Crown vs Trojan Batteries | Golf Cart Batteries Comparison!

Have you been looking for the best batteries in your town? Is crown batteries the best one in town? Or is it the Trojan batteries that are dominating the market? Do you want to find out?

The core differences between the Crown and Trojan batteries lie in prices, amp hours, and maintenance factors. There are some other factors that you must also take into account. 

If you wish to learn more about these batteries, you have reached the right spot. In this article, we will thoroughly discuss the differences and even tell you which battery is more suited for you.

Crown vs Trojan Batteries

Overview of Crown Golf Cart Batteries 

Manufacturing from the early 1900s, Crown batteries are well-renowned for their durability and operational power.

Their sturdy batteries are made of tetrabasic lead sulfate, allowing them to have a longer battery life.

Most of their batteries have a solid cast design with a lesser center-to-center distance than other batteries in the market.

This reduces the charging time and increases the operational time of the batteries significantly.

Overview of Crown Golf Cart Batteries

Overview of Trojan Golf Cart Batteries

Another well-renowned golf cart battery, Trojan, provides consumers with four voltage options.

Trojan Batteries make deep cycle batteries allowing the carts to use the maximum battery capacity in one complete discharge.

They allow thicker plates so that you can reach the minimal peak current. Plus, they have a high runtime period for maximum usage.

Overview of Trojan Golf Cart Batteries

Crown Vs Trojan Golf Cart Batteries: Comparison Chart

Now that you have an overall idea of both the Crown and Trojan Golf cart batteries, it is time to glance over the differences between them quickly. We have presented a comparison chart for your aid.

Crown Vs Trojan Golf Cart Batteries: Comparison Chart

What are the differences between the Crown and Trojan Golf Cart Batteries?

In this section, we will thoroughly explain the differences between the Crown and Trojan Golf Cart batteries. We will also explain which one is better than the other.

Prices Difference

If we directly compare the prices of both the Trojan and Crown batteries, Crown Batteries are much cheaper and inexpensive than the Trojan.

Crown battery prices spike up as their voltage specifications increase. You can grab a good golf cart battery for your electric cart for under 200 dollars.

On the other hand, Trojan batteries sell for a higher cost. So, if you have a higher budget, you could try out their batteries for your golf cart. 

Maintenance Checks

This is where Trojan batteries fall behind Crown golf cart batteries. Trojan golf cart batteries are infamous for their constant maintenance checks.

Trojan Batteries

If you own one, you must know about the drive to your local garage to get your battery checked every 2-4 weeks. Crown batteries overpower them as they require fewer maintenance checks.

Hence you can use your golf cart more without the hassle of thinking of your battery now and then. Still, it is advised to check the water level of crown batteries every 1-2 months.

Battery life

For the battery life, both Crown and Trojan batteries would support your golf cart for a good 6+ years without completely changing the battery. However, from tests and reviews, we have seen Trojan golf cart batteries last longer.

A Trojan Golf cart battery would give you service for 8 years. On the other hand, Crown Golf cart batteries would give your cart juice for around 6-7 years.

Hence, if you are looking for the longevity aspect, Trojan Golf Cart batteries are the right fit for you. 

Amp-Hour Capacity

This phrase “Amp-Hour Capacity” tells how much amperage a battery would provide your golf cart in one hour.

Comparing all the specifications, it was seen that Trojan Golf Cart batteries provide more amperage than Crown Golf Cart batteries.

In the specifications, the amperage of Trojan batteries are slightly more than the Crown batteries. We would suggest you the Trojan batteries if you want more amperage.

Voltage Options

Voltage Options

Trojan batteries win this debate as they have more voltage specification options than Crown golf cart batteries.

With Crown golf cart batteries, consumers select from only 3 options: 6V, 8V, and 12V. Trojan batteries are available for 48V, however.

Crown vs Trojan Golf Cart Batteries: Which one should you choose?

Honestly speaking, Crown and Trojan companies have been making batteries for the past century and are pretty reliable.

But, if we were to debate which one is the best, we would choose the Crown golf cart batteries,

Why did we choose the Crown Golf Cart batteries? The main reason is that their batteries are better overall than the Trojan batteries.

If we sacrifice a little amp-hour and voltage options, we get more features from Crown batteries.

This does not mean that you should not choose Trojan Golf Cart batteries. You can definitely go with their batteries.


We believe that this review has provided all the questions you required. Even after that, you might have some questions lingering in your mind, so we have presented some FAQs for you.

Where can you get the Crown and Trojan Golf Cart Batteries?

You can easily buy golf cart batteries from their official store. You can visit their official websites and find the local distributor near you who is selling the batteries.
Also, you could visit sites like Amazon and eBay and find the batteries for a cheaper price.

Which golf cart batteries are heavier: Crown or Trojan?

Both Crown and Trojan Golf cart batteries are heavy. They weigh about 20 kg on average. But if we were to compare their weights, Trojan golf cart batteries weigh more than Crown golf cart batteries.

How frequently should you check the water level of your golf cart batteries: Crown or Trojan?

Generally, you should check the water level of golf cart batteries every two months. However, since it’s crown and trojan batteries, you should try checking every month.
If you buy a Trojan golf cart battery, get into the habit of checking the water level every one or two weeks.

Which model is perfect for your golf cart: Crown or Trojan golf cart batteries?

This is a hard question to answer. The sole reason is that every cart has different requirements and requires different battery specifications.
It is highly advised that you contact a professional and check the details before continuing to purchase the battery model from Crown or Trojan Batteries.

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