EZ Go Golf Cart Electric Motor Troubleshooting & Fix Guide

The motor on any electric golf cart is the heart of it, and the same goes for the EZ Go golf cart. So, when it goes, you will need to troubleshoot the motor by following a few steps, like resetting it, checking the wiring, and more.

These golf carts are reliable and provide power pact performance, but when the motor becomes damaged, you won’t be able to run the cart. Before replacing the whole motor, you can try troubleshooting it and trying to figure out the root of the problem.

Thus, knowing how to troubleshoot the motor can be helpful if you are an electric golf cart user. Without wasting much time, let’s get straight into the main discussion.

EZ Go Golf Cart Electric Motor Troubleshooting

Symptoms of a Problematic EZ Go Golf Cart Electric Motor

Many other faulty components can show similar symptoms, like a faulty motor. Hence, you need to know about the exact symptoms a problematic motor will show in an EZ Go golf cart.

Slow acceleration

If you notice that your electric golf cart has slow acceleration, then it could mean the motor is damaged. Even if you push the accelerator pedal, the cart will refuse to increase the speed.

Cart not starting

It can be an indication of a damaged electric motor if you’re experiencing difficulties starting your EZ Go golf cart. This is usually the most common symptom.

Even if you try turning the key or pressing the start/stop button repeatedly, the cart just won’t budge. 


The motor can overheat after running for long hours, but if you notice the motor is overheating more frequently, then it can indicate the motor has burned out. 

Unusual noises

If you hear any odd noises coming from the motor of your EZ Go golf cart, there may be a problem.

It can be difficult to overlook the grinding or screeching noises that a defective electric motor frequently makes. 

What causes electric motor problems on the EZ Go Golf cart?

EZ Go Golf Cart Electric Motor Troubleshooting

Electric motors of golf carts are quite reliable, and they usually don’t go bad. However, just like other components, they can also go bad over time, and a few factors can contribute highly to the damage process.

  • Carrying too much load
  • Continuously pressing the accelerator hard 
  • Driving on roads with poor traction 
  • Exposure to water can lead to short circuits of the wirings inside the motor, causing damage inside it.

Troubleshooting and fixing Electric Motor Problems on EZ Go Golf Cart

Troubleshooting your EZ Go golf cart electric motor is not that difficult, and you can do it yourself by following up a few simple steps. Make sure to follow the steps in proper order.

Step 1: Check the socket

Check the socket

Before checking the motor, we will need to check the power socket and make sure it’s in proper working order.

You will need a voltmeter for this; using the voltmeter, test the wall socket where you charge your cart and see if the voltage reading is okay.

If not, then your motor is not the problem, and the main problem is the socket itself. Simply change the socket and try again.

Step 2: Check the battery

Check the battery

Sometimes, the motor of your EZ Go golf cart might be working fine, and the main problem can be with the batteries.

Open your golf cart’s battery and check the battery voltage to see if it is working fine or not.

Also, check the battery terminals for any rust or damaged wirings. Clean the terminals well and fix any damaged wirings.

Step 3: Reset the motor

Reset the motor

If you are sure that the battery is working fine, you will need to reset the motor. The motor is usually protected with a cover, so open the cover using a screwdriver to access the motor. 

Once opened, you will notice a small red button at the motor; this is the reset button. Press the button and check if the motor is working fine or not.

Step 4: Check the wirings and other components

Check The Wirings And Other Components

Even if the motor doesn’t work after resetting, you will need to check all the wirings inside it.

Check the wirings for any rust or breakages. If you notice any damaged wirings, replace them with new ones.

After examining all the wirings, look at all other components in the motor, like bearings, brushes, etc. In case of any damaged components, replace them with new ones.

Step 5: Replace the motor

Replace the motor

Now if the EZ Go golf cart motor still malfunctions after trying all the above-mentioned steps, then, unfortunately, the motor is well beyond repair. The only solution left for you is to now replace the whole motor with a new one. 

Expert tips to prevent/avoid Electric Motor Problems on EZ Go Golf Cart

 If you wish to keep your golf cart’s electric motor working for a very long time, then follow these expert tips to help you.

  • Always do proper maintenance of your EZ Go golf cart at a scheduled time.
  • Never let water get into the internal components of your battery or motor, 
  • Avoid overloading your golf cart
  • Do not keep pressing the accelerator pedal like a race car.

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You might have some confusion after reading our guide so far, and this section will help you clear out all this confusion.  

Does overheating a golf cart motor mean a bad motor?

The overheating of the motor of your EZ Go golf cart always doesn’t mean it is damaged. Sometimes, the motor overheats due to dirty fins and filters. However, if the motor keeps overheating even after cleaning it, this means it can be damaged. 

How long does an electric golf cart motor last?

The lifespan of an electric golf cart motor depends on how well you do maintenance of your cart and your driving conditions. But, under proper care, an electric motor should easily last between 20-30 years. 

Why does Overloading a golf cart damage the motor?

Every golf cart battery and motor has a certain load limit. When you overload your golf cart, the motor has to do extra work, which puts stress on it, causing problems in the motor. 


When your EZ Go golf cart electric motor starts to malfunction, you will have a hard time driving your cart, and this can be quite annoying.

When troubleshooting the motor, make sure to follow all the steps properly and also look for any issues with other components too.

If you are replacing the motor, always follow the proper steps and make sure to have the correct tools for the work.

Also, always do proper maintenance of your golf cart, as this will increase the longevity of your cart.

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