Callaway Epic Flash Vs. Epic Speed Driver: A Precise Way To See The Difference

To leave a memorable golf note in the field, both Epic Flash & Epic Speed are at their high. Now the question arises of what should be the better. To take out of this dilemma we’re going to take through the article introducing all about Epic Flash vs Epic Speed. 

Basically, Epic Speed has better forgiveness, feels, and sounds along with more stability. But when the question is about improvement & suitability for all types of players, Epic Flash is always a better option. 

Now, scratching your head thinking about the difference between these two drivers to choose a better one. How about we take a look at the whole article as we’re going to break down all the differences that you should know before owning one?

Callaway Epic Flash Vs. Epic Speed Driver

Overview Of Callaway Epic Flash Driver

Employing a new Flash Face technology, the Callaway Epic Flash driver is one of the great choices for golfers. 

The new Flash Face technology of Epic Flash provides great ball speed. More than that the Epic Flash driver is a feature with Jailbreak technology that stiff the chassis providing a faster ball speed. 

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Overview Of Callaway Epic Speed Driver

Callaway Epic Speed drivers are creating the future of speed. For all-around great performance, most golfers choose the Epic Speed driver. 

Attracting look, tantalizing sound, super feeling & excellent forgiving make the Epic Speed driver different from others. 

Callaway Epic Flash vs Epic Speed Driver: Quick Comparison Table

In terms of quality, it’s hard to choose between the Epic Flash & Epic Speed drivers as both are great in their quality. 

That’s why to help you out here we are providing a deep-searched comparison table showing the difference between Epic Flash & speed driver.

SpecificationEpic Flash DriverEpic Speed Driver
Adjustable weight Yes No 
Material carbon fiber fabric called T2Ctitanium Exon Cage and triaxial carbon
Key technology Flash Face Technology SS21 Cyclone Aero Head Shape
Length 45.5″45.75″
Lofts 9°, 10.5°, and 12°9°, 10.5°, and 12°
Forgiveness Comparatively poor High 
Swing Weight D3D2, D3 and D4
Availability RH/LHRH/LH
Price $397$530
Rating 93/100 95/100

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What Are The Differences Between Callaway Epic Flash and Epic Speed driver?

In the debate of which one is better between Epic Flash & Epic Speed driver, confusion is so normal. 

To be out of this confusion, here we are going to discuss key features & specs between the two. 

Performance & Forgiveness

Whenever it comes to choosing a game of golf, the first thing to consider is the performance.

In terms of performance, there is no question that Epic Flash & Epic Speed are both able to provide great distance & forgiveness. 

In the Epic Flash performance, flash face combined with AI takes it to a new level. The golfers who are having the struggle to get the golf ball out of the field, Epic Flash can be a good choice. 

Epic Flash
Epic Flash

The higher the trajectory, the better performance in the field. Considering the fact, Epic Flash also offers a higher trajectory for you. But in comparison to Epic Speed, the Epic Flash has comparatively less forgiveness. 

At Epic Speed, the new jailbreak technology provides stiffness as well as horizontal & torsional stability.

The feature offers great ball speed. The improved aerodynamics generate more swing speed. For enhancing forgiveness, Epic Speed offers a triaxial carbon composite. 


When the discussion has come to the point of looks, I must say the epic drivers are the stand out of the crowds. 

The beautiful color combination of green, black & yellow of Epic Flash takes it to another level. 

Also has a larger head which gives them the confidence to put the ball high in the sky. 

The Epic Speed driver is great in its look. Both front & back has the shiny silver strip associated with the epic green emerald giving Epic Speed a dashing appeal. 

Feel & sound

Feel & sound

In the case of Epic Flash, it sounds & feels like a wood more than a hybrid. High-pitched clink suits them and the shape of the head provides a deader feel as the ball leaves the face. 

Epic Speed has all the perks of Epic Flash. It’s the combination of titanium & carbon fiber that provides a volume of restrained and stealthy. 

Striking the ball with Epic Speed feels more like explosive out of the face. Overall the feel accompanying the sound of the Epic Speed provides a greater sense of precision than the Epic Flash.

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Loft & Lie

In the terms of golf’s specifications, lofts & lie is an important factor to consider. 

Take a look below the comparison chart or loft & lie comparing Epic Flash & Epic Speed.

Epic Flash Driver

Generally, more loft provides a higher trajectory & more spin. The lower loft causes spin less & lower fly off the ball.

Epic Speed Driver

Epic Speed Driver

Player Handicap

For a great performance in the field, a perfect golf club can make a huge difference. 

The golf driver that suits you best according to your requirement, helps you a lot to make a great improvement. 

So, when you are new or medium handicapped, Epic Flash is a good option for you. But as for the Epic Speed, it’s comparatively best for the higher handicaps.


Epic Flash provides three stock shaft options with different weights. 

  • TT PROJECT X HZRDUS SMOKE BLACK with a weight of 59g, 67g, and 70g
  • TT PROJECT X EVEN FLOW GREEN with a weight of 46g, 47g, and 59g
  • MITSUBISHI TENSEI AV BLUE with a weight of 65g, 67g, and 68g

As for the Epic Speed, stocks come with premium shaft options. 

  • The Project X HZRDUS Smoke iM10 comes with 50 and 60-gram options. 
  • There is also Project X Cypher 40g which is lighter & more flexible. 


Many golfers choose golf clubs according to the pricing or based on their budget. But in the market prices vary based on the feature & performance. 

Between the higher performances and the normal performances, there is always a difference. Epic Flash comes at an affordable price. 

Judging by the features and performance of Epic Speed, it’s worth it to be a comparatively a little higher price than Epic Flash.

Callaway Epic Flash or Epic Speed: Which Golf driver To choose?

From a couple of seasons ago, Epic Speed is the advanced successor to Epic Flash. So obviously Epic Flash takes everything to a newer level with a newer AI than Epic Flash. 

Epic Speed looks better, sounds great, and has tons of new features and technology. As you already have seen in the above discussion, both Epic Flash & Epic Speed are unique according to their own great features. 

But when we are comparing these two, Epic Speed has a higher score than Epic Flash in terms of all features. 

So, for a highly qualified game performance, Epic Speed will be a better choice.

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Now let’s move to highlight the mostly asked queries about Epic Flash & Epic Speed of our dear readers. Hope it’ll also be informative for you.

Is Epic Flash & Epic Speed beginner friendly?

The Epic Flash is suitable for beginners. Because you can adjust this golf driver according to your preference. So, if you are a beginner, you can choose Epic Flash for your performance improvement.  

Is Epic Speed faster than Epic Flash?

Yes, Epic Speed is faster than Epic Flash. It has a 460-cc head along with a taller ribbon & flatter crown. That’s why Epic Speed is said to be the fastest driver among the epic drivers.

Does Epic Speed have a draw bias?

Epic Speed has a slight draw bias. In Epic Speed there is a carbon toe panel that helps to get the draw boas.

Can a professional use Epic Speed?

Epic Speed is now used by multiple players of the PGA tours including Maverick McNealy and Marcus Armitage. So obviously, the professionals can use Epic Speed.


In this article, we have gone through all the facts highlighting the key difference between Epic Flash & Epic Speed. So, hope that the debate of the Epic Flash vs Epic Speed no longer haunts you.

When you are about to choose a golf club between Epic Flash & Epic Speed for you, try to choose one that suits you best.

Then comes the features. The more featured golf the more improvement & excitement in the game.

Hope you can successfully know now which one you should choose between Epic Flash & Epic Speed.

That’s all for today. We really appreciate you being with us till the end of this interesting discussion.

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