Club Car Golf Cart Oil Type: Compatible Engine Oil

Club Car golf carts running on gasoline engines require a lot of maintenance to keep their performance and health up to the mark. Thus, changing the engine oil while strictly maintaining the quality and specifications is crucial.

The engines used in the club cars are designed for the SAE 10W30. However, Club Cars are bringing variation to their engines.  Therefore, many other factors, including oil band, grade, viscosity, and thickness, must be considered before choosing the engine oil for club Cars.

While looking for the best-suited Club Cart golf cart oil type, we discovered some important facts for keeping the engines healthy. You might go through the article to know more about the engine oil types and recommendations for the club car.

Club Car Golf Cart Oil Type

Club Car Golf Cart Oil Type

Engine oil is needed to seal the clearance between moving parts, lubricate the engine’s moving parts, distribute heat, remove pollutants, and prevent corrosion and wear.

For proper engine efficiency and protection, we must use the right type and viscosity of oil and comply with the manufacturer’s suggested oil change intervals. Among the varieties of engine oils available in the market, we cannot simply use oil for the Club Car golf carts.

Viscosity Grade

Most club golf carts use Kawasaki and Kohler four-stroke gasoline engines. Viscosity is a parameter to define the frictional force of a non adhesive liquid against a surface.

For Club Car oils, viscosity grade is essential to be maintained. The FE290 and Kohler Command Pro engines specifically use the SAE 10W-30 grade oils.

Here, 10 means the viscosity of oil at lower temperature and 30 at higher temperature. Since viscosity is variable with outside temperature, the oil type should be selected carefully.

Manufacturing Type

There are different types of oils in the market based upon the source. These are conventional (crude), semi-synthetic and synthetic oils.

The Club Car engine mostly uses fully synthetic 10W-30 grade oil. No matter what the oil source is, the viscosity grade should be followed strictly.

Based Upon Operational Environment

Although the 10W-30 grade engine oil is ideal for Club cart golf carts, it can be compromised in some special environmental changes.

The “W” stands for winter in 10W-30. Since, in extremely reduced temperature, the viscosity increases, I would choose 5W-30 grade oil in such conditions.

On the contrary in places with higher atmospheric temperature than usual, 10W-40 type engine oil can be used in Club Car golf carts.

How To Change Oil In Club Car Golf Carts

Changing the engine oil in gasoline engines is part of regular maintenance. We prefer changing the oil after every 500-600 miles of running to keep our Club Car engine.

It helps to keep the moving parts stable, avoids generating heat, and, importantly, resists corrosion and wearing off.

Changing the oil is quite straightforward. I used the following step-by-step methods to change our Club Car golf cart’s oil effectively.

Necessary Tools And Materials

We needed a drain pan, a funnel, a filter wrench, a new oil filter, and the correct type and viscosity of oil (SAE 10W-30) for the Club Car.

Warming Up The Engine

Afterwards, we ignited the engine and let it run for a few minutes to warm up the oil. This will make it easier to drain and help loosen any oil, dirt, or contaminants.

Locate And Remove Oil From Drain Plug

The oil drain plug is usually located on the bottom of the engine, near the oil pan. We used a 14mm wrench to loosen and remove the plug. Next, we placed the drain pan under the drain plug and allowed the oil to drain completely.

Replacing The Old Oil Filter

The oil filter is usually located on the side of the engine, near the oil pan. We used the filter wrench to loosen and remove the old oil filter.

After that, we coated the seal on the new oil filter with a thin oil layer and hand-tightened it onto the engine. It is not recommended to overtighten the filter, as this can cause problems.

Adding New Oil

We used a plastic funnel to add the correct amount and type of oil to the engine. After adding the new oil, we checked the oil level using the dipstick. The oil level should be between the minimum and maximum marks on the dipstick.

Things To Consider While Choosing Engine Oil

Choosing engine oil for Club Car is crucial to keep the engine healthy and long-lasting. The following aspects should be monitored while doing so. 

Manufacturer’s Recommendations

Club Car advises using SAE 10W-30 oil in its golf cart engines. To guarantee proper engine performance and protection, it’s crucial to stick to the manufacturer’s recommendations for oil type and replacement intervals.

Quality Of The Product

We used to pick an oil that satisfies the requirements set forth by the American Petroleum Institute (API). To ensure that the oil we buy complies with the most recent industry standards, we should be looking for the API “Starburst” symbol on the label.

Driving Region

To provide the engine more protection, we had to use oil with a higher viscosity grade when we frequently drove in chilly conditions. Again the same should be considered while driving with heavy loads for a prolonged period.


We came by these answered questions regarding Club Car golf cart oil types which helped me choose the correct one. Hope this would be helpful for users pursuing the correct oil type for their club car.

Can I use synthetic oil in my Club Car golf cart?

Club Car golf carts are compatible with fully synthetic mineral engine oils. Specifically you can use the SAE W30 standard or 10W-30 oil in most engines such as FE290 or Kohler command Pro used in the Club Cars.

What type of oil is used in Club Car Golf carts?

For moderate regions, the engines of Club Carts work better with SAE W30 or 10W-30 graded oils. However, depending upon the climate and temperature, it can be shifted to 15W-30, 5W-30 or 10W-40 grade oils.

How often should I change my Club Car golf cart oil?

Changing the engine oil after a regular interval is a very important part of engine maintenance. You should change the oil in club car engines (FE290 or Kohler CH440) after every 500-600 miles of running. Similarly, it can be changed after driving the vehicle for around 125 hours or less.


Using the wrong type of oil can actively damage the engine components which might become irreversible after a certain period. It goes for all internal combustion engines such as FE290 used in the Club Cars.

For a stable and decent climate you can use 10W-30 grade oil in Club Car golf carts. The oil can be of any brand. But the thickness (viscosity) oil changes with outside temperature. Hence you might need to shift to more or less viscous oils (10W-40 or 5W-30) if required.

Let us hope this journey of hunting for the best suited engine oil for the club car becomes helpful to those requiring clarification.

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