal with the problems. Some of them are;

How Much Does It Cost to Replace the Fuse of the EZGO Cart Charger?  

Depending on the model of the EZGO golf cart you own, the replacement cost of the charger will vary. However, it is supposed to cost you $130-$250. Make sure you properly check the changer before replacing it.

Can You Troubleshoot an EZGO Golf Cart Charger By Yourself? 

If you have a vast knowledge of golf cart chargers, you can troubleshoot the EZGO golf charger independently. Otherwise, it will be better to go with professional mechanics. We hope you can do it by following the instructions above. 

What Is the Sign of a Bad Charger Fuse of the EZGO Golf Cart?  

The most significant sign of the bad charger fuse of the EZGO golf cart is the charger won’t charge the cart as expected. Also, changes are it can charge the cart but produce lower voltage. 

What Is the Minimum Voltage for a Golf Cart Charger? 

Depending on the battery a charger is supposed to charge, the voltage of a golf charger might vary. However, it will be better to have 25-30 volts in batteries for the charger to charge most golf carts.

Are Golf Cart Batteries AC or DC?  

You’ll find most of the advanced golf cart batteries are both DC and AC. DC batteries do not require an alternating current to charge your golf cart battery. But the DC battery is prone to malfunction.

Final Words

We recommend you take proper care of your EZGO golf cart charger to avoid any unexpected issues.

And so, whenever you notice even the slightest problem with the charger, take your time to figure it out. 

EZGO golf cart charger troubleshooting might take some time on a few occasions. But if you want to save time, zip around with a new charger, which can be an excellent choice. 

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