What You Need for Organizing a 14 Way Golf Bag Setup?

No one wants to finish a round searching for their golf ball while everyone in the group continues their perfect swing. At its worst, keeping all your expensive clubs loosely placed in your bag may be at risk of damage. 

A large 14 way golf bag setup is one of the more popular adult-sized bags. This is because it allows one to store a wide selection of expensive golf clubs. On the flip side of the coin, it takes more time and effort to organize the bag efficiently. 

However, your strategic approach can keep all your golf clubs and equipment appropriately ordained. Here we’ll learn the best ways to keep a 14-slot golf bag organized so you can spend more time golfing instead of worrying about the bag. 

14 Way Golf Bag Setup

14 Way Golf Bag Setup Basics

Let’s start by learning the basic design of the 14-slotted golf bag. A fourteen-way golf bag has individual compartments for each club to maximize safety when carrying on a cart or while in transport.

This can be a perfect option for cart and stand bags, but a more common choice is for stand bags. 

If it comes down to choosing the finest golfing system, golfers who paid a lot for protection should opt for the 14-way compartment divider.

Then again, it can be pretty annoying and time-consuming to open and close the compartments every time. 

Nevertheless, the difficulty will become simpler as one continues golfing. Having a look at its typical design will better clarify your mind.

Front Slots

These slots are the shortest portions of your 14-way golf bag setup and are meant to accommodate your wedges.

Furthermore, you won’t have to pull your longest sticks to your shortest clubs to access them in this arrangement. 

Additionally, this setup prevents damaging your turf from pulling your wedges out of the bag.

Middle Slots

The middle slots of a 14-way golf bag setup are reserved for your irons.  In the upcoming section, we’ll show the rest of how you can put all clubs into proper perspective.  

Back Slots

A 14-way golf bag has back slots designated for your fairway drivers and woods. These compartments help to keep your woods and drivers furthest from the wedges and prevent you from unintentionally dinging the crown.

Putter Well

This is the largest compartment of a 14-way golf bag setup, which is specially designed to store your putter. 

Why is It Essential to Keep Your 14 way Golf Bag Setup Organized?

As we initially hinted, keeping your 14 way golf bag organized will help you in the game without even realizing it.

This is because a well-organized set-up will make it possible to go through an entire 18-hole round comfortably.

New to golf? Keep an open mind about organizing your clubs; you won’t regret developing this habit once you start to see the benefits. 

Watch professional golfers the next time you play golf; you’ll see how they almost always arrange their clubs.

Alternatively, taking the time to mess around to find the right clubs will mean you’ve lost valuable time while golfing.

You do not need to follow every guideline for setting up a golf bag, but it will be helpful to have a system for organizing your golf clubs.  

Once you have the most efficient technique, stay with it, and you ought to start seeing slight gameplay improvements.

How to Organize Your 14 Way Golf Bag Setup Efficiently?

Now that you understand the fundamentals of a 14-slot golf bag and the significance of organizing it, let’s check the method by which you should be dealing with it. 

Step-1: Place the Bag on a Flat Surface and Empty It

Place the Bag on a Flat Surface and Empty It

Take the first step by placing your bag on a flat surface to see how much storage area you have to work with.

To make sure you have some extra room in the remaining thing in your golf bag, empty it first.  

Take off the gear, equipment, accessories, and all the clubs. After pulling everything out of the bag, flip it over. And then you’ll be able to figure out where to put everything quickly.

Before you begin repacking your bag, it’s smart to empty all side pockets as well. Moving all your things to the right spaces will increase how happy you will be once your bag is finally organized with your new supplies.

Step-2: Mark Different Sections of the Bag

Mark Different Sections Of The Bag

It can be beneficial to mark your golf bags to form sections, such as woods, irons, and wedges, to make them more organized when you need them. So, before organizing your 14-slot golf bag, mark its separate components. 

Your driver, fairway woods, and hybrid clubs should be placed on the woods slots at the top of your bag. Place your mid-irons and short-irons clubs in the middle of the bag. 

The third section should contain your wedges. Separate the slot by club type, starting with the longest clubs.

Put driver woods and fairway woods in the middle, and so on, for the least amount of clubs in the bag.

Arrange your bag accordingly so that you can chart other equipment and accessories.

As you’ve sorted your clubs into their respective slots, it is advisable to secure them with golf bag straps or a divider. 

Step-3: Organize Your Wedges

Organize Your Wedges

Your wedges are likely to stay on a fairway for longer since they’re usually put in the first group of golfing slots.

So it is recommended that you put wedges in the first few slots nearest you on the back of a power cart.  

On the other hand, if you have a carry bag, the wedges should be stored beside their legs in slots close to your feet.

They will remain shielded from knocking into other clubs by placing them in this manner. This is critical as they’re easily pressed and knocked over. 

Step-4: Sort the Irons 

When your wedges are arranged securely, you can proceed to the rest of your irons in order.

If you have your navigated wedge in the front left slot, then you can put your 9-iron in the slot next to it. 

Then gradually place other irons in the following slots on the right side. This reduces how hard your golf club will strike the ground, protecting your bag when carrying it. For stand bags, this is quite significant. 

Step-5: Arrange Your Woods and Drivers

Arrange your woods in the remaining spaces of your golf bag. Generally, the back left area of the bag is typically intended for club drivers. However, like many clever golfers, you can be a bit strategic here. 

For instance, place your driver in the middle and surround it with a couple of woods (3 and 4-wood are preferred).

It might initially seem strange to you when you lug your bag around since you hang the long clubs, almost touching the base of the shorter ones. 

Hence, you may find it challenging to reach your irons and wedges. But, this will be meaningful to you when it’s about protection.

This is because arranging the woods in reverse will directly contact the ground. If so, the fragile graphite shaft will be damaged. 

Step-6: Place Your Putters

From here, you will have a single vacant spot. It will most likely be in the back where your woods are stored. However, you may find different opinions regarding this. 

For instance, many 14-way golf bags have extra putter slots these days, and sometimes it may even be at the side of your cart bag.

Many golf bags have diagonal lines designed so they don’t get in the way of the rest of your setup. 

Just use the special slot in this instance if you have a large grasp on your putter. Bag manufacturers want to include room for us, so they take it into consideration these days.  

Regardless of where you place your putter, be sure to always conserve it using a head cover. 

Step-7: Store Your Other Accessories

To finish setting up your 14-way golf bag, arrange the accessories you might keep. It is crucial to consider the number of valuables pockets your golf bag consists of. 

Regardless of the number of pockets, many golfers left the majority of these pockets unused. Try to use all the pockets efficiently.

Thus, you’ll find more than sufficient space and store all your belongings at your fingertips. 

However, always keep the divot repair tool, golf ball marker, and golf tees separately when placing items in your golf bag. 

Distribute your stuff to the maximum extent possible. This serves to avoid digging through the various pockets of your belongings when you need to get something.   

Beyond that, try to utilize additional side pockets to put the gloves, sunglasses, rule books, and scorecards. Here is a good example of organizing your 14-way golf bag

Tips on Organizing 14 Way Golf Bag Setups

Yeah, you’re not bound to organize your 14 way golf bag setup in one definite way since different approaches might suit diverse people.

However, we have tried to explain the most efficient way and, obviously, the most straightforward of all. Still, if you want to try something different, keep in mind the following considerations:

Prioritize the Safety of Your Expensive Clubs

Prioritize the Safety of Your Expensive Clubs

You should always safeguard your expensive clubs first. So place them at the bottom of your golf bag setup. 

You can use towels to cushion the club heads and protect them or create a barrier between them, so they don’t come into contact with or knock on one another. Also, ensure that your golf bag is kept upright in order to prevent damage.

Try to Sort Clubs Depending on Usage

Each person has one favored golf club that’s a rite-of-passage, and maybe you have your one. So, why not make it the most accessible? 

The primary club we engage in is the putter, driver, and wedges. Therefore, make sure you keep them in such a way you can retrieve them instantly. 

Start with Packing Heavier Clubs

Always try to position the heaviest clubs inside your bag at the bottom of the stack. 

They will be the first to exit your golf bag at the completion of the round and the very first ones to pack your golf bag.

Keep Your Accessories Minimal

We agree that being geared up ahead of time is necessary while playing golf. Keeping your balls, tees, markers, repair tools, etc., with you is mandatory. However, that doesn’t mean you always run with a golf shop! 

One of the crucial factors for enjoying golf is staying centered and not letting your mind stray from a goal.

Having too many things in your bag can make you feel stressed. So, do not carry excessive equipment in your bag; just keep what is essential. 


Is your curious mind still wanting to know something more about a 14-way golf bag setup? Maybe this FAQ section has some information for you. 

What Happens If You Have More Than 14 Clubs In Your Bag?

Only up to 14 clubs can be part of any round. As soon as you learn you are more than 14 clubs in a round, you must immediately eliminate any excess clubs to enable you to remain under this limit.

How Long Does A 14 Way Golf Bag Last?

Typically, a new golf bag can last 4 to 10 years. If you manage your golf bag well, it will last longer. However, if it’s starting to fall to pieces, wear out, or no longer competing with the newer models of today, get a new bag  

Do You Need A 4 Iron In Your 14-Way Golf Bag?

Yes, just about all proficient golfers use 4-irons, and a few even use 3-irons. However, it’s highly unusual nowadays to play using a 2-irons, which is difficult for most. 


Getting a 14 way golf bag setup is a pointless venture if you aren’t trained in how to arrange 14 compartments. Golf bags, primarily, do not have hand grips and are intended to fit easily into the palm of your hand. 

All of us have felt the discomfort that arises from having to quickly retrieve or retrieve an object from a bag only to find that the bag’s interfacing will not release it soon for our fingers and palms.

Prevent this struggle by organizing your golf bag and lowering the amount of your negative tension. At least, you can relieve your worn-out stress levels on all the other strenuous issues brought on by golf.

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